August 29th, 2017 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “firepower”

  1. “Fire at will!” the captain screamed.

    “Can’t!” barked his second. “We don’t have the firepower!”

    “Then throw the whole load at ’em!” he shrieked.

    He was then stunned to see a shower of empty rifles, shotguns, and pistols rain down upon te enemy forces, hitting a few of them in the temples.

    “Well,” the captain muttered. “My army’s full of idiots.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.29.2017

  2. Too much power. A rush went through me as I pulled the trigger. The thrill and adrenaline rush of having something with so much power in my hands made me excited. I stared at the hole in the three targets lined up. That was firepower.

    By Kico on 08.29.2017

  3. an engine with as much firepower? i couldn’t get that for you
    a rocket powered with the fire of a thousand suns that could drive us over all the edges of all the galaxies? i couldn’t even begin to dream it for you.
    a gun and a bit of powder, to murder all those dark thoughts lingering and have nothing remaining but our happiness?
    maybe, perhaps;
    but in power and in fire, what i could get you is the force of my running heart, the heat of my kisses on your dark skin, the warmth of my palms on your drumming pulse: that is all the firepower i give you, and it shall provide all the energy i need to love you all the longer for it.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 08.29.2017

  4. To think of those hands that once beat me down, to think of that stare that let me back away. as if an explosion was taking place, duck in cover from fear; blowing these witnesses away.

    By Gina on 08.29.2017

  5. How was I supposed to be able to process this day, every force seemed come closing in so fast. I found the meaning of real “Crash and Burn”.

    By gi URL on 08.29.2017

  6. He was a cannon, they were muskets. Clumsy, obvious, sturdy and destructive. The kind the leaves you bleeding out of shrapnel before you know you’ve been hit, thinking you were so clever to dodge such an aimless shot.
    And they were muskets, plentiful, coordinated, discreet barrels in the brush, pinpointing targets and picking them off one by one.
    It was like being a giant fighting off an army of ants, they just kept coming. Banging his fists on the ground, knuckles painted with corpses, and they just kept coming. Their shots come in volleys, they replace breath with gasps. They crawl into his ears and set up camp; the smart generals will tell you broken bones will not stop an enemy, but control their ears and you control it all. Through the ears you can keep their eyes on the ground, keep their mouth from crying out, keep them awake through the long nights. A volley or two to the ear drum, and it begins to beat to the rhythm of the muskets. He sits, he lays down, and looks at the sky before they take over, and all he sees is dirt. One cannon in a field of muskets; he couldn’t change a thing.

    By Ai URL on 08.29.2017

  7. “We need more firepower!”

    The sorcerer flung a bolt of ice towards the largest flying beast. It swerved to dodge, still ending up with frost on its wingtip.

    Over the hill, a squad of archers notched their arrows, and waited for their signal.

    By darseyrsm URL on 08.29.2017

  8. The firepower of this armyis not anymore what it used to be. The simple reason is that the government hasn’t spend nearly as much on defense as 10 years ago. Fortunately, this is changing. In the Next decade, spending will increase with 4% every year, on an average.

    By Mice on 08.29.2017

  9. firepower is as firstly, secondly, as to thirdly, it has the hope with each set of instrunctions to be submitted as as real energy. it has the orange.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.30.2017

  10. Midoriya Ayuzu vigyorogva figyelte a kezein játszó kék lángokat, amik hihetetlen erősséggel szívták magukba a levegőt. Figyelemre méltónak gondolta, hogy valami ilyen tűzerősségű azúr láng semmi kárt nem tett benne.

    By MeronCD URL on 08.30.2017

  11. Do not question the power of firepower, and do not question the fire within the dedication of firepower. Perhaps you have questioned from time to time the rush of blood in your veins, the feeling of being alive, the pounding of your chest as you break free from a narrow escape- in the break of a war. But have you ever questioned the sorrow of losing a loved one, a friend, a companion? Have you ever questioned the nagging in your head as you wonder, oh wonder, when it will be you- and not your mother, father, sister, or brother- that will be the victim of the day lying face down motionless on the cold ground surrounded by a pool of blood? Or perhaps encountering someone who you do not dare to get to know, or feel empathy for- in fear that he may be dead within the next few hours? Or perhaps, when you realize you have finally gone mad, for you do not feel the pain nor fear when looking straight down at a dead corpse? Or when on a normal day at work, when all is over, you find yourself casually counting the number of people you have killed, and finally realize, that all will never be over- not until you are over? And so it’s over, as are you.

    By SHyuNam URL on 08.30.2017

  12. firepower, people call guns fire power are family owns a ar15 and it is so fun to shoot with little recoil makes for a effective weapon.

    By gage on 08.30.2017

  13. It only took one blast to break through the tower’s defenses. Brick and mortar exploded in a flash of light and fire, and the building toppled inward. The great stone spire had fallen in one breath of dragonflame, and with it rose the morale of her army.

    By Courka URL on 08.30.2017

  14. firepower
    out onto the night sky
    it shines

    river shines
    they both explode out into the night sky

    By Brady Licht on 08.30.2017

  15. today festival we have a firepower show

    By Suwapat Chaloei-arj on 08.30.2017

  16. Firepower shining in the sky,make people hopefully.Just like a flower blos

    By Jerry Chen on 08.30.2017

  17. Fire power reminds me of something Pitbull shouts during some shitty song of his. But what if it was held with a better definition behind it like the fire that is within you is a power that ignites your way through the darkness. Fire power is the coals that burn inside our hearts to keep our trains moving.

    By Zoë Oceana URL on 08.30.2017

  18. A tank has lot of firepower. It is used in wars to help blow down walls or destroy a plane

    By zachary cameron on 08.30.2017

  19. There was a superhero I meet once whose name was Firepower. He had the power of fire and was really strong. He has a cool super suit with a flame on it.

    By Kaelyn on 08.30.2017

  20. God gives you the Bible. If you read the Bible and practice it’s teachings, then that can be your firepower to fight any challenge in your life.

    By Christian on 08.30.2017

  21. God created fire like he created everything else in this earth along with the earth.

    By Ben Head on 08.30.2017

  22. If you believe in God you’ll have more spiritual firepower than the average person that doesn’t believe in God because God is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. In the Bible their are accounts of armies turning to God and them winning the fight.

    By Easton on 08.30.2017

  23. Firepower can be related to the Bible in the way that the grace of God is like the power of fire it can erase anything. No matter how bad a sin is God will forgive just like Fire can destroy anything.

    By Unknown homo sapien on 08.30.2017

  24. she smiles as the ash blows through her hair.
    it stains her teeth gray and tastes like bones beneath the tang of smoke.
    she sings her anthem in the dust of a setting sun and licks satisfaction from the roof of her mouth.

    By Quincy Bullmer on 08.30.2017

  25. The earth is red and cold, full of fear and something that tastes like iron. It leaves a film of residue in the back of my throat and makes me rasp for something, anything, to put out the fire. The earth is red and silent, and I close my eyes to watch it burn behind my eyelids.

    By InkedConstellations URL on 08.30.2017

  26. I don’t really even know how to respond to this. I feel like I don’t have enough firepower today. Like I should have put more fire into saving a friendship that I know is over anyway. I’m not quite sure why I care so much. Probably because I hate when people attack my character.

    By Ashlea Shaw on 08.30.2017

  27. the sheer firepower of the machines shocked me. I had never been confronted with anything outside the capability of a tractor. It panicked me.

    By Alice Houston on 08.30.2017

  28. I’m Brazilian and I want to learn English more and more each day. So I need to practice! Thanks!

    By Liane on 08.30.2017

  29. The power of fire isn’t to be underestimated… That is why children with undeveloped brains aren’t allowed to operate lighters or matches in a frivolous manner. The logic of allowing them to operate sparklers (which are arguably more dangerous than either lighters or matches) is not easy to understand…

    By Lee on 08.30.2017

  30. the fire flower
    ups my firepower
    a feather in my hat, call it wing cap
    goomba knocked out in the shade of his own bootstraps
    that statue’s lookin’ fly but I just saw a tanooki
    spin the eyeball around after he gives you a look-see

    By omqwat URL on 08.30.2017

  31. No one really uses the word “firepower” anymore. You don’t hear, “Wow, that girl has firepower”, at least not from anyone under the age of 50 (apologies if you’re under 50 and use the word daily). But why not, why don’t we pay attention to people’s firepower as much as we should. It really is a powerful word, it’s the will and drive we have within ourselves, the motivation and fuel we have (or don’t have) packed into our tiny bodies. It is so much bigger than we are, its what we use to reach our dreams and goals. Why not bring back the word? I would like hell to be noticed for my firepower.

    By Tana URL on 08.30.2017

  32. firepower. It seems funny that this is even a word. Does fire have a specific power unattributed to any other element?

    Is firepower not simply the power of fire? If so, what’s wrong with leaving fire and power distinct from one another.

    By Becca T URL on 08.30.2017

  33. Do you believe that firepower of military alone can win this war. No, you may have greatest firepower in the world, but if morale of your army is down than rest assured u will loose the war.

    By yas URL on 08.30.2017

  34. I have ultimate firepower with my barrett m107al and m134 minigun come at me isis

    By elijah on 08.30.2017

  35. BOOM! The impact rattled the fort and Johnny was knocked off of his feet. BOOM! He felt another body fall on top of him and struggled to sit up. As he peered over the wall of the fort, his heart nearly stopped- in the bay was a huge, menacing fleet of warships.

    By Rain Imber URL on 08.30.2017

  36. They tried to defeat the enemies, but to no avail. tehy just didn’t have enough firepower. The enemy was too powerful, their weapons were much more advanced. Alex stood up, picking up the biggest gun.

    “Time to finish this”

    By Kira on 08.30.2017

  37. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have enough firepower. He lets out a pained yelp when he gets a bullet in his stomach. But he stays up, firing at the enemy, he was not going to die yet.

    By the_last_Strider URL on 08.30.2017

  38. There is a wealth of firepower available to nations these days. One of the best examples is the modern rifle. Seen in militaries around the world, this workhorse is one of the most ubiquatous tools to modern people. The problem is ensuring it does not reach the hands of the wrong people, or is used for good.

    By Rob on 08.30.2017