February 26th, 2024 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “firefly”

  1. gentle

  2. The firefly, the glitter of summer nights, suspended in the air just for a moment, winking with promises and childhood wishes, leather-covered sparkles.

  3. the garden
    a firefly
    the midnight sky
    while i searched
    for him under
    rocks and pines.
    you always run
    and it scares me.
    “i don’t want to play
    anymore.” i yell.
    nothing, just
    unbearable silence
    and singing toads.
    i gasp and open
    my eyes,
    you lay
    next to me
    but a scar adorns
    your right cheek.
    did it happen?

    by mfgm on 02.27.2024
  4. The night was dark, without a moon. There were bushes on either side of the road and she walked quickly, her way lit only by the faint light of her cell phone. But then the battery died, and she suddenly felt she was in another world, lit by the eerie glow of the fireflies, slowly moving around in the bushes.

    by Chanpheng on 02.26.2024
  5. A firefly entered the room through my window. I am so scared. Is it gonna leave? Shall I kill it? Or maybe I should let it fly around and let it be. Anyways, they say fireflies are a good luck sign in some countries.

    by Pierina on 02.26.2024