November 25th, 2013 | 64 Entries

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64 Entries for “ferry”

  1. We fumbled for a bit before deciding that if we bound the supplies in twine we could ferry across on a large piece of driftwood. The practice proved to be more clumsy than the theory however, and neither of us escaped from the venture with dry shoes. The sight of our disarray made him laugh explicitly. I was less than amused.

    By Stevie Causey on 11.25.2013

  2. The forest green ferry moves slowly across the river. She looks out at the dark water, lapping against the side of the boat.

    By nina on 11.25.2013

  3. Ferries have become an integral part of Brisbane’s transport system. Sydney, another capital city of Australia, is renowned for its’ ferry service; in particular, the Manly to City route. The ferries in Melbourne are derelict, rundown, and enticing only to the unsuspecting and susceptible tourist.

    By Jackson on 11.25.2013

  4. The ferry departed 5 minutes later. My head safely inside. My heart, however, left onshore, desolate, desperately alone.

    By JoJo on 11.25.2013

  5. A boat, a use of transport, people can get on, has a lot of space, on the sea, expensive, sounds like a mystical creature, use to to move stuff, fullers Gerry’s, makes broom broom, it gotta go fast wow such speed jk lol it go slow how slow many slow, wow such size which

    By Emily Oades on 11.25.2013

  6. “We don’t have time!”, he screamed through clenched teeth. Smith looked nervously to the guard tower, hoping they hadn’t been heard. They only had ninety seconds to ferry the refugees out of the embassy before the patrol would come around the corner, and this child wanting to go back for her teddy bear would rob them of precious seconds

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.25.2013

  7. The ferry was cursed people avoided it at all cost. They thought it was safe little did they realize it was haunted and cursed when you board this deadly ferry you may never get to get off. So ride at your own risk.

    By Captain Crunch on 11.25.2013

  8. I take the ferry today
    leaving this world behind
    grab be the few things I had
    and never looked back

    you might say Im crazy
    for following my dreams
    but I know it will be worth it
    just you wait and see

    I take the ferry today
    into another world
    don’t you think I’m coming back now
    don’t you think I’m just a stupid girl

    By IsaPinaud on 11.25.2013

  9. Ferry me off to far away places
    Where hurt is inconceivable
    And glory lives up the hill
    Where I am saturated in misty mornings
    Deep streams of water
    Rush along my ankles
    I star at the sky that
    Is saturated in pink and purples
    Life ferry
    Me off to that faraway place

    By Lauren on 11.25.2013

  10. The ferry arrived at exactly 7am in the morning, just like it did every day. But I remember something different about that particular sunrise. The salty sea wind was mingled with the scent of her perfume and the sun rays tasted like golden granules of sugar on my tongue. Yes, that morning was different than rest. That was the morning I met her.

    By musicrazi on 11.25.2013

  11. The salty wind whipped Blake’s dark hair in her face. She leaned over the guard rail peering into the sea, as the ferry moved slowly over the water. Adam stood beside her and pulled her hair back from her face. “I like it better when your hair is out of your face.”

    By Lauren on 11.25.2013

  12. I caught the ferry from Devenport to the city with my Mum. It was windy and we had an ice cream on the way. I’ll always remember how that old ferry smelt of diesel. Ice cream and diesel.

    By martin b on 11.25.2013

  13. i never go a ride a ferry, my dream is a ride ship but a don´t have opportunite…

    By João Ricardo on 11.25.2013

  14. As our ferry pulled out of the harbour I turned back to watch the opera house. It wasn’t actually going anywhere, but that didn’t stop me from marveling at it. I was really here. In Sydney. Just like in Finding Nemo and every other thing about Australia.

    By Beth A on 11.25.2013

  15. the ferry is going across the
    and i can see the man in the red pin-striped suit
    tipping the brim of his hat
    up to the fog
    leaning on his worn cane
    with the tree limbs dancing over him
    and the heavy moss fingers
    to touch his shoulders
    and brush that red ribbon
    the waters part as the boat
    glides on

    By sevenwords on 11.25.2013


    By Raymond James Phoenix on 11.25.2013

  17. boats and water. travel over oceans and seas. it can big big or little and it holds people. It can travel between islands through water. Many people use ferry’s as transportation.

    By jessica on 11.25.2013

  18. The rutter guided the ferry through the water, pushing closer and closer to the fog enveloped island. It’s only town, a port at where the ferry would dock, was we’re I was being exiled to. Maybe being a straight F student was not the best approach in life.

    By Pasty Lace on 11.25.2013

  19. cross the mersy – danny and the pacemaker – no gerry and the pacemakers. one of the second wave british invasion. them sending thour r&b and soul and rock and roll back to us

    By Lee on 11.25.2013

  20. growing up is stress crying; crying to cry; crying from the panic of sudden existential crises; alone-at-4-am crying, using eye drops to flush out the blood; weeks of waking from meaningless nightmares, crying over lovers you’ve never met; remembering singular moments in time without any certainty—and crying.

    By tiffanylu URL on 11.25.2013

  21. The ferry boat takes me cross the bay. Others get seasick, I get comfort. The ferry is red and yellow and white. “Cove your ears for two short blasts”

    By Kathleen on 11.25.2013

  22. “…we’ll walk until we hit Lake Dargon and then we’ll take the ferry past the border. After that, it’s just smooth sailing, pardon the pun, ’til we get to Adalayne,”
    I squinted down at the map, not entirely convinced she knew what she was talking about. After all, I’d lived in Quarina my whole life and I’d never heard of any of these places. “You’re sure about this?” I asked, glancing up at her.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.25.2013

  23. the English Channel lies between our consciousness
    twenty one miles separate me from you
    a nation without a nationality
    a strong country with world prominence
    separated by a sea
    there’s no ferry to answer our pleas
    to bring us together and unite us
    when we have strength we could meet in the middle
    as allies

    By ahrima on 11.25.2013

  24. I’m closing the night. Many people have laughed and played throughout the day and are now feeling the heavy weight of the stars fall into their mind. Soon the mysterious streams of imagination will be ferried by the light into a sleeping reality, creating from their laughter and play a marvelous dream for us all to live.

    By Will Creates URL on 11.25.2013

  25. I’m closing the night. Many people have laughed and played throughout the day and are now feeling the heavy weight of the stars fall into their mind. Soon the mysterious streams of imagination will be ferried by the light into a sleeping reality, creating from their laughter and play a marvelous dream for us all to live. #ferry #oneword

    By Will Creates URL on 11.25.2013

  26. So ferry cross the mercy cause this land’s the place I love and here I’ll stay, here I’ll stay, here I’ll stay.

    By just a girl on 11.25.2013

  27. ferry… ive been on them one hundred times. but every time i go its different, the wind feels different as it blows across my face the smell is always new to me i see dolphins a lot, its so enjoyable i really love it the feeling in my head of freedom. freedom is something that we need in the world or more of it. this life is ours and we should have freedom just like the ferry. how it sails back in forth transporting you to one place to the other, its so beautiful being on there with the sun setting. its like life so beautiful.

    By hannah URL on 11.25.2013

  28. As we rode out with the city scape of Manhattan and the backdrop of yellow-illuminated clouds, I couldn’t help but think about the meaning of happiness. Because this — this scene that I’d envisioned only in my dreams — seems to exceed any definition, however fleeting.

    By Simone URL on 11.25.2013

  29. John watched the edge of the shore slowly slip away. He was leaving a lot behind and he wasn’t sure if they would get along without him. Maybe they would be alright, but he wasn’t sure. He just knew that he couldn’t take one more day in that house

    By Troy S on 11.25.2013

  30. She rode the ferry to Toronto Island every morning in June, watching the boats leave the pier with their sails open tall, and her eyes gazed at the wide horizon.

    By Mary Mcmillan on 11.25.2013

  31. I rode the ferry one day for 2 dollars. I saw birds. I really wanted to jump in the water with my rasta friend Getz. we had so much fun. we smoked a lot of weed. Rode the bus and longboarded all the way to the beach. It was surely a day for the memory books.

    By m on 11.25.2013

  32. I once saw a ferry. One cold morning, long ago, One cold winter, one grey day. There was I, saying good bye to that person on the ferry. It was not easy, but what else could I do? I t was a grey, cold day, a grey cold day to say good bye to the ferry.

    By Ivano456 on 11.25.2013

  33. Her legs trembled as she crossed from the dock to the ferry. It was the first one she had been on since the accident.

    By Bri URL on 11.25.2013

  34. us to another world.
    where fragments of this one wash upon the shore
    of fond remembrance and convenient

    ferry us to a place where everything
    really will be alright.

    ferry us to a future
    where we will actually count and
    make change
    and be proud of the time lost.

    By Kairn on 11.25.2013

  35. On a gloomy Thursday morning he did as the note asked of him. Fisher made his way to Circular Quay and boarded the 8.54am ferry to Watson Bay. Once the gates were closed and the old engines hauled the ageing ‘Charlotte’ out of the quay and around past the Opera House he made his way upstairs. He counted. Three rows from the back, seat closest to the window. He edged his way to the seat squeezing past a a couple of Chinese tourists. On most days Sydney sparkled from here, but today it looked like a messy industrial puddle, grey and menacing. Fisher rested his backpack on his lap and with some trepidation slipped his hand under the seat. It took him a moment to lay his fingers on it, but there, taped to the bottom of the chair was a small brown leather box.

    By pip333 on 11.25.2013

  36. We took the ferry to North Charmandro and found our cousin there, half-beaten to death but still looking chipper, two swords strung across her back like a sharp, double-edged crucifix. She smiled and wound up exposing two gaps where molars used to be, then showed us to the closest tavern, where we feasted on recently sauteed squid and drank very dark and very rich mead.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.25.2013

  37. Blank, black eyes set in a bone face stared back at me. A skeleton clothed in black, it held out its hand. The white bone grasping, begging for something. I stared in horror and knew even before his raspy voice spoke: “one token to ferry across.”

    By Carly on 11.25.2013

  38. The ferry was late. If you didn’t know by checking your watch, you could tell by the twisted faces of those waiting anxiously.

    By Bchange.Cchange on 11.25.2013

  39. Ferry was the word that rhymed with the emotion the kids felt as they realized that a small action figure accompanied by jolly family times, was enough. Rhymed with the word that the fighting Jews felt when they were saved by the Americans. Can you feel the word?

    By Ivana on 11.25.2013

  40. She looked at me and then back down at the paper.
    “You used the wrong word here,” She said “It should be ‘fairy’.”
    I looked at the paper and realized that she was right when ‘ferry’ stood out in the bright yellow highlighter she marked it with.
    Damn this fucking head injury.

    By Cole Taylor on 11.25.2013