December 26th, 2017 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “father”

  1. father is the man of every girl… he is the first and the last in her life…

    By roumaissaa on 12.26.2017

  2. I am your father, and I love you with all my heart. I am your mother, and I brought you into this world. I am your brother, and unlike Cain, I am your keeper. I am your sister, and my stories will keep you sane. I am your nieces and nephews, your sons and your daughters. I am connected to you by blood and by your arcane human laws. I am your family, tucked away in a silver bauble. Open my bejeweled mouth from time to time, and I will sing the song of your ancestors to you.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.26.2017

  3. My dad is probably the source of a lot of my self esteem issues. He’s never shown interest in what I do although I have shown interest in his. I think he doesn’t feel that way though. I think he thinks that I’m not supportive and so he’s not supportive. But it seems pretty petty.

    By Ariel Jackson on 12.26.2017

  4. I don’t claim to know what a father does.
    Such closeness wasn’t granted to me.

    You disregard your own.
    Your hands will never cause fear.
    Your mouth will never issue curses.

    These boys we have made and shape.
    Will be granted more than they will know.
    They will draw from these memories one day.
    When they too will be called father.

    By cait on 12.26.2017

  5. His hands are stained under the black light, stained white and cracked with spiderwebbing veins throbbing, full of dark ink and sludge. He inhales cigarette smoke and shudders as it floods through his body.

    By Riannon URL on 12.26.2017

  6. My father was a great man.He touched so many lives. He once gave everything on his back to a man in need. I think my father was a great man. I like to think his great calling lead him to forget my mother and myself. I have to believe that something beyond his control forced him to abandon all of his fatherly responsibilities. But I’ll never know…

    By Mel on 12.27.2017