February 17th, 2015 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “falcon”

  1. Dad used to drive a Ford Falcon back in the ’60s. But I’m not sure about the actual bird. They’re big, I suppose. I have not much to say about a bird.

    By michaelbuzz on 02.18.2015

  2. I remember playing video games with my brother when I was a young girl. I always enjoyed Falcon-punching his face and hearing his screams of rage and embarrassment. Falcons are cool.

    By Hope on 02.18.2015

  3. It’s a bird. And a superhero. A falcon. Fly high in the sky and never look down. Caw at the sun and claw away that fucking insects trying to eat your food. You eat your food. Its yours and no one elses. Falcon. Black, brown, white, beedy yellow eyes.

    By Jessica on 02.18.2015

  4. Like some kind of falcon weaving through clouds and diving into your curled fingers, I have been caught in the sky and wheeling away and back. And how could I know you have been waiting to call me home. I was blind until you undressed my eyes. I am steady only in your hands.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 02.18.2015

  5. The morning was perfect. Just as the sun was coming up over the horizon, the sounds of the whipper -will, chickadee, and falcon were heard, Natures alarm clock.

    By Christine S.Cone on 02.18.2015

  6. So what’s the difference between a falcon and an eagle?

    I simply know there’s a difference. I can recall images of both birds in my mind, but I can’t project these images to you.

    Let alone, you speak a different language. I really am helpless at being an English tutor.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.18.2015

  7. Beady eyes moved in brief spasms, following me to the chair in front of the sturdy desk. I played it cool right up until I reached out to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you,” I said, instead making eye contact with the falcon on his shoulder.

    By asavas on 02.18.2015

  8. “Tell me something, Holl.” Danny says in a whisper, eyes bloodshot and throat raw. He can barely see the blonde in front of him—or was she sitting beside him?—with a worried look in her light green eyes as she stares at him. He’s vaguely aware of his bleeding hand lying limply at his side, bits of broken glass from the liquor bottle he’d smashed a minute ago still in the open wound.

    On the outside there was pain, but on the inside there was torment. Anguish.

    “What, Dan?” Holly’s voice breaks, he can tell she’s trying not to cry. He hates it when she cries. And then suddenly, she stands and makes a move towards the telephone on the desk across the room. “Danny, tell me. Don’t stop talking. Please.”

    He leans his head back against the oak bedpost, grimacing. He glances up past her at the majestic painting of a falcon, one of his favorites—when it begins to get blurry, he looks away. “Why…why haven’t you deserted me yet? You’ve got every reason to, you know.”

    Holly hangs up the phone and walks back over to him, touching his cheek tenderly with her hand. “The ambulance is on the way, Danny. Just relax.”

    He closes his eyes and tries to.

    By Ethereal Angel on 02.18.2015

  9. The first time Ilona visited the academy’s falconry, she was terrified. All she could see were their sharp beaks and sharper talons and she felt sure they would attack. But she began to love the birds the more she visited them. She began to love their fierceness, the way they seemed so free in the sky. The way they were fearless. That was all she wanted to be.

    By ScribbleHeart on 02.18.2015

  10. A bird that swoops down to catch prey such as bat that is their prey.

    By ava on 02.18.2015

  11. The falcon swooped from the trees. The power of it was breath-taking. I also wondered what it would be like, being free from life itself. I can not help but envy it.

    By Inaba on 02.18.2015

  12. Gliding on golden gilded wings across the alabaster Maine sky, the falcon acted as a golden bow, adorning the expansive present of the heavens,

    By Heather URL on 02.18.2015

  13. flies grey black clouds lbue sky large nest unstoppable TALONS fierce fiery phoenix,
    never late no schedule,
    eats what he wants!

    By meander4good on 02.18.2015

  14. He flies high into direct sunlight, then makes a sudden steep dive to the ground beneath him.

    By Mafan823 on 02.18.2015

  15. The falcon swooped down,
    his talons extended,
    and his beak parted,
    as he called out a shriek.

    He let out
    a fearful trill
    to alert the town
    of their wrongs.

    He’s against
    what the bug does
    he doesn’t agree
    with what the rabbit believes.

    Because he believes
    that he is the king,
    because he believes
    that he is the best.

    He shoots down others
    and glares from afar
    upset at their happiness
    that theirs lives consist.

    By Erin Jaspan on 02.18.2015

  16. A falcon is like an Eagle. It is an amazing, majestic, beautiful creature. It soars through the bright blue sky with pride, stalking its prey and going in for the dive to catch it and eat it!

    By kirsty15 on 02.18.2015

  17. If I could dive like a falcon and strip a piece of raw meat off the earth, if I could eat it and keep it down, if I could have keen enough eyes to assume another person’s perspective, if I could do what you wanted from the beginning.

    By Ella Emma Em on 02.18.2015

  18. Hey girl, its my first text here. I would like to show how much i am happy to see you and stay with you. Guys i love

    By greice roman URL on 02.18.2015

  19. The falcon flew.
    Flew high.
    Don’t stop.
    Keep flying.
    Like I want to.
    Like I wish I could.
    I need to fly.
    Go falcon.
    Live my dream.

    By Joy Kim on 02.18.2015

  20. A shadow circled me in the sun the way a vulture does. When I looked up, the sun burned the whole picture into my eyes and I could see it. A falcon white and blue like winter or sky. I couldn’t see the picture anymore so I opened my eyes. The shadow was gone, but I never saw the falcon fly away.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.18.2015

  21. Alone in the sky the falcon flew high and low in search of food. It was a solitary living thing in the sky, looking to satisfy the hunger it its stomach.

    By Katherine on 02.18.2015

  22. What is a Falcon? According to the USB (United Saviors of Birds)

    By Fele on 02.18.2015

  23. He swooped down mercilessly as I scampered away in fear. I could see my hole only a few more steps away, and as I reached the entrance and hid within, the cry of the falcon continued to resonat in my ears.

    By Spova on 02.18.2015

  24. He swooped down mercilessly as I scampered away in fear. I could see my hole only a few more steps away, and as I reached the entrance and hid within, the cry of the falcon continued to resonate in my ears.

    By Spova on 02.18.2015

  25. Falcons are birds. They have a beak and feathers and they are very fast. The Peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on planet Earth. Falcons have really keen eyes and big claws.

    By Jaeley on 02.18.2015

  26. It is a big large bird. Predator of rats and small animals or rodents. My dad had one as a pet. It has claws and good eyesight. It is a hunter. It flies and probably lives in a desert or forest. It is a bird. It would probably be brown in colour and has bits of black or grey.

    By Ishamar Guy on 02.18.2015

  27. Bird
    I think
    I feel
    I want to know how he spreads his wings high up in the sky
    I want to know what he feels when he’s soaring through the air
    I want to know what he touches when he lands back down.

    By Yuuki Asuna on 02.18.2015