May 30th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “facsimile”

  1. “No way!” gasped Marley, staring at the beautiful oil painting on the wall of the parlor. “I didn’t know you had one of Cantet’s pieces!”

    Madam Semple laughed and shook her head apologetically. “I’m afraid it’s not the authentic one,” she replied. “Just a facsimile. But it’s lovely, isn’t it? My late husband was quite the fan of Cantet.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.30.2017

  2. Gary stopped trudging through the streets for one moment. For some reason, maybe fate, maybe God, maybe some divine combination of the two, he raised his head. For the first time in years, he felt. On the side of a building, some old cigarette factory, was a gorgeous landscape, beautifully lifelike, of a forest.

    By David on 05.30.2017


    By ian URL on 05.30.2017

  4. I sit up when my alarm goes off. I hit it. Across from my bed there’s a window and when I look into it, I see another man, sitting up, hitting his clock, but I know it’s not me. I can’t be me. His hands move with mine. He yawns when I yawn, but my hair is black. His skin is pale. He doesn’t look like he knows what ‘jovial’ is.
    He can’t be me.
    He can’t.

    By Ian on 05.30.2017

  5. She wasn’t like other girls.
    She’d made sure of it when she came through the machine, grabbing the ink blotter and adding an extra freckle to each cheek. Even robots don’t want to be direct copies, right?

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 05.30.2017

  6. fascists smile similarly
    facsimiles simulate similarity
    single file singularity
    layers like a fascinating simile

    By omqwat on 05.30.2017

  7. It’s not counterfeit money I told the judge…it’s just a pretty good facsimile of paper money.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 05.30.2017

  8. In you a certain color code
    Unmatched, unchallenged up ‘till now.
    A deadly dance in past forebode.

    Your shoulders bent, a heavy load.
    You bear it all, I don’t ask how
    You have a certain color code.

    Line like a mirror, gently toed
    Eyes meet, hand touch, we take our bows
    A deadly dance we had forebode.

    The thinnest thread, our fabrics sewed
    Red string pulled tight, no more allowed
    Its has a matching color code.

    Unexpected, this lonely road
    Together, alone—both! Somehow,
    This deadly dance has been forebode.

    It bleeds and blends, the hues bestowed
    And in them lies a forlorn vow
    We have a certain color code,
    A deadly dance we both forebode.

    By Ai URL on 05.30.2017

  9. Somewhere along the line I was given this great gift. It was you. But since youve been gone– nearly 10 years– I have found myself living intandom with a replacement. A facsimile of you. Looks like you, thinks like you… But it is not you.

    By Margaret Burgeon-Swine on 05.30.2017

  10. I don’t know that this word is or means for that matter. A fake smile, like a simile or something? facile, like it’s easy–easy like your mom, easy like Sunday morning? What is it, explain it to me. C’mon kid, go ahead, make my day.

    By marshall on 05.30.2017

  11. She wrote an exact fascimile of the song for her grandfather before he left the country again.

    By Marie F URL on 05.30.2017

  12. She wrote a facsimile of the song for her grandfather before he left the country again.

    By Marie F on 05.30.2017

  13. Facsimile. Fax machine. They’re outdated, and yet still used so frequently! You would think that only old people had a use for them, but no. Every industry still uses them. Insurance, banking. ALl of them, simple emails aren’t secure enough for them for some dumb reason. Who knows. They are a fucking annoyance though, who has time to try and find a machine!

    By Bee on 05.31.2017

  14. There were copies of everything, from faces to feet, from ears to earwigs. The copiers were everywhere, cheap, unavoidable. Mothers kept copies of their children in racks next to the doors of their houses. One per day for years. Some had all of the copies from after birth but most just kept monthly or yearly copies for posterity.

    By Dan on 05.31.2017

  15. It’s a fascimile smile.
    A pastiche grin

    it’s printed in dots and dashes
    made up of dots of black ink
    on white canvas

    it’s a smooth curve made of sharp points
    it’s nature crafted by an inhuman hand

    By childoftheuniverse on 05.31.2017

  16. I actually don’t know the meaning of facsimile. It sounds like a metaphor for a simile. I need to read more.

    Facsimile – noun; an exact copy

    Sometimes I feel like I am an exact copy of what people expect from me, that no matter what I will behave as tho tied in strings of expectations and responsibilities. Only when I am alone I feel that this mirrored world becomes opaque and doesn’t reflect the facsimile of their minds.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 05.31.2017

  17. facsimile

    I think of faxes. Fax machines.

    My friend’s father had one at the house, when we were growing up, for work. The old kind with the reams of paper with perforated edges. This was before most people had home computers, or home printers. Rolls of paper poured through the fax machine all the time. It was supposedly very cool and people were excited about it. I didn’t understand what was so great about it. It was just words. No pictures or anything!

    By Noisy Quiet on 05.31.2017

  18. When I think of facsimile I think of copy.

    By Alexis on 05.31.2017

  19. A face simile is a simile I think I don’t know what kind of simile it is though.

    By Shade on 05.31.2017

  20. Facsimile reminds me of a new piece of paper or something that written on.

    By Cameron on 05.31.2017

  21. Facsimile is an original or exact copy of something.

    By Julia on 05.31.2017

  22. I do not no what facsimile means.

    By Carsten on 05.31.2017

  23. I don’t know what this word means.

    By Austin on 05.31.2017

  24. I don’t know what a facsimile is or what facsimile means. I don’t even have a guess. If I did guess, I would be wrong. It sounds like I might know, but I have no clue.

    By Braden Hilliker on 05.31.2017

  25. Can’t hold me back sucks and it has ccd.

    By Jimmyjohn on 05.31.2017

  26. When I think of the word facsimile I the of the word similar which is a math word

    By Aundrea on 05.31.2017

  27. It means it is the same things,exactly alike,for example some who cheats on a test that means that is facsimile.

    By Kaylee on 05.31.2017

  28. When I think of facsimile I think of ELA at school. I don’t like this word because it makes me think of ELA and I don’t like ELA.

    By Chase tea on 05.31.2017

  29. When I think of facsimile I think of ELA at school I don’t like this word because it makes me think of ELA and I don’t like ELA.

    By Chase tesluck on 05.31.2017

  30. Wen I see I see that word I see fac-simile.

    By Sam on 05.31.2017

  31. When i think of this word I think of it as someone smiling

    By nikolai on 05.31.2017

  32. A facsimile is a copy of something,like a painting by a very famous artist, the painting might be fake. People that are not wealthy might make a fake picture of a famous picture and sell it for thousands of dollars for the money.

    By Shawn huey on 05.31.2017

  33. I don’t no wat facsimile means

    By jacob on 05.31.2017

  34. every public paper document has it. Companies, entrepreneurs used them for administration. Online and offline.

    By Natasa on 05.31.2017

  35. When I think of facsimile then I think of someone smiling

    By Savannah spiegel on 05.31.2017

  36. A duplicated copy of an original. Not for confusing with an original it can only shine a mirror image onto what is supposed to be, but isn’t. An abbreviation for it is fax.

    By Nadrian D Whytus on 05.31.2017

  37. In the word facsimile I can see your smile.

    By Diana Probert URL on 05.31.2017

  38. The machine was facsimiling. It printed out my picture of Goofy, Mickey and Donald duck. I was so excited to color it.

    By Jaylen on 05.31.2017

  39. It’s the worlds fist computer. it even print out things. i know, impressive.

    By jaycee on 05.31.2017

  40. the facsimile of my face
    never a disgrace
    a sportsman at success
    my ostensible cheerfulness is here to attest
    what was arrested
    from my pride.
    another resume, another application, another smile,
    im ready for the company car,
    lets ride.

    Watch me flail open into a barrier of darkness
    and come out with a vale of cheer,
    a viking-girl with volumptous thighs,
    and a beer.

    Stolid as a boulder,
    money is mine for the taking,
    negativty, put it in the oven, its baking,
    eat it, lets see it, a new door open
    for me to seize it.

    By Milad URL on 05.31.2017