May 12th, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. How many boys wore eyeliner to the concert that night? They screamed and blew kisses at one another as the lead guitarist made out with his microphone. Meanwhile, I was lusting after the bassist, with that red hair and her sweet, sweet hips, those kickass curves. I knew the pills were kicking in because then I saw double – awesome! TWO sexy bassists!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.12.2017

  2. eyeliner river
    washing down
    to the
    like a leaf
    my soul slowly falling
    a cloud printer
    about to
    run out of ink.

    By Steve O URL on 05.13.2017

  3. under the round orb of glistening beauty, i placed my tool, enhanced my vision. Created a gaze defiant and beautiful with just a little makeup.

    By tones8 on 05.13.2017

  4. A simple line to make you feel worthy of a smile.

    By Rebekah on 05.13.2017

  5. She opened a bottle of eyeliner and smeared it across her eyelids. Now, they could no longer call her ugly when her eyes were like the wings of a butterfly. She was almost strong. She was almost


    By B.E. on 05.13.2017

  6. I love eyeliner, when I’m in the mood for it. I typically use eyeshadow with an angled brush, in stead of a typical eyeliner pencil. It seems to be easier to apply this way. I like the way it makes my eyes appear more bold, behind my glasses.
    I usually only wear eyeliner in the evenings, or if I want to make a strong statement. Eyeliner really brings my eyes out. It’s fun to experiment with different styles of makeup. My go-to colour for eyeliner is black.

    By Katie URL on 05.13.2017

  7. Eyeliner is put on the accentuate my features, they say on the surface
    Eyeliner is put on to make me look more beautiful, because I don’t think I’m beautiful on my own, they think

    By Siddhartha on 05.13.2017

  8. “Eyeliner”

    I was eleven years old when I first discovered the chalky black buried beneath an avalanche of my mother’s make=up. sparingly worn. I tried it on as a child tried crayons…smoothing it beneath each eye, across my brows until they were charco-black before masking my face in cold cream (also my mothers). Eyeliner and I never met again until my thirties, when someone nudged me with their elbow and described my eyes as ‘pale.’ These days I wear a thin coat just beneath my bottom lashes. Enough to to color the skin something other than peach white. And I’m satisfied. Yet I watch other women slather deep, black grooves beneath their eyes and wonder what their trying to hide.

    By Stacy L. M. on 05.13.2017

  9. her eyeliner
    is smudged
    down the corner
    of her eye;
    he’s made up his mind
    won’t budge
    all anyone says
    is why

    By ashley on 05.13.2017

  10. My eyes used to be coated inside of a dollar store with a fluorescent light highlighting my…hopes that it would work like American football, painted for the war or away from the sun, forgetting English, trying to get back home, forgetting to use commas when appropriate, drawing a comma coming out of the corners of my eyes, obsessing over whether everyone hates my wings, not remembering to forget what other people think, dollar store brands that you’ve never heard of before, sitting on a sink and waiting.

    By nodochinko on 05.13.2017

  11. she applied her eyeliner as usual with a shaky hand she was both excited and scared out of her mind for this date but mostly just waiting for it to happen. it felt like time was going slower until 8 pm when he would pick her up. once the clock said 7;50 she ran down the stairs yelling a goodbye to her parents and saw him in all of his glory. he walked slowly up to her taking her all in.

    By hipsterfangirl on 05.13.2017

  12. I thought about what that little line might do for me. Would I be mysterious all of a sudden? Would women think I was prettier than before?
    Would it change my world?

    By T.rose on 05.13.2017

  13. Eyeliner brings you to your best self if you know how to apply it and take the time to really indulge in gazing at your own eyes, understanding their depths and seeing your true self, accepting all that you are and all that you will become.

    By Victoria Crispo on 05.13.2017

  14. It’s so hard to put on. Like honestly, I feel like it shouldn’t be that hard. Pencil liner always winds up halfway down my face, liquid liner is just way too difficult, gel liner doesn’t even make sense to me, and felt-tip liner never comes out evenly on both sides. And yet, I love it so much.

    By Toni Rose on 05.13.2017

  15. The dark purple of a bruise acted as her eyeliner, blood his. They were a perfectly made up pair, laughing and dancing down the halls of the prison, fighting desperately and relishing their freedom. Long lost fiends reunited, escaping fate with blurred eyeliner.

    By TheAIndex on 05.13.2017

  16. Seldom used, there’s eyeliner that sits
    on my bathroom counter in a bucket of
    old makeup from when I thought I’d wear it,
    but I’d much rather face the world as I am
    so that it stands tall and knows to look me in the eyes

    By peri on 05.13.2017

  17. I line her
    aye, liner
    >align – error!
    a lyin’ IRR
    A.I. -> ligne (er…)

    By omqwat on 05.13.2017

  18. As she walked out into the pouring rain, the drops of water trickled down her skin in a slow and uncaring fashion. Her eyeliner and mascara dripped down her face is a dreadful sea of black just like the raging emotions inside of her. Her clothes clung to her skin and her hair sent water falling to the ground at her slightest movement. She gazed at the puddle beneath her as the drops splashed into it.

    By Gemma URL on 05.14.2017

  19. To gaze into my eyes
    Until you know what I know
    Not until you think you do
    Not until you feel you do
    Exactly when you know you do
    Linger in my pupils and
    Let me line your eyes with
    Onyx and gold, let me behold
    Vast galaxies spinning in your quiet universe
    Eternity stretches beyond a passing glance

    By Sea URL on 05.14.2017