June 29th, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “exist”

  1. I wonder why so many are concerned with whether or not they should exist. They seem to think that their worth is defined by their existence, but their existence is based on something that they cannot choose or change.

    By Tanisha URL on 06.30.2021

  2. I exist by knowing deep down that my childhood was filled with love and connection. But do I really know? I think I yearn for this concept, but it isn’t real. IT never was but I learn every day how to make space for both the true feelings and the truth.

    By Sarah on 06.30.2021

  3. I exist. I don’t know exactly why I exist or even how I exist, just that I do. And do I really ‘exist’? Maybe I think I exist but don’t. I don’t know. You can really overthink things if you want to and I guess existing is an easy rabbit hole to go down.

    By Phaelynn on 06.30.2021

  4. I exist to bring light to others lives..the question that is constantly on my mind is “how much lives can I actually impact throughout my life?”

    By fidaa on 06.30.2021

  5. All she did was exist. Nothing more. Nothing less could be attained. In a world full of personalities as rich and complex as the colorful flavors of nature, she chose to simply exist. Just another somebody who lived to die.

    By Vivienne on 06.30.2021