November 18th, 2009 | 672 Entries

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672 Entries for “eternal”

  1. Everything was eternal. Fingers of smoke-like, fog-like, tendrils brushed against her, surrounding her. Where was she? What was this place? She floated in the air, surrounded by the grey mist… was she dead?

    By Kim on 11.19.2009

  2. Heaven. Forever.

    By c on 11.19.2009

  3. Forever, lasting, significant sustainable

    By Dr J on 11.19.2009

  4. that is forever i think of things eternal when I am in a pensive mood don’t have any real hang ups with the word i then automatically think eternally grateful and then eternity can’t say that eternal has entered my life very often although I do at times believe that some aspects of my life are best described by this word

    By Norm on 11.19.2009

  5. this means forever like after your dead your eternally gone you dont get to live again atleast i don’t think you do, damn doesn’t that suck my mind goes straight to dying, maybe i feel like thats the only thing that will really b eternal cuz anything else will most likely end so i guess what i just discoevered it death is the only thing in this world thats eternal

    By damn on 11.19.2009

  6. Previously, I had not worried about either but it seemed that my ‘eternal’ boycott of relationships had come to an abrupt end. Oh well. If things worked out, we’d be good together, right?

    By Kyouya on 11.19.2009

  7. Whether or not we’d like it we are not some eternal spirit, and to assume so is ludicrous. People justify squandering their time by saying they are eternal. If people would, for every moment consider themselves finite they might not lose their lives.

    By Yeoman on 11.19.2009

  8. no end

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  9. He pulled me into his arms and I shuddered. My icy breath was not cold with the night, it was the night that was cold with me.

    “I’ll stay with you,” my fire demon lover whispered.

    “Forever?” my frost demon lips whispered back.


    By AlmaPheonix on 11.19.2009

  10. If you think anything lasts forever, you’re wrong. One of these days everything you’ve ever heard or seen or spoken will not exist and no one will have any recollection of it. I mean everything like the Grand Canyon and uh, that sweater you wanted to buy last Tuesday but ran out of money, and your mother-in-law, etc.

    By lewis on 11.19.2009

  11. in eternal love like vampires

    By rafa on 11.19.2009

  12. i have been on this horse all my life. an eternity one might say, yet i cannot say for certain. this horse cares for me. it keeps me company. keeps me sane. i can ride it no longer though.

    By limehouse on 11.19.2009

  13. love

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  14. like fire. The flame of passion which burns within all of us. For different things, it burns, but it burns nonetheless. You are and always will me my eternal. My eternity.

    By a on 11.19.2009

  15. This life we live is one that will not last forever. The next world where we are judged and accounted for all our sins will be the eternal world where all of our deeds will be engraved in stone.

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  16. Life is what you make it.

    it can be short, it can be long, it can be eternal.

    But most of all it is what you make it out to be.

    Life is marvoulous. Live it out all the way.

    By Erik on 11.19.2009

  17. I was eternally enchanted by this. The pine trees glowed and shone in the sunlight that was directly behind them. Even through the glass I could smell the strong scent of pine needles.

    By eternal on 11.19.2009

  18. eternally people should pledge their love to their girlfriend and boyfriend and respect each other’s wishes. Eternal seems like a long long time, seems longer than forever. Eternal, maternal they all seem to be enclosed.

    By gone. on 11.19.2009

  19. what we all want. good things have to be eternal because it’s the good things that we want to last. no one wants eternal pain, sorrow, despair, it’s the eternal happiness that everyone strives for. in that happiness people will not no limits, fears, or problems only what they have that is eternal.

    By nick on 11.19.2009

  20. h, hope springs eternal, that beloved saying that reminds so many of a beautiful spring, burbling forth new life into a stagnant swamp. Or at least that it waht makes me think of. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of the phrase. I think it’s one of those words that Orwell warned us about– overused to the point of exhaustion, annoying and trite. And It’s been changed so many times, from “hope” to “Love” to probably, somewhere “buttsex.”

    By Amy on 11.19.2009

  21. life that means without
    limits but can mean forever i can tell that in eternal life that no time shall pass and people can life glorious lives with regretting anything since time is and isnt there

    By ... on 11.19.2009

  22. i used to want to live forever.

    my front door started opening less.
    my phone stays on the hook.
    i haven’t seen the sun in days.

    who really wants to live forever?

    By mlh on 11.19.2009

  23. Nothing about the eternal darkness seemed real. Every day the light turned to dark and dark into light. It was endless however seemingly long forever would be Linus was tried of it and he would soon wish to escape the incessant black and white world, break free of that inane prison and into a new world a gray world, filled with vibrant colors and elaborate decorations. Nothing like the old one he was used to, something new, something free.

    By vicky on 11.19.2009

  24. Eternal is thy dragon, soaring in the skies
    eternal is thy flame, burning brightly from its jaws
    eternal is thy name, unknown to anyone, but remembered by all

    By Dani on 11.19.2009

  25. The earth is eternal or is it. Will the sun shine for all eternity or will it burn out, as most stars do… When will that be the end. I like to think my love is eternal… but when do things really end.

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  26. Eternal life. Eternal death, for that matter. When Mom died all the thoughts of ‘forever’ and ‘eternity’ kept dancing around my brain. Where would she be going? IS there a heaven? What will life be like without her, for all my life? Do suicides really spend eternity in hell?
    And I never could quite figure it out, so I stoped thinking about it.

    By Sarah S. on 11.19.2009

  27. forever never ending, within

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  28. It was an eternal moment. It could have lasted forever if only it didn’t.

    There was nothing stopping me from leaning in and giving him the best first kiss that he’d ever get in any of his multiple lives, but I didn’t That eternal moment ended as his current life spasmed, and his memory was abolished, and I had to begin the quest for eternity once more.

    By Kaeru on 11.19.2009

  29. Always and forever I know that always isn’t really forever but sometimes I want it to be. Look…you always knew. I always knew. The earth, the stars, the vacant street corners and crescent shaped shadows on the pavement…they called and no one answered. That’s all i Know.

    By fivehourdelay on 11.19.2009

  30. infinity, something that doesn’t end. ever. never ceasing, relentless, restless, unstopable.

    By Usher Asheri on 11.19.2009

  31. God gives eternal life

    By Anonymous on 11.19.2009

  32. love it eternal and everlasting

    By laureb on 11.19.2009