December 9th, 2018 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “espresso”

  1. I entered the corner café and could smell the most rich and amazing espresso that I have ever come across. Couldn’t wait to order my share.

    By Jenna Lane on 12.09.2018

  2. You’re still an espresso obsessive. You’re not the only person in the world who’s this way, but you do know all of the others. You can count them on one hand. We should live together, you say.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.09.2018

  3. Are you feeling like a cup of tea? How about espresso? There’s nothing like a caffeine kick to make you feel just so-so. Just sip the brew and sing the blues and don’t worry about Nancy. She’s off with Sean and Joe and Bess and trying to be fancy. I’ll pour you a tall mug of java, make it a bit stronger, so your heart can beat a bit faster, last a little longer.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.09.2018

  4. An amazing liquid that is traditionally consumed in mass quantities by the gallon.

    By David M. on 12.09.2018

  5. “I’m going to stop drinking espresso now,” you said, covering the mouth of your mug. It was already dark out, and you’d been expounding on a philosophy of yours a bit more after you sensed, in our last conversation, that I withdrew from it. What you’ll never know is that your ideas weren’t the thing I withdrew from.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 12.09.2018

  6. It’s tempting to not show up in the morning, to stay in bed for longer than I would normally and have breakfast at an hour that’s not ungodly. But if I don’t show up, I won’t see you, and it’ll be my last opportunity before this year turns into next, and everything’s different again.

    By whatever_artemesia on 12.09.2018

  7. I have never tried espresso as coffee is my first love. From every thing that ihave ever heard about espresso it is stronger than coffee, and I don’t think I would enjoy that.

    By Linda on 12.09.2018

  8. my dad loves to drink espresso in the mornings and sometimes at night when he gets home from work.

    By aidanmowry URL on 12.09.2018

  9. I have a hard time espresso-ing myself.

    By mike hammer on 12.09.2018

  10. She could hardly keep her eyes open but how could she sleep knowing what she knew? She didn’t think she could ever sleep again. But she couldn’t function either. She took a sharp left into the nearest coffee shop and ordered a double espresso.

    By Sam Dounis URL on 12.10.2018

  11. Espresso is amazing and tastes good but not as good as coffee but almost as good but i would still drink espresso.

    By JesseMowry URL on 12.10.2018

  12. espresso
    express me
    coffee coughing
    fit drinking in
    warmth i’ve never had
    a broke bouquet of deficiencies
    different than me
    i wish i were
    these mornings
    a log in a cabin
    good to the last drop
    a bean smashed into bits
    strained to a cup
    drink me down
    for your energy
    crush me like i am nothing
    sip me up
    cough me down

    By matt m on 12.10.2018

  13. My girlfriend needs a shot of espresso each day. Truth be told, I don’t get this necessity. Whereby it impairs her ability to think or function except in a groggy redundancy because of a lack of opaque liquid. Is it then not an addiction? Why are so many dependent on the bean? Beans wrought through labor, sweat, and war. People so against profiteering as my girlfriend but dependent upon the product. Am I alone?

    By Eric Harrell on 12.10.2018

  14. She tapped her hands nervously. “I think I’ve had too much coffee.”
    “Yeah, you think?” he muttered, sliding her a bottle of water. She opened it and took a sip. “No, drink the whole thing, please.” He begged.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.10.2018

  15. gbgbbccbb ggo love my heart

    By gbgb URL on 12.10.2018

  16. gbgbbccbb ggo love my heart look at love look at this hot espresso

    By gbgb URL on 12.10.2018

  17. when i drink a breath
    of fresh
    like a steamy mirror
    a reflection of all
    obscured by clouds
    aroma mild
    espresso repressed instruct
    enough breath
    to get
    through the day

    By matt m on 12.10.2018

  18. Java of my dreams and my day’s longing. I love you more than any other hot beverage. You fuel my morning and give me Italian flair. You may be short in stature, but you are big on energizing fulfillment. Black and full bodied delightful drink.

    By Maya Woodall on 12.10.2018

  19. Time is limited. But this day is eternal. But too many mundane tasks bombard my scattered, sleepy brain. No more! I am putting my foot down. I stand here now, for the all the daylight and moonlight to come, sipping my #espresso and participating in the glorious dance of life. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 12.10.2018

  20. i have never had a espresso my dad has it alot he likes it alot bout i have never had it and i dont plan to have it a striccted hot chcolete uy

    By aidanmowry URL on 12.10.2018

  21. I’ll like a espresso

    By gabriel on 12.10.2018

  22. eyes colored like espresso
    cinnamon skin
    he’d never seen anyone so beautiful

    By chantemcb on 12.10.2018

  23. A nice espresso drink is a pleasure while writing. Generally hot, but sometimes iced, the caffeine is often welcome, but even a caffeine free drink is nice. Stimulation of any sort, the association of pleasure with writing — a great combination.

    By chipschap on 12.10.2018

  24. An electricity though the veins
    In dark liquid, languid days,
    Force me awake, I need you, here
    What I want so ever clear
    To sleep, to fade, yet I reach for you still
    Like a saint come to change my wicked will
    The battle, the war, the foundations quake
    Cracked open skin, jitters and shakes
    And the teeth, they brown, a visible sin
    Bulging pupils, stupor, impossible win

    By Ai URL on 12.10.2018

  25. A short expression of human fuel. We all know its quick effects but they are not restrained to energy, sometimes espresso is a lifter of heavy hearts, otherwise it can be a social lubricant that calls a situation that would otherwise have been impossible with simply food. Espresso is many things and yet just so small.

    By Robert del Popolo on 12.11.2018

  26. I don’t know what an espresso is so this is all I have to write. Goodbye!!!!!! :D

    By anonymous on 12.11.2018

  27. The word “espresso” gives me a feeling. The word alone brings sensations to me of the way taking a sip of coffee makes me feel. Even just the smell of coffee or a taste of espresso cheesecake can lead me into a brief moment where time slows down and nothing else exists.

    By okayfine on 12.11.2018

  28. “This is espresso. This is like coffeezilla.” he said to the three year old asking for cup of coffee like his.

    By Fair Enough on 12.11.2018

  29. I went to Starbucks and I was in a line a mile long. I just wanted my espresso so I could go home and watch Gilmore Girls on the couch. I wasn’t in the mood for people right now so I just got some cheap espresso from McDonalds drive through.

    By jasmine on 12.11.2018