April 22nd, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “entrée”

  1. “Hereinspaziert, hereinspaziert! Meine Damen und Herren, heute bieten wir Ihnen wieder spektuakuläre Einblicke in das menschliche Gruselkabinett. Siamesische Zwillinge, an den Füßen verbunden. Männer mit Brüsten, Frauen mit Bärten. Kinder mit Schwänzen. Hereinspaziert, hereinspaziert.”

    By LotteZwo URL on 04.23.2012

  2. Entree. Entree. Entree. I have such a horrible relationship with food right now, I can’t even write about this specific word. I just like that it’s French. French is such a beautiful language. France is such a beautiful country. One day, I’ll visit France, & one day I too will speak French.

    By mariana URL on 04.23.2012

  3. The canapes will be iron fillings
    The entree razor blade
    The starter jellyfish
    The main a cannon ball
    The desert silver shavings
    The aperitif – a shot of lava

    By gsk URL on 04.23.2012

  4. “Mmm, that’s an extremely interesting flavor,” she starts, after tasting the stew for the first time. “I like how tender it is.”
    “You’d be surprised,” I reply. “Sometimes, there is no skill involved at all. More luck than anything. It’s not like I can go and kill the person…er, I mean…kill the cow myself.” and I fork another helping into my mouth, mostly to shut myself up but also because I enjoy a woman’s calf the most.

    By MFIII on 04.23.2012

  5. Om nom nom, said Elisa. “I love this, it’s so tasty.” But really it was a head, and the soup was human broth. She didn’t know that was what we were having today.

    By Isis on 04.23.2012

  6. entrée |ˈänˌtrā; ˌänˈtrā| (also entree)
    the main course of a meal.
    • Brit. a dish served between the fish and meat courses at a formal dinner.
    ORIGIN early 18th cent. (denoting a piece of instrumental music forming the first part of a suite): French, feminine past participle of entrer ‘enter’ (see entry ).

    By Cody URL on 04.23.2012

  7. An entree is an enterance of something.

    By iconic girl URL on 04.23.2012

  8. I had never had an entree at least not that i remember!!!!

    By fancy girl URL on 04.23.2012

  9. haha. thats funny. i always thought that that word started with an a. tree is my friend.

    By S-man URL on 04.23.2012

  10. Whenever I go to a resturant the entre’e is usually chips and salsa.

    By kamator12 URL on 04.23.2012

  11. i dont know what this means so i dont know what to say to this word so flip snap krackle and pop peoples

    By jdog on 04.23.2012

  12. An entree is the main course to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    By kittens URL on 04.23.2012

  13. what u get for a meal

    By cayle URL on 04.23.2012

  14. TREE is my name. “en” is almost enable so . . . enable the tree. WOOH YEAH Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree enable the Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree WOOH go tree go tree go tree go tree go tree go tree go tree Remember my name and give me cookies, not the virus kind. Cookie was my friends name but he thought i was calling him fat. He wasn’t fat though just a little chubby. We called him cookie because his mom made REALLY good cookies.

    By Tree URL on 04.23.2012

  15. i got entree into his office by mistake, he mistook me as his secretary and gave me the instruction for the day, i tried to tell him that i was a nurse but he wouldn’t listen and continued in his musical voice, till he realized that the real secretary was standing with stack of papers at the door. He was momentarily abashed but was in no way to give away his authoritarian position and asked me dryly of who was I. I told him i was Melissa from New york here on a special visit to monitor the company’s annual manufacture.

    By filza URL on 04.23.2012

  16. oh what a sweet little entree, my minuet my nibble my nosh. there you are abashed and shy, hiding behind leaves and silk. you think I don’t see you but oh, of course I do, and I shall court you accordingly, with a caress of the knife and a flutter of my linens.

    Don’t run. I am here. I shall eat you alive.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.23.2012

  17. “Joanna,” began the master. “Are you not hungry? The cook made the epically.”
    She dared not to look up into his eyes. She only stared harder at the table.
    “It’s just a shame to see a fine meal like this go to waste. Please Joanna; eat some for me.”
    She took up the fork and dug it deep into the pie in front of her. She took the food up to her mouth and finally took the bit.
    “Very good,” clapped the master. “See; things aren’t as bad once you’ve tasted them, are they?”

    By Billy on 04.23.2012

  18. who knows what this means because i don’t know.

    By tori morries on 04.23.2012

  19. Food is all I can smell. I am so excited to dig into this tasty plate the restaurant has made up for me. It looks so good. The whole building is filled with the smells of cooking, foods, and the sounds of satisfied tummies. The entree in front of me looks too good to be true, all the food arranged so perfectly and beautifully it makes me sad to ruin it by eating it. I pick up my fork anyway, and dig in, lifting the delectable food to my mouth and letting out a satisfied sound when I swallow. Ah, it is perfection incarnate. Tiermasou, I believe, is the name of the dessert I chose, and translated, it means: perfection.

    By Bekah URL on 04.23.2012

  20. My favorite thing in the world is food! A tasty meal that I can dig into, an experience no one but me gets to have for the particular food in front of me. I take a bite, and it tastes so good, I want to cry. It was my mother’s recipe. May she rest in peace. I hope she is proud of the adaption I have done of her entree. I miss you, Mom.

    By Elena Hathaway on 04.23.2012

  21. It was her entree that was the problem. The peas were good, the rice was great. If he could be happy with peas and rice — oh, and the salad, of course — then dinner would be happy. But she knew the entree was inadequate, and was the whole problem. Actually, he was the whole problem.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 04.23.2012

  22. The waiter removed our entree dishes and waltzed back to the kitchen with them. We were all sitting in silence. It was strange. Mealtimes used to be happy occasions spent chatting. But here, meals were solemn, muted affairs where manners and the respect of ritual were paramount. As I looked up from the white tablecloth I locked eyes with the girl sitting opposite me, she allowed her eyes to smle. I almost grinned in return, but censored myself at the last moment. Smiling at the table wasn’t acceptable and would get me into a lot of trouble if I were spotted by one of the adults that were sitting around the large, eighteen place setting dining table. They deliberately placed themselves in scattered positions amongst the children so as to allow them to monitor our behaviour.

    By rhyme79 on 04.23.2012