March 24th, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “emblem”

  1. The emblem upon the fluttering flag was a snake, when you looked at it one way, and a bird when you looked at it another. Was it a quirk of the design, that made it shift and move as the flag moved in the wind, or was there something more? In the bright sunlight, on the windiest days, the snake, the bird, looked all but alive and they averted their eyes from it as if it were the sun.

    By Penny-Anna URL on 03.24.2018

  2. i should make one of these when I have something that means something. like when I get to big dog all the little people and never say sorry. damn all masculinity and do everything that comes to mind because I can and don’t have answer for shit, because I got a sword and shield you bitch u

    By Mr.584903 URL on 03.24.2018

  3. Behold, my friends! Here upon the wall, you will see the emblem of the Dolfhagen Clan. See the crossed swords representing the might of this ancient family. Admire the golden ram’s head, its horns proud and tall, for the Dolfhagens need no lion’s head to display their strength and power. Nay, it is the symbol of stubbornness, for we have endured so much in all these years, and yet we refuse to turn away from the onslaught.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.24.2018

  4. She spat against the salted earth and clawed at the reddened dust in her throat. The day was cloudy and hazed with blue, and the few grasses that peeked from the cracks cowered against the darkened sun.

    By Riannon on 03.24.2018

  5. jhljhfgkl’djhrkg emblem words writing 60 seconds hi melbme melbme stories library writing words hi hello
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    By no on 03.24.2018

  6. Emlems have a wealth of power. They are a singe object or image that represents a whole personality, business or even movement. They stand for so much; values, traditions, diversity or singularity, morals and meanings.

    By Ellie Pankhurst on 03.24.2018

  7. The emblem on his shirt told a story in and of itself. Who would think such a small character could say so much without words? Do I decide where it came from? Did he buy it? Or did someone give it to him? Or maybe he bought it from a second hand story instead of from a department store. I cannot or should not make assumptions based on what I think that the emblem means to him and to me.

    By Cris Nole on 03.24.2018

  8. what mark represents you to the world
    crystallize my heart in stitches
    they look but they don’t see
    please ask a question about it
    I’m drowning in this silence
    wearing hearts on sleeves
    yet no response
    still beating

    By Holden URL on 03.24.2018

  9. A morning such as this , well, it certainly is, as a an emblem of the sun becomes nothing but time and time simply runs on and on like a long sentence gone.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 03.25.2018

  10. What is an emblem of my love? I suppose it is in a Valentine that I gave to you years ago? Do you remember Valentine’s Day of 1979. It seems like another lifetime but I gave you a painting. That’s the way it is. I can’t think of any other emblem.

    By michaelbuzz on 03.25.2018

  11. I saw the emblem on the wall -he said, grabbing the cup on the table and taking a sip of the wine. John could hear him swallowing, loudly drinking the poison he put on the cup before he arrived and, now, he had no reason to hide anything from him anymore.

    By Bramsy on 03.25.2018

  12. An emblem is a symbol. I would say that my symbol is a hydrangea–purple, fearless and strong until it droops. It’s hard to fathom whether the problem is too much or too little water but thank goodness, I find ways to revive the flower and to revive myself.

    By Robin Stein on 03.25.2018

  13. The rampant sadistic and sarcastic netizen who throw pinhead comments
    without scrutinising the real situation is the emblem of the
    current badmouth society in which we live in today.

    By Hasnah Isa on 03.25.2018

  14. The emblem on his shirt said what service he belonged to. It did not matter what I thought, I needed his help. I made my way across the room and asked if I could speak to him in private. He leaned in and winked at me. I think he thought I was hitting on him. If he only knew the truth of why and wanted to talk in private.

    By Cris Nole on 03.25.2018

  15. “Emblem”

    Something that signifies something else, not to be forgotten. Perhaps the sentimental appeal of an old movie ticket, or the receipt for a bottle of wine drank at a celebration you cannot fully recall. Maybe it’s something as deeply keen as your grandmother’s ancient engagement ring. Whatever the appeal, you pack items away in boxes without labels and forget from where such things originally began.

    By SarahsGurl on 03.25.2018

  16. the reason shelley didnt go to any of the plays and the protests was because of one person. their symbols were everywhere and she couldnt hide from them. the emblems he wore are everywhere. the gays are coming…

    By Renee on 03.25.2018

  17. The symbol, it meant the world to her. Her father had cherished it. The world that he had build was contained in this emblem. She knew it was the key to solving her mystery. The mystery that had plagued her since birth.

    By 1perspective on 03.25.2018

  18. The emblem of my love is far greater than anything anyone can imagine or fathom…it is the sign of whose I am and who created me to be, my creators.

    By Donna Whiting on 03.25.2018