May 25th, 2014 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “educated”

  1. I consider myself one of the most educated people in my class. I have never failed a lesson or even been absent from a class. There are few as smart as me and I intend to keep it that way.

    By Lydia on 05.25.2014

  2. smart, scholarly, but could lack common sense, suit and tie, lecture halls standing erect with a back to the audience, confidently smiling, brown, blue eyes, your senior by a number of years. Can carry a conversation as easily as the wind carries a bird. Educated. Grey tweed, plaid pantsuit. Common misconseption: Masculine synonym

    By Lillian Meyer on 05.25.2014

  3. She was so educated.

    She could pull the weeds from her garden in ten minutes flat. Sow an entire year’s worth of crops in two suns worth. She could feed two children while juggling the other two with her hips, and still could be dumb enough to wonder when he was going to come back from the front.

    By Lauren on 05.25.2014

  4. I am not the most educated person but I know when I’m being mislead. I know when someone says something that cannot be true. You don’t have to be educated. You can see it in their eyes. The way their hands twitch. The reddening of their ears. I am not educated in lie detecting but I see them all the time.

    By Kristina on 05.25.2014

  5. I’ve been going to school now for, what, ten years? And that’s great. Education is great. But I just feel like it’s smothering me. In theory, school is great, you know? Learning is good. But these days, school is full of competition and stress and grades and expectations, and I can’t stand it.

    By Amber on 05.25.2014

  6. Nobody is really educated. You might think you are, but education is a flawed concept. You can know a lot of things academically and not know things street wise. You can never truly be educated because no one person knows everything. You need different forms of education depending on your environment.

    By Lydia on 05.25.2014

  7. Education. Ha. As a kid I am required to hate it. Do I want to go to school? Most kids will say no because they want to seem cool, but when they relise that school is where they made all there friends, were all those fun times at the movies with your besties came from. Also, as kids we want to just get on with our lives, but seriously, without my educatuion, I wouldn’t be able to spell lives. I need to get educated so then then I can go on to what I love in collage. Without my education, how am I going to go to collage? Thats hat keeps me going. Sure it can be boring at times, but when you think about it, getting educated will make you friends, make you smart, and make you successful.

    By Samira on 05.25.2014

  8. He had an air of superiority as he walked into the room. It was if he knew he was smarter than everyone else. I knew he was an educated man but I couldn’t see why this meant he had the right to be so arrogant.

    By Frisky on 05.25.2014

  9. There are many people in the world who wish they were educated. School should be a human right, but there are millions of children all over the world who are denied it. But one needs to question whether you can become educated without going to school. It is possible to learn without a teacher.

    By MissKerryH on 05.25.2014

  10. Learning new things, knowledge. Person who is well knowledged and studied.

    By Nidhi on 05.25.2014

  11. How I wish I was educated! Such a sad story. But not everything can be perfect, right? No, in order to keep the balance, happiness must be equal to sadness.

    By nabila on 05.25.2014

  12. It is learning in a school and learning

    By Izzy on 05.25.2014

  13. I was educated at Nexus International School Putrajaya. The reason is because my father got transfered here

    By munie on 05.25.2014

  14. A person that has been educated has good education and is schooled.

    By Bridget <3 on 05.25.2014

  15. Being educated is being taught. It’s like going to school. You can be educated in lots of ways. You can be taught to read and write..

    By Najla Najib on 05.25.2014

  16. Education are important for all people.

    By Nazmush Ahmed on 05.25.2014

  17. Educated is when people go to school. Teachers teach and we learn. We have a lot of education.

    By Farah on 05.25.2014

  18. I have been educated by a teacher at Sewer land. The teacher was so stinky i had to bring 20 air fresheners every minute because the stench just keeps coming to me!

    By Siraj Mor URL on 05.25.2014

  19. Triumph, and a necessary means to existence and progress in the modern world
    Often falsified and misdirected

    By Eric on 05.25.2014

  20. She made an educated guess as to what his motive was; weighing up all the evidence she was able assume, that the financial burden of his gambling problem was the motivating force behind him killing his wife. Her insurance policy for 3 million would clear up all his debts and leave him living comfortable. As comfortably as he could live with the fact he murdered his wife. Detective Smythe had been on the force long enough to make these types of educated guesses.

    By Bethany Herrington on 05.25.2014

  21. I don’t really think I can be educated completely because there’s always more to learn. “the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.” the educated people I know fall into several unfortunate categories. they are often pompous, arrogant, narrow-minded and insecure. on the other hand, the uneducated often act the same way.

    By c on 05.25.2014

  22. “I need a handsome, well-educated gentleman,” Miss Arkmeyer declared, fanning herself against the roiling summer sun. “One who knows how to groom himself, but also how to groom his words. But those words, though polished and shiny, must still contain meaning. He must be witty, but sincere. Quick, but meticulous. I want the perfect oxymoron of any man in this town. So, of course, I expect to be officially declared a spinster any day now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.25.2014

  23. we are not as intelligent
    as people seem to think we should be

    education is not the answer,
    but ignorance is the problem

    when there is a will
    there is a way
    and we can always find the time
    to solve the end of the world.

    so much for school books
    and school teachers.
    we can learn it ourselves.

    By Ari on 05.25.2014

  24. so what if she had been going to school for her entire life and was good at it? that did not necessarily make her one primped nerd, akin to the others swarming the population of the common folk. she did not want to give that vibe over. well, she already had. now, it was far too late, so how could she make a move?

    By verbomaniac11 on 05.25.2014

  25. Having the ability to remember anything that has ever been taught to a single person. Having been taught to, talked to and helped with. When you can call upon any intellect that has ever been given to you during being taught to you by a smart individual even of they themselves aren’t that smart

    By Nikole on 05.25.2014

  26. What did it even mean to be educated? So what, you have a diploma and all of a sudden your king of the world? I’m smart as hell and I don’t need a fucking piece of paper to justify my superiority. You suffered 12 years of misery from what I learned on the streets, learning from the world.

    By Alison on 05.25.2014

  27. I definitely am not educated
    i cantn evn spll
    wht is spllig

    By Jeff on 05.25.2014

  28. We are all educated in certain ways. Education is the keycard to the portal of your future. Take the key and swipe it :)

    By Ajay on 05.25.2014

  29. I was was thinking about my education. Education didn’t come by easily in the kingdom of NOEDUCATION. It’s a weird name, I know. We have been trying to decipher the link between the name and our predicament. But we are so dumb that we haven’t come up with anything yet. How sad.

    By Pranav Nair on 05.25.2014

  30. An educated person is educated as in they had an education. People receive an education in school nowadays.

    By Hyo Lim on 05.25.2014

  31. Educated…. Informed or understanding: When can we truly consider ourselves EDUCATED?

    By JOhana on 05.25.2014

  32. An educated person is someone who has had good education, typically someone who has gone to school and university.

    By Leanne on 05.25.2014

  33. Some of the children and teenagers in less developed countries are less educated and have less education facilities such as primary and high schools. Many do not have the chance to go to school mostly because they cannot afford it, or they do not have any access to schools.

    By sorfina on 05.25.2014

  34. Educated means studying or learning at school or university and have a good level. Helps you to improve your brain.

    By Marcus on 05.25.2014

  35. I is not educated. I cas not write. But dis is my words. My words foh da walrd to hear. My is educated. He is writing this for me.

    By Ericia on 05.25.2014

  36. He adjusted his glasses. Words rolled effortlessly off his tongue, and I could tell he was properly educated.

    By Isabel on 05.25.2014

  37. For some years he lived among them, and was educated in their ways. Once his ship had been repaired, he was given the option of returning to his own world. He wrestled with the decision for several weeks. He knew that he belonged in their world, living by their ways. He had much to return to, but the fact that if he did return to his own world, he could never come here again.
    To do so would mean others would want to come with him, and if that were to happen, this world would then never be the same again.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.25.2014

  38. With a groan he shoved himself off the unforgiving pavement, wiping at the blood smeared down his chin on the way up. He instantly regretted his desire to be vertical, far preferring the uncomfortable pavement over the pounding that blossomed between his ears.

    Gritting his teeth, he started limping his way towards the main road, praying he could still catch a taxi at the late hour. Now, he understood what his brother had meant when he said he “needed a good dose of street smarts”.

    He just wished he hadn’t had to learn that lesson the hard way.

    God, he could really use a drink.

    It had to 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

    By The Black Flamingo on 05.25.2014

  39. What I took
    Once when there was nothing
    only an open book
    seeking, eyes wide open
    definitions abound and
    what constitutes smart for one
    nonsense and useless
    for another crowd

    By Protean on 05.25.2014

  40. I am very educated. I am over educated and underemployed. Meaning I owe lots of money, and I don’t have any coming in. Especially now that my car doesn’t work. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for that. It’s hard to not have enough money. But I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.

    By Crystal on 05.25.2014