October 2nd, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “edge”

  1. edge of a knife, edge of a cliff, edge of sanity, The Edge, edge of the river, edge of the ocean, edge of a frozen lake, edge of a road, edge of a friendship, edge of relationship, teetering on the edge, sharpening the edge, dancing on the edge, to edge past someone, to edge around a question, on the edge of the universe, the edge of a piece of paper.

    Edges are so pervasive in our society. They can be sharp, thin, dangerous, confusing, and terrifying. They are the places in-between. Not quite here, not quite there. There are dull edges, and sharp ones. They are tricky, especially when you encounter someone who is dancing on one. They require balance–and some people brave edges their entire lives. But these are the people unwilling to make a decision, these people are unwilling to take the plunge one way or another. Some people who find themselves stuck at edges feel as if they’ve been forced there, as if they had no choice. That may be, but they don’t need to feel as if they have no choice after that…because the longer you stay on an edge, the sharper it gets, and the more difficult, and more painful it is to stand on.

    By ashley URL on 10.02.2011

  2. I’m on the edge, on the edge; and nothing can stop me. Not from breathing, not from running, not from any display of fear or brokenness or cowardice. There are no heroes; Rosana. Heroes don’t exsist anymore. At the ege, and nothing can top us. No words; no pretty-pretty eyes, no contagion or feebleness or screaming pain. Nothing to take the edge off the sting; or the edge off the cliff. Nothing left but falling. Heroes don’t exsist. And if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them.

    By Cady Williams on 10.02.2011

  3. i can’t help but to stare at the edge. Master clearly has been making katanas for a very long time but this truly is art. The miners who bring the iron to be made into this beatifully deadly steel have no idea what their effrts are going to yield. however owns this particular sword will be a ver lucky samurai indeed. one day perhaps master Masamune will teach me how to do this.

    By JBlack URL on 10.02.2011

  4. He was tipping, hyperventilating, questioning. The edge was right there, a path into what he thinks might be salvation. Salvation from this dreary life, salvation from everything else. It felt like a knife under his feet, close enough to take away the pain in a split second. And with that, he edged to the window, and climbed back in.

    By monkeygospunky URL on 10.02.2011

  5. The edge is always the worst, or so I was told. The edge is when you are so close, so close that you can’t even tell if you are over or not, until you find yourself falling. You fall and fall and sometimes you wake up. Sometimes you get hurt, but the first time I fell, I flew.

    By Ayelet on 10.02.2011

  6. I live on edge. with guys. drugs. life. school. running. everything I do. I live on edge. Texting the boy I have insanely big crush on. taking one more hit, even thou I know I am going to get drug tested. school, forgetting about test and homework. its all whatever. but its the edge that I love to take that keeps me wanting to take it. and I guess it will always be this way, or I hope it will.

    By ryanna on 10.02.2011

  7. Standing on the edge of the world sounds like something impossible.

    Looking down into oblivion, understanding nothing.

    Reaching the edge of what you can handle, crying out for help

    The edge of life and death, and love as we know it

    By Matt on 10.02.2011

  8. the edge sharp idk end of somethingggg when is this over?? rounded edge deadly dagerous the last part of something. the end

    By Marykate on 10.02.2011

  9. the edge is always in my thoughts. I literally do an edge walk. I have been doing this for a longtime, and every time I try to withdraw from it, I have the feeling someone is pushing me towards. it, IN the end I am gonna die, from the edge walk i call like.

    By Raquel on 10.02.2011

  10. i am on the edge of a cliff and I’m about to jump. but then i remember that i didn’t do my laundry so i went back home and began to work on it,. then i wrote a letter to my friend sam about my most recent trip to mount everest. i told him all about how beautiful it was and how i can’t wait to go back.

    By sam on 10.02.2011

  11. Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Im on the edge! of glory! and im hanging on a moment of truth! Im on the edge of lgory and im hanging ona moment wiht youOhohohohoh im on the edge with you!1

    By m l on 10.02.2011

  12. The edge is the place where you make the decision. You put all of the bullshit aside and you have no choice but to choose to take the plunge or back away carefully. The edge is where you are most intact with your emotions. Everything is intense, yet somehow calm. The edge is where you find yourself.

    By Abbey Lykins on 10.02.2011

  13. Matthew pushed brendan over the edge, as Jasmine snapped the pictures. they turned out great. they laughed as they reviewed them, laughing at the dramatic display of fast life.

    By Goose on 10.02.2011

  14. She sat on the edge of the cliff thinking about the past and knowing there was no future. Should she? Just as she thought she would, it began to rain and she quickly jumped up and ran for shelter. Not today. Maybe another day.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.02.2011

  15. Running, running so fast through the bushland, branches crunch under my feet, mosquitos and insects get squashed by me, I am running from them. Through the bush I travel, through the dead forest, to the edge of a cliff. There is no where to run, nowhere to hide. Just me, them, and the cliff face.

    By Serena on 10.02.2011

  16. im on the edge of glory. and im hanging on a moment of truth. im on the edge of glory, and im hanging on a moment with you. im on the edge the edge the edge the edge the edge! i love lady gaga. shes amazin. even thoguh she wears meat and dresses like a man. mannnnnnnnnnnn this site is wicked ;D actually its weird. WTF IS THIS. hehehehehehe. <3 i love it though! :))

    By Salena on 10.02.2011

  17. Can’t live
    without it.

    I need
    it to survive.

    To take the edge
    off of living.

    Dull down
    the pains.

    Can’t live without it,
    Might die because of it.
    I know that’s wrong,
    but still.

    By zoe URL on 10.02.2011

  18. The edge of the earth. Electric minds surge forth and over. Forth and over they go. I am your brain. I disregard the edge. We have horizontal limits but we stretch upward like tall pillars of connection. We are connected to an idea bigger than we are, an idea that stretches across the cosmos.

    By Holly URL on 10.02.2011

  19. on the edge of a cliff is used for this word lots. im at th edge of time edge of my life edgng the surf and sacrificing the humanity in the edge of civilisation. edging forward is soetimes used as well. edging out of the game, you edgy motherfucker what did you do? is another example

    By chris URL on 10.02.2011

  20. It is on the that point, the edge, on the off chance of success and glory, that a fear creeps into my mind. What if I get it, what then, what will change?

    By River Ranter URL on 10.02.2011

  21. living on the edge. edges come out sharper apparently when ur under the influence of hallucinagents. edges can be scary and sharp. edges can cut you. living on the edge is a good and bad thing b/c u can die and bad things can happen to you when u take more risks but at the same time u never feel more alive than when you’re scared to death.

    By Jeremy Mitnick on 10.02.2011

  22. the edge of the razor blade creeped against the miniscule pores of the skin, and slowly crept below revealing the flesh, letting the blood seep through, colouring the metal a deep maroon. My eyes began to fade, and a tunnel appeared before me.

    By burt URL on 10.02.2011

  23. im on the edge of glory im closer to the edge im on the precipace of something important in my life i really am confused on what im doing here but i feel like im on the edge of some important period in my life i am unsure how to procede because i dont want to fall too hard

    By Baylei on 10.02.2011

  24. ah! this is going way too fast for me…hmmm…that thingy is so fast. ok, here I go..
    edge rhymes with wedge

    By kayvan URL on 10.02.2011

  25. Oh goodness! The first thing I thought about was Lady Gaga. I do love her but what else can I right about. Oh yes. When you are drawing and you can’t fit anything because you’ve gotten to the edge of the paper. Yeah. That bites.

    By pleasance URL on 10.02.2011

  26. I stood on the edge of the cliff, contemplating what I was about to do. The edge hung over a vast, rushing river. If I jumped, I would most likely hit something on the way down and then drown in the rapids. If I missed hitting something, I’d just end up drowning. Death either way. A win/win.

    By India URL on 10.02.2011

  27. the edge of the world
    is like the edge of my mind
    exists in a state of its own
    where thoughts are altered
    while looking past the edge of time
    thoughts are lost
    while looking off the edge of the world

    i have an edge:
    i am hardly human

    By jill URL on 10.02.2011

  28. I am standing on the edge of something greater than myself. There are eyes staring at me, beckoning, wondering, hoping, daring. They say nothing but they speak volumes, and I am standing alone on this precipice. It is like standing on the end of a diving board glancing down into a pool of lava, or snakes, or scalding hot water. I am on the edge. How do people live like this? My adrenaline is rushing.

    By Jen on 10.02.2011

  29. Wow. Edge. Fucking Charlie Sheen shit. Ok. Don’t fuck with me. Someday I will be god. Just because you guys are to lazy to get of the couch. Done.

    By Jeroen Zádora on 10.02.2011

  30. Cutting edge technology. The edge of a cliff. Both scare me. What are we becoming in a world where teenagers can’t be happy without their phones and internet? And how the hell did I get up here ohgod I hate heights :CC

    By Rae URL on 10.02.2011

  31. The word reminds me of the little singing penguin movies, but mostly reminds me of good ‘ol high school. Those hypocrites that tell you to be straight edge and never do drugs, next thing you know they’re snorting crack with the teachers next to the dumpsters.

    By Gerawrdo URL on 10.02.2011

  32. MESS

    By EFFY on 10.02.2011

  33. Almost off , Bare minimum, Almost gone, Barely there, Choice

    By Karen URL on 10.02.2011

  34. I was at the edge of self-destruction. I was at the edge of being destroyed by the environment that I had placed myself in. I was literally at the edge of living or dying. But I backed away from the edge. I had to. I had to save myself.

    By Sandra URL on 10.02.2011

  35. i am on the edge, looking down and seeing nothing. to jump might mean death, to jump might mean peace– or perhaps i find solace in both.

    By lulu on 10.02.2011

  36. When I fell off the cliff, I started thinking about all the girls I had fucked, and all the girls I hadn’t fucked, and I wished that I had fucked more of the girls that I hadn’t fucked, and hadn’t fucked some of the girls that I had fucked. Then I thought of what it must be like to be an eagle, and fly to some new bird, some new nest, some new tree.

    By Joshua on 10.02.2011

  37. the side of a cliff forty thousand feet in the air. its crystal clear air, so fresh its crispy. the rocks are partched and crumbling under you. on the side of the cliff its the medieranien so blue and white sand and filled with

    By autumn on 10.02.2011

  38. it’s nice to give yourself a little bit of edge when you are getting a new haircut. a trim with spikey stand up bangs are the best. kind of like that movie, there’s something about mary. that is a little bit edgy. i like cameron diaz, she’s nice.

    By anny on 10.02.2011

  39. The corner of reality. No one knows what lies beyond an edge. Mysterious because of their unpredictability. It could the the joining of many sides, like a cube, or the end of all we know, like a square. Which is it?

    By laura on 10.02.2011

  40. the corner of a 3d object. Something located towards the outside of designated area. Lady gaga song. There are people that are called straight edge that don’t smoke or drink. There is a pokemon move called double edge that does a lot of damage but hits the user with recoil. It can happen right before ejaculation.

    By matt on 10.02.2011