December 12th, 2017 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “echo”

  1. bourgeois motherfuckers
    echo philistine cries
    living for today
    itching for the poor to die
    remember you pretend
    there’s a god
    descend to offend
    with your
    sycophantic bots

    By Matt m. on 12.12.2017

  2. Fred stood in the cold cave. “Hello?” He said. ‘hello- hello- hello’ the cave echoed. Soon he heard it again but it wasn’t from him.

    By MK on 12.12.2017

  3. Hollowed and massive, screaming for salvation within the center of the world’s empty conscience and hearing only yourself in reply. Hollow in layers, the echo bouncing in your own ears and within your other cavities, your ribs vibrating softly across each other.

    By Kybard on 12.12.2017

  4. There wasn’t much for me to see along the mountain range, or hear. Just the occasional scuffle of my boots and the distant echo of coyotes or other beasts who were probably lonelier than I was.

    I settled down on the eastern flank of Mount Veil, helping myself to cold beans out of a can. I was too tired to build a fire, and while the temperatures would drop soon, I’d be able to brave it without the use of flames.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.12.2017

  5. At this point of my life, I AM COMPLETELY OFF MY LIFE TRACK.

    I am not doing anything productive and am not happy about it either.

    I want to gear up and take control on my life.



    By nyusof on 12.12.2017

  6. Echo-Roman Wrestling

    Rome’s top-ranked philosophers would gather in an arena and shout their best arguments at each other. They say the finest arguments would rattle the walls and echo in the hearts of the people for generations.

    By omqwat on 12.12.2017

  7. She paces along the edges of the shadow, shying from the sun, shielding her silver eyes from their radiant golden beams and folding in on herself, face shrinking into her hair.

    By Riannon on 12.12.2017

  8. Day 3


    You use an Antidote when you’re poisoned.
    Eye Drops when you’re blinded.
    A Gold Needle when you’re petrified.
    Smelling Salts to wake you from confusion.
    A Maiden’s Kiss to bring your body and mind from frog to man.
    Megalixirs for when you’re beat an inch from death, and
    Echo Herbs. Even a Phoenix Down can’t save me from silence.

    By mistyfizz on 12.12.2017

  9. my voice echoed in the tunnel.

    By TEXAS!! on 12.13.2017

  10. Substantially the sound resonates off my chest and careens through the corridor. I listen for its return only to be met with resistance and regret. A whisper is all I hear.

    By Chuck URL on 12.13.2017

  11. echo

    By chloe on 12.13.2017

  12. Sound building. At its highest over me. Passing through a clear sky. Memories of past trips. Gaiety upon arrivals. Sadness that chokes goodbyes. All that’s left is an echo. Then, nothing.

    By Krys on 12.13.2017

  13. There was an eerie echo when she stepped into the room. It was dark, only lit up by the light of the moon. She could see that the walls were lined with books of all kinds from floor to ceiling. This must have been Mark’s private library, bigger than anything she had ever seen.

    By marissapanton on 12.13.2017

  14. i hear the echo of subversive sides
    they tell me nothing
    i havent heard before
    grey green white little lies
    dressed in naked skin
    in a dream that feels like reality

    By too stable on 12.13.2017

  15. Echoes in the cave. Resounding, calling out, pleading. Help me, help me, help me. Trapped, trapped, trapped. The voice was haunting, weak and raspy. How much time before the air ran out? How much time before the dust was too heavy to breathe?

    By firelight on 12.13.2017

  16. When I speak I hear my voice, echo againt the wall.
    So small so sad, but so silnet, so calm, and so open.
    Echos to me arn’t very big to me I just don’t know that much about it. But now i do.
    So for now on when I here a echo I know it is perious

    By Sue Nelson URL on 12.13.2017

  17. She felt her voice bounce back and hit her in the chest. She said it again, “Tom! Are you in there?” Nothing but echoes sounded back to her. Something was wrong. She rushed in and dropped her bags, making her way to the staircase. “Tom! Tom!” A voice behind her made her jump, “Hey.”
    “Geez Louise!”

    By Bridget Grace on 12.13.2017

  18. so i said…said…said…that echo was annoying…annoying…annoying…i hate it…it…it…gah…gah…gah…hmph!…hmph!…hmph!

    By Secretcommander on 12.13.2017