May 23rd, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “drag”

  1. I have to drag myself to write something here, and surprise i have to write about “drag” itself. This is such a drag i would rather be wathcing tv!!

    By Shanmuga on 05.23.2018

  2. The entire road trip was a drag. We had no food, not enough water, and definitely not enough things to entertain us on the side of the freeway. Chelsea was snoring in the back seat by the time we reached St. Hakoda, and I was certain I was gonna collapse from the sheer lack of pretzels and chips and other salty snacks that I normally took with him on these ridiculous journeys.

    Had to blame my father, of course – he never liked sitting still. And when he wanted to go on an adventure, we were his reluctant fellowship.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.23.2018

  3. “If you won’t move then I will drag you, you lazy oaf!” With tears in her eyes she grasped and pulled at his enormous armor clad arm. She knew she would never be able to lift him, but she had no idea what else she could do. She refused to leave him behind, there was so much she had to say to him. She never told him how much he meant to her or how much she appreciated his solemn protection for so many years. She could never let him die wounded, unconscious, and alone in a burning house. She steeled herself for another big pull and put her entire body into it. She let out a loud “hurhhhhhh” as she pulled backward. The blood from his wounds had made his armor slippery and she lost grip, flying backwards and onto her back. Dazed from the fall she laid there for a moment gazing up from the floor. The sight of her blood drenched hands conjured a memory of her father from the day that she and the knight first met. Her father said “You’re a princess of noble birth and as such your skin shall never be fouled by the blood of others, that is why I have charged this knight with your protection.”

    She curled up and broke down into sobbing and sank her face into her knees. “I don’t know what to do” she cried as the fire grew, engulfing even more of the house around them, “I can’t leave here without you!”

    By Kristian Pierce on 05.23.2018

  4. It’s kind of a drag, when your baby is untrue. She sang to the radio. Humph? That’s an understatement! How about devastating? That’s a better word. .

    By Jennifer URL on 05.23.2018

  5. the señorita plays the part
    the whiteness gets her dark
    in the costume
    if there’s money to be made
    a picture of a part to play
    in her monsoon
    she’s in full on drag
    to get a job before the man
    check her volume

    By Matt m. on 05.23.2018

  6. He felt like he always had to drag everything out of her. It was maddening and exhausting to him. She felt like she was incredibly open, and she voluntarily offered up a lot. It was incredibly frustrating to her that he seemed so oblivious to that, especially after she had attempted more than once to be very clear.

    By okayfine on 05.23.2018

  7. She dragged the bin bag behind her down the forest path. Gosh, that was heavy. But she wanted to be rid, forever. No way would she allow her ex to bother her again. She dug a big hole. Time to get his belongings burning.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.23.2018

  8. It was a drag that the day had been ruined by unexpected weather. The news stated sunny and clear, all day. We grabbed our wet picnic lunch, blanket, and all the fixings and ran to the car. How could this happen? She looked like she was going to break down and cry. There would be other days. But there was something in the way she was holding her arms and rocking back and forth that made me think she knew something I didn’t. I had planned for the perfect picnic. We had not been out since I took on the case three months ago. It had taken up all my time. Between late night office hours and phone calls at home, we rarely had any time to ourselves. I want to make it up to her. I want to make sure we make time for our relationship, yet she looks like she is ready to push me away or put up a wall. This was not my fault. She had a way of blaming me for things like the change in the weather as if I had that much control. Ten years together and I continue to put up with her accusations. Why? What am I afraid? Loneliness. I know that is one of the factors after the first five years. I love her but even more, I am fearful of being alone. Love all those emotions that come with it seem to be fleeting. My love for her had simmered down and now we are like an old married couple even though we have chosen not to say the I dos we live like we have. I have learned though, in the last seven weeks, that fear of being lonely is not as bad as being treated like a royal screw up over circumstances beyond my control. I make up excuses for her, I always have. “She had a bad day.” “He mother isn’t speaking to her, again.” The list of excuses I have made could fill a small book. I need to stop. I need to decide if this worth it.

    By Cris Nole on 05.23.2018

  9. Sometimes you have days where you end up like Sideshow Bob, stepping on rakes. It isn’t like you even care anymore. Just repeating the expected reaction. You could open your eyes and look around, but really it is easier to just get smacked in the face.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 05.23.2018

  10. My favorite drag queen is Raja. Alaska Thunderf*ck 5000 is great too. And I love me some Kim Chi & Manila Luzon.

    By lil miss throwaway on 05.23.2018

  11. there was a drag in the building a very subtle flow of air. im not sure how i felt about it but it changed the atmosphere and it made the little dust molecules change in an instance making me happier than ive ever been.

    By skyler on 05.24.2018

  12. drag queen, neon lipstick, heels to drive a stake through a heart.
    she took a drag on the cigarette. the smoke hangs languidly over her head.

    By batteryman on 05.24.2018

  13. I often feel like I’m in drag when I wear a dress, especially if I have to wear hose. Although I haven’t had to do so in a very long time, I am not sure I even own hose. As I get older, I notice this feeling is less and I am more open to wearing dresses, probably it’s a middle aged thing.

    By mc on 05.24.2018

  14. I drag my feet across the ground when I remember the tomorrow is the last day of summer.

    By Marieli G Hernandez on 05.24.2018

  15. what I feel like filling out internet questionnaires…yep…it’s kind of a drag

    By John on 05.24.2018

  16. With a slow motion, he took the last drag of his cigar. He knew it would be along time before another but would touch his lips. The cherry flavor of the tobacco lingered on his tongue. He tried hard to capture the moment in his memory and in his mouth. The ticking of the clock started to aggravate him. He knew it was only minutes before they would be knocking on his door.

    By Cris Nole on 05.24.2018

  17. Her feet shuffled along, not wanting to move fast enough to make a difference. “Hurry up!” Her mother’s voice wafted back to her in her clippy tone, and Brianna groaned internally. She was going to have to participate. She was so not excited.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.24.2018

  18. I drag myself out of bed most days. Waking up is hard for me because one of my favorite things in life is dreaming. If I am having a good or interesting dream then I really do not like waking up from them.

    By Mimir on 05.24.2018

  19. Drag, i always find myself dragging myself out of bed. i am always so tired from staying up so late every night. throughout the day i always have to drag my self around in order to do anything productive.

    By brydon wade URL on 05.24.2018

  20. What drag. This has got to be the worst homecoming ever Ted said to Jen. I mean what do they expect us to do, sit here and clap at the lame floats they have put together for us.

    By Sean on 05.24.2018

  21. Screeching behind me, slowing me down. I can’t move forward with full strength like I know I was meant to. Everything that I’m carrying with me is preventing me from moving forward. What I have is bringing me down, but I can’t move on without it.

    By Lucas Sander on 05.24.2018

  22. what are you doing? I told you to pull up the bag -she took it off her sister´s hands -not to drag it. The bag was heavy, she granted her sister that, but she was old enough to carry it on her arms or her shoulders.

    By Bramsy on 05.24.2018