September 17th, 2017 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “dollars”

  1. Dollars began as a trading system but have evolved in our social consciousness to be the capitalist measure of success. this is a development that has managed to make some forg

    By emily on 09.17.2017

  2. Dollars. Dollars everywhere. All of it was mine. Mine Alone. After that fateful encounter with the rich kid down the street I had possibly turned into a millionaire. Now what to do with all this money.

    By vritika on 09.17.2017

  3. Dollars were laying all over the floor. Not the kind that you see everyday when you unfold an old crusty bill out flat to put into a pop machine. These carried a different vibe. These were blue.

    By Maxi Million on 09.17.2017

  4. The little Central-European exchange kiosk was a busy place. Euros, pounds, forints, leis, and rubles were changing hands every day, earning a large margin for the shop owner. There was one currency though, which was entirely useless and abandoned: dollars were as useless here as a half pair of holey, rugged socks.

    By cup on 09.17.2017

  5. I only had sixty-two dollars to my name, and I blew it all in one night on one poker game. I went out to the streets and paid my respects to all the people who could afford their mortgages and rent checks. I found a dry spot to camp under the overpass. Cop tried to detain me, but I told him to kiss my ass. I think I’ll start a business where the sun doesn’t shine, making money in morning while the day is still mine.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.17.2017

  6. “How many dollars can I have, please”, said the rookie crook. “I need them all, if you don’t mind”, he continued in a fake oriental accent. Without hesitation, the clerk hit the alarm, but not before he shot her.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.18.2017

  7. The dollar is a for buying items, when you exchange the items on the counter, so to have a few belongings.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.18.2017

  8. Green paperback bills, funny smell and dirty to the touch. Paying bills, making ends meet, paid for a sports car. Lost on a busy street, given to a homeless man, this is what they are and will ever be.

    By Makayla B. on 09.18.2017

  9. She fished in her wallet for a dollar bill and held it out, grinning. “Alright, go for it.”
    Jessie squealed and clutched the money in her hand as she skipped over to the carousel. Allison laughed and followed behind, making sure the attendent saw that Jessie was indeed supervised.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.18.2017

  10. She looked at the zeros in her bank account, dollars upon dollars cascading far beyond what she could ever use in a lifetime. She wondered if it was worth it.

    By DM URL on 09.18.2017

  11. I have a grandma who has 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars and I only have 2,000 , my sister has 2,222,222.

    By catrina URL on 09.18.2017

  12. Twenty dollars are not that much, but that’s just the amount, im desperately seeking for the last five days. Oh, I’ve got them several times, but always lost them again. Now I’m just two dollars short.

    By Theo Toni on 09.18.2017

  13. oh, that’s cool, I like them. you know, in China 7 yuan is 1 dollar, every time I want to buy something I will calculate in yuan, to get how much is that

    By Jerry Chen on 09.18.2017

  14. I found 5 dollars in kitchen. I don’t know who forgot this.

    By javier on 09.18.2017

  15. Dollars are green
    some are brown
    some are from other countries
    some are from your home town
    dollars really make the world go round.

    By Natalie Rudy on 09.18.2017

  16. i wlk to my favorite candy store and pick my favorite candy. i use my dollars that i earned from chores to buy it. i eat the candy in only a few seconds. YUMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

    By jazwaz28 on 09.18.2017

  17. you can never have too much money they say. quotes such as “money makes the word go round” are ruining our society as a whole. If we all spent our time focusing on dollars and cents then there would be no room for any of the good things in life, some of which are actually free.

    By lauryn on 09.18.2017

  18. dollars I have always thought as just a currency and nothing more. but dollars is more than just that. dollars can symbolize many different things, and make people think that there is more to things then they may seem. look closer than usual and you will find many different things.

    By Joshua Wiser on 09.18.2017

  19. my mother, on my eleventh birthday gave me my first ever bit of money, she had given me a silver dollar. though it didn’t give me much to spend, it was still nice to have for my birthday.

    By forever/hungry on 09.18.2017

  20. I have 25 dollars in my bank account from mowing my grandmothers lawn!

    By Isaiah Varella on 09.18.2017

  21. for every dollar i spend, it cannot add up to how much you are worth. hon, you are worth more than life itself. anyone who says you are worthless, doesn’t really know you for who you are. but i do and that’s all that matters. so, yes. i will keep spending time and money on you, because you are worth every penny and every second. <3

    By AshleighSiegel on 09.18.2017

  22. the amount of dollars i make it little to none and i literally see no point in having a job so young anymore. what is the damn point? to make a life? for who? not i! ugh. who made the idea that i need money to survive? not i! this is foolish and unfair to everyone under the age of at least 18. but, y’know, the world thinks the more dollars you have, the more people will tolerate you. psh, okay. sure. this is ridiculous.

    By Liz on 09.18.2017

  23. When the little girl fell she saw little 10 dollars sticking out from the snow. She thought what should I do this is not my dollar! So she looked around to see if what stores were around. She went in and asked every store if they had lost and money they all said no.

    By Mikkala on 09.18.2017

  24. could i ever achieve the amount of dollars i needed to buy my freedom? what is this system for, anyways? dollars to buy each other, to free ourselves? gods know dollars haven’t been used in centuries. gods help me.

    By Synthia on 09.18.2017

  25. Dollars.
    Something we teach our children about with value, importance, wealth.
    When it is just simply paper that has no real value at all.

    By Clare Flattery URL on 09.18.2017

  26. Dollars
    Don’t mean shit. Cus I’ve been denied too much because of it.
    Oh Dollars- make them holla’ but they don’t defy a scholar.
    material things have no meaning. it cost dollars just to things
    money be the danger that we must all exchange for.
    aye but fuck money.

    By Zoe Rountree URL on 09.18.2017

  27. I have $150+ Dollars and am going to get an…XBOX!!!!! I want to play “Batman, arkham asylum.” and “Injustice: gods among us.”

    By Secretcommander on 09.18.2017

  28. went see hiking walk abroad together talk ride car listen around see love

    By Ruslan on 09.18.2017

  29. snort like cocaine likes imperceptible deconstructions
    unrelenting endorphins; like, like, like
    the rush of a feeling
    the addiction to perceiving
    and the drudgery
    of modern luxury
    when all the order is a facade
    dollars in a bank
    made off your addiction

    By matt m. on 09.18.2017

  30. He dumped the little tin out on the counter, spilling out a mountain of change, most of which was pennies. “Umm, is this ten dollars?”
    As tired as I was, I almost gave a snappy response–but one look at his sincere yet flustered face had me managing a smile. “Well, let’s see.”
    I flattened out the pile with my hand and began to count out the coins.

    By spiffypenguin on 09.18.2017

  31. money, store, cashier, grocery, green, cent, thousand, pocket, valet, purse steel bank sale

    By Natasa Stanojevic on 09.18.2017

  32. I have no money whatsoever i mean i have some cash in the bank but not how much i need. college, cars, and braces. everything is so expensive. why cant it be cheaper ugh equality really needs to be a thing. i mean women have to pay double

    By Shaina on 09.18.2017

  33. no one word evokes
    more emotion
    and division
    than dollars
    (and love)
    and what they represent

    By just_write on 09.18.2017

  34. “Ten thousand dollars!” he yelled, looking at the merchant.

    “Yes, thats the lowest I can go” the merchant replies.

    Jesse growls and walks off, ignoring the merchant behind him.

    “I ain’t paying that much, geez” he grumbles, walking down the crowded street.

    He pushed past large groups of people, looking for anything of use.

    By the_last_Strider on 09.18.2017

  35. Cathy Dollars walked into the dimly lit bar, greeted by cheap cologne, cheap whisky, and sweaty ass cheeks. She was supposed to meet him.

    By Chinelo Smith on 09.18.2017

  36. if the less sense you quake
    find it harder to more than a dollar make

    By omqwat on 09.18.2017

  37. Dollar are just paper bills. Do not associate happiness, satisfaction with dollars. However, dollar certainly enable to have experiences which can bring happiness to us. But, on their own dollars are worthless.

    By yas on 09.18.2017

  38. Dollars flying from the ceiling and pouring onto everyone in the building. They were meant for the man that was trying to get his daughter back from the kidnappers.

    By Atalie on 09.18.2017

  39. Dollars is a form of money. Money is everything in todays world. We have to have this to be able to pay for anything and everything. Dollars usually means that it isn’t a big sum of money.

    By Aaron Dixon on 09.18.2017

  40. Dollars are a form of money. Money is everything in todays world. We need money to buy and pay for things. Dollars usually means that it is not a large sum of money. I really enjoy having dollars in my pocket.

    By Aaron Dixon on 09.18.2017