March 3rd, 2017 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “dodged”

  1. sometimes it feels like i dodged a bullet. i’m aware of my shitty mental health now and would like to do something about it. looking at how shitty my family is it seems i might break the cycle. i don’t know how yet, but i’m optimistic. i have some hope left, at least for the moment.

    By stranger on 03.03.2017

  2. Sometimes in life you have no choice but to make a move. Often times it’s not a clear decision to make; however, in some cases, it ends up affording you an opportunity you wouldn’t have had otherwise. In that way you avoid a scenario in which you are left out to dry. You avoid a situation in which you do not benefit – because you did not take action. In these instances, you dodge the mistake of inaction.

    By jimmydaud on 03.03.2017

  3. What in the world? I dodged a bullet. I wish there was another way to express the word dodged. It automatically makes me think of just dodged a bullet. There’s dodge ball but nobody talks about how someone dodged a ball.

    By michaelbuzz on 03.03.2017

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    By Paras on 03.03.2017

  5. A quick duck down and to the left and I feel the strain in my face squeezing my eyes shut, hoping. I hear a sharp whizz and feel the hair above my right ear get pushed back by the pumpkin fragmens

    By Mike Pinto on 03.03.2017

  6. The girl dodged like her life depended on it, knifes practically surrounding her as she ran across the field. The natives threw rocks, spears, and even thorns and teeth at her. She’d never been so bold in her life.

    By Alyx on 03.03.2017

  7. A blow ringing softly on my cheeks. My neck, my back, my legs, between my eyebrows. A soft throb and my vision grows blurry; the rapid succession knocking the breath out of me. The moment they stop mirrors the panic in which they began. I had next to no rivals when it come to weaving in between blows, moving like water, just as cold and removed. There is a hush through the crowd-through my body- as I reel more in confusion than pain. I trip to the side as the air that accompanies an impact rushed toward my chest.

    By Ai URL on 03.03.2017

  8. I thought I dodged a bullet, but I saw it never came
    I squeezed my eyes tight when I thought it was on its way
    But then I realized my eyes were deceiving me
    And I know I was a fool for leaving recklessly

    By Maddy on 03.03.2017

  9. “Hey. You okay?”

    “Yeah, I think so.”

    “We sure dodged a bullet, huh?”

    “Yeah,” grunted Shannon. “Literally.”

    Max laughed and used the hem of her jacket to wipe the blood off Shannon’s face. Luckily, the cut was very small, and it would clot soon. The two of them propped their weary bodies up against a dilapidated wall and passed a canteen between them.

    “How long before the next assault?”

    “Who knows. Hours? Minutes? Seconds?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.03.2017

  10. It wasn’t spying, exactly. He just happened to catch glimpses of her when she wasn’t paying attention. Once he’d even walked up to her in a crowded market place knowing she hadn’t a clue he’d been sneaking up on her. Honestly he thought she’d spot him long before he managed to surprise her. She wasn’t usually an easy one to catch off gaurd because most of the time he could sense that she knew he was around somewhere and artfully dodged him. This time was different. He was the one to duck out of sight. He peeped around a corner through some bushes near the entrance to some store. It’d been well over three weeks since he’d seen her last. She’d been kinda sad. Cagey even. Now her hair was short, again, and her lips the reddest he’d seen in awhile. She seemed almost happy. As always there was that far away look in her eye.

    By Baller URL on 03.03.2017

  11. He swiftly maneuvered his way past the cramped cars, and bolted for the closing door.
    “Wait for me!” he yelled as he held on to his tie, waving his briefcase in the air. His shoes clattered against the concrete as papers flew out, leaving an obvious trail of his path behind him.

    He only had one more chance to impress the panel, before his life’s work would be wasted. He felt a surge of energy bolt through his body like a kingfish, as he dived for the 2cm space between the door and the wall.

    By Jeana Young on 03.04.2017

  12. She ducked just in time for the ball to whiz over her head and into Andi’s waiting mitt. “Oh my god, that was close.” Andi didn’t even blink before she hurled the ball back over Linda’s head towards home plate. Linda had only barely ducked again when she heard the screams of the crowd.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.04.2017

  13. She walked out the door, turned left and crossed the street. A familiar form strode by, and she turned to see her ex, oblivious to her presence. She’s certainly dodged that bul

    By Christie URL on 03.04.2017

  14. The explosion shook the ground. “Shrapnel,” Det yelled to her friends and she flattened herself on the ground, behind a car. Thinking she had dodged the worse, she stood up, but noticed that her sleeve was torn. The car had taken the blunt of the blast but still pieces of metal had gone right through it.

    “That was some blast,” Mek said from behind her.

    “Yeah.” She patted down the torn fabric and then stopped. She could hear people crying. “Let’s go see what we can do to help.”

    By chanpheng URL on 03.04.2017

  15. its kind of scam or thing about …

    By vu on 03.04.2017

  16. I’m a nurse and I do care. You hear bad things about us, though, and one of the things is “nurses don’t care.” Add that to the pile of complaints in these troubled days when the old conventions of respect do not automatically apply. Everyone has had a bad hospital experience. And now entropy is getting to the point where the reasons and the cause for our system’s failures are distant and abstract – you are left to blame the person you see, the frontline person trying their best in a flawed system. I have yet to meet a nurse who doesn’t care. Sure I’m biased. I’m not saying I haven’t met bitchy nurses or rude nurses. But I have yet to meet a colleague who isn’t on top of their job, avidly monitoring, checking labs, in touch with the doctor as needed – hell, just plain worried about people.

    But caring is mixed with cynicism, weariness, black humour – emotions that arise when you realize you can’t fix everything. In fact you can barely fix anything. A lot of nursing is ushering – ushering through pain, through nausea, through grief, through death. Pain tablets and bags of ice, oxygen through the nose and needlesticks in the arm.

    And the main thing I have learned so far as a nurse is that death is not a single event. Death is a series of events. Natural death is a locomotive in slow motion. I say shit out loud like people are living too long. I say save me from a hospital death, I am pulling the plug myself when I am too old or too ill. But these are words of fear. Everyday reminded that death doesn’t care who it picks, that the world doesn’t care about those lost, the universe doesn’t care about those left behind, and God if he exists has turned a blind eye to the pain and blood of birth & the stuttering gasping pain of death. There are not enough comfort measures. There is not enough empathy. Death is always solitary, a singular event beheld by one, but our systems make it prolonged and impatient. It is frightening. So, here lies the black humour, the cynicism, the irrational hope for a faster end.

    By Danielle1 on 03.04.2017

  17. The arrow came whizzing at her, so close that she could feel the slight woosh of the displacement of the air. She leaped over the bush that confronted her and immediately tucked into a clean roll, barely dodging the angry hunter. She immediately stood up and kept running, tearing her way through the thick growth of the forest that surrounded the wall of the Federation. She knew she was breaking many rules with what she was doing, but she could no longer live in silence. As she ran, her mind, in its frenzied state went back to the man who was dead. Just the mere thought of the man’s glassy, dead eyes and the blood that dripped from the small wound on his chest. She had never seen Federation weapons in action until that moment, which had only been twenty minutes ago. She could hardly believe that she and the rebel movement had just performed the worst counter attack of a lifetime. Everyone had scattered after the weapon they had been building for months had been detonated. But the ma hadn’t survived. She squeezed er eyes shut, trying not to remember the life in his gray eyes and the way that he tossed his dark hair when he was trying to be cool, which drove her crazy. She opened her eyes again and tried to focus only on running. She tried to focus on detaching all emotion from the man. She couldn’t even bear to say his name. He was dead. Nothing to her now. Remembering the details of her lover would only make the pain worse.

    By Teeny Duckie on 03.04.2017

  18. Parece que he esquivado esa bala. El proyectil del vacío, del silencio mental. Hoy haré lo que debí haber hecho hace ya unas semanas: sentarme, pensar, descansar. Y escribir. Acabé, por fin, con las cadenas del ocio.

    By David DM on 03.04.2017

  19. The sand swept up through the air, blowing past the two opponents faces as the sun beamed down on their dry, wrinkled skin. Johnny was close to pulling the trigger, he knew he had limited time left before Rick made a move. Boom! light flashed before his eyes as his knees buckled from under him. Johnny had dodged the bullet.

    By Joe on 03.04.2017

  20. The rock came at me so fast I almost didn’t dodge in time. I hit the ground and rolled over, covering my head. Another rock hit the ground next to me.

    By Brooke on 03.04.2017

  21. I dodged the question. It came at me like a bully from a pistol, to fast to stop, yet like a super her with special powers I leaned to the side and let it pass. I did the unthinkable and answered a question with a question. “Sir, how would you feel if you found yourself having to choose between two children?” Our eyes locked, he would let go of the hold we had. Neither of us let go of the gaze. I felt a dodge coming his way. I wondered would he answer my question with a question? Would this Q and A turn more into a doge ball tournament than a time of getting to know the writer and her fans? I did not realize how painful a simple question from a stranger could trigger a response that made me want to crawl back under my covers and never to come out again like that night the the door bell rang and my life forever changed. It was the when the covers because my safety blanket, they held all my fears at bay and I could lay under them and pretend the world around me did not exist.

    By Cris N on 03.04.2017

  22. I dodged a bullet
    i knew it ,
    it wasn’t meant to be .
    you didnt know me
    you tried to show me.
    who i’m supposed to be .
    But i’m not crazy
    about you lately or
    the way your treating me .
    but I guess its ok.
    We went our own ways,
    would have been nice to see.
    If we could make it.
    boy I can take it .
    if you move slowly please.
    so pull up in your used car
    wearing $500 dollars shades
    and convince me your a star
    We got love built on lies
    See the tears in your eyes.
    mama cries, every time
    but i cant tell you why .
    who am i, to make excuses
    for all of your abuses
    its useless, I usually wouldn’t do this
    But its done now
    we having fun now
    you could wait
    to get me on the ground
    level, hello, marshmallow
    cello playing with my mind
    didnt you know i can still taste
    your smell though
    We never ran we fell
    though I didnt have
    a pillow. I can’t see when your my window
    Yeah I dodged a bullet
    Yeah I couldn’t do it .
    And every one knew it.
    but me, see this what we do
    we cry to moon.
    and lick our silver spoon
    I fall in love with you.

    inspiration: location by khalid

    By MadeupMind on 03.04.2017