January 7th, 2019 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “dishwasher”

  1. Hot and cold were about to stay in the kitchen, but the water ran upstairs, so they checked the bathroom. The dishwasher was dancing with washing machine and the tumble drier bell went off.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 01.08.2019

  2. Latch, water
    All combined.
    The subtle growling sound.
    The dishwasher

    By Ajayi Favour on 01.08.2019

  3. Dishewasher is an object in my kitchen. It is my great helper. I can’t imagine my life without it now. It usually makes my day.

    By lada on 01.08.2019

  4. Alan ground his teeth and tried to hold his tongue as she ranted on about her horrible life and all of his failed promises. When she began to talk about the broken dishwasher though, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “You don’t even do the dishes!”

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.08.2019

  5. Oh how did we survive before dishwashers graced our kitchens? The time spent laboriously rinsing, soaping and massaging all of the murky items in our sinks. Scraping off bits of dried up food and manky crumbs.

    By Michelle McGrath URL on 01.08.2019

  6. there is a dishwasher. this dishwasher is special. because it is mine. we spend our whole lives together, frolicking through parks, holding hands in malls, and buying new soap to make sure she runs clean. she especially enjoys dawn, as animals are helped with each purchase.

    By jacksontold2 URL on 01.08.2019

  7. The dishwasher whirs along happily in the background, the only sound in the suddenly tense silence.

    The girl stares at the shocked faces of her family, her own face set like stone.

    Now that it was out, no power on Heaven and Earth, (and certainly not her father, whose face was darkening in outrage) could put the words back in her mouth.

    By Sparklespirit on 01.08.2019

  8. The dishwasher broke in our house, so Amos had to wash every dish by hand, and trust me, there were a LOT of them. We had pots from all the potatoes we boiled and mashed, on the baking pans for the chicken, all the tiny little wooden salad bowls coated in all varieties of dressings. He slaved away at the sink for over two hours; I was surprised his skin didn’t slough off in the scalding water.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.08.2019

  9. One day sophia and ryder were playing in the castle like they always do until sophia heard an strange scream it was ryder he had slipped and fell.

    By madison on 01.08.2019

  10. A dishwasher is a great convince for the home. It is one of the greatest technological advances in moderntimes. Not only can you hide dirty dishes. It will dry and wash them.

    By jgivens77 URL on 01.08.2019

  11. The dishwater, one of the most convenient appliances in the kitchen.
    Instead of washing each dirty plates manually, you can load it up in the machine
    for it to be washed by batch.
    Not only do you save time, but is is also efficient.

    By echuaco URL on 01.08.2019

  12. there is a dishwasher in my house. i think that cleaning my

    By mariana on 01.08.2019

  13. the backbone of the business, keeps everything clean and tidy. a starting position with plenty room for movement. someone you can depend on to get the task completed.

    By elizabeth on 01.08.2019

  14. I love the dishwasher! Its perfect and I dont have to wash them or anything I just put them in and start and pe they are nice and clean!!! Nothing is better than the dishwasher!! I use it everyday and I always make sure I have Cascade pods so I can wasg the dishes

    By Peighton on 01.08.2019

  15. En el lavatrastes se acumula
    la desolación y la tristeza
    cada pila embarrada de comida
    representa el vacío
    la ausencia de ganas
    dejar que se acumulen en la tarja
    represente la falta de ganas de vivir.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.08.2019

  16. Hands and arms were soaked to the bone. It’d been weeks since they last had money, and since he left the food had run out. Frowning, his lover told him not to do as normal, but to keep to simplicity of the housewife. His housewife one day.

    By Jordan Ashley URL on 01.08.2019

  17. Our dishwasher is a handy appliance to have, especially when having large dinner parties. it makes cleaning up a lot more quicker than having to handwash. I have always had one and am thankful for whoever created them.

    By Barbara Sevcik on 01.08.2019

  18. you can wash your dishes in it and it will clean them overnight without the hassle with putting your hands in the water. also, you can put little pads in them to act like the washer.

    By kat on 01.08.2019

  19. Relationship genuineness or not. Blank after that. And here i thought my mind works quick.

    By The Wanderer on 01.08.2019

  20. it is a dishwasher.


    By ford prefect URL on 01.08.2019

  21. The dishwasher needs to be emptied and refilled. We have to stay up on the dishes because if we let them pile up it stinks. Also, we need to have clean dishes if we are going to cook meals every night. Tonight we are having meatballs and rice with brocolli. It will be yummy and make great leftovers for work tomorrow. I really like the meatball recipe. It has sausage and hamburger meat as well as oats, chili powder milk salt and an egg. They are really good with rice because of the topping of ketchup and brown sugar.

    By Breanna on 01.08.2019

  22. My dishwasher is very weird. it makes gastly sounds and you just might think its alive! so i called the repair man and he said ” oh man…it is alive,you have a transformer:

    By Deann Claude on 01.08.2019

  23. Time saving machine that doesn’t clean all the dishes. It is a privilege.

    By Mariah on 01.08.2019

  24. dishwasher

    By a on 01.08.2019

  25. There was a noise coming from somewhere in the house. A distant whirring sound. He couldn’t think for the life of him what it could be. His parents had gone out for the day and as he was a typical teenager, he didn’t wake up until midday. He discovered it was coming from the Kitchen, a strange device he’d never seen before.

    By Kristian Fogarty URL on 01.08.2019

  26. Chugging, churning, the dishwasher filling the silence between us.

    By Sarah on 01.08.2019

  27. dishwater is an elitist electronics appliance in my country. with the alarming rate of poverty, a lot of Nigerians cannot afford this luxury hence they resort to the traditional way of washing dishes.

    By ohondu chuks on 01.08.2019

  28. She was loading the dishes with such ferocity that he thought she might break them.

    “Hey, take a breath.”
    “This should have been done already.”
    “I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time.”
    “Whatever, Steve,” she huffed as she jammed silverware into the rack.
    “Linds, stop.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.08.2019

  29. My puppy Barney would always stand on the dishwasher whenever we opened it. He was super adorable and we called him “pupper” so much that he started to answer to the word. He was the cutest dog I have ever had.

    By Sarah Psiaki on 01.08.2019

  30. Someone who washes dishes; a mechanical, automatic machine that washes dishes

    By Monica Moore on 01.08.2019

  31. My hands were trembling as I leaned down towards the dishwasher, reaching for the still dirty knife that would never be cleaned. Footsteps approached from behind me; my heart pounded faster with each step he took. He was coming for me, and I was a dead woman. Maybe. My shaky fingers wrapped themselves around the hilt of the knife. Turning around, I took a deep breath as I waited for him to appear. “You’re mine,” he growled. “Not this time,” I responded as I tightened my grip and aimed.

    By Annika Webster on 01.08.2019

  32. Machine to wash dishes

    By Monica on 01.08.2019

  33. Sending an email, for you, is probably something like loading the dishwasher – a chore that must be done with a certain amount of enthusiasm to get it right, but a chore nonetheless, nothing more important than that. How many thousands of emails do you have to send a day, to people in every part of the globe? How much thought do you give to each one? How much thought did you give to the little note you sent me? I am by no means prone to reading too much into things, but it’s hard not to delve deeper into your tiny extraneous kindnesses. You said you’re glad the magnetism of the city isn’t so strong that it’s keeping me from coming back, you told me to get to the airport early. You said you want to make this season much more meaningful than just an echo of last season. I take stock of all these things you said, and I can’t help but wonder –

    By Fox Hedgehog on 01.08.2019

  34. The dishwasher was empty. It was his turn to wash them tonight. I know that. I know I shouldn’t do it myself. I know I should hold out and wait until the morning, reprimanding him and forcing him to do better. I know I won’t do that. I know I’m too weak, too soft spoken. I’ll do them myself. I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow. No I won’t. But it’s nice to dream.

    By Opal on 01.08.2019

  35. One who washes dishes also it can be appliance that washes dishes.

    By Linda on 01.08.2019

  36. A dishwasher is a device that is in a kitchen. It is used to wash dishes. It is very handy because it means I don’t have to wash dishes by hand. I hate unloading the dishwasher though. It is a pain. I can’t wait for the day when my kids can reach the top of the cupboards so they can empty the dishwasher instead of me having to do it.

    By Mrs. Barnes on 01.09.2019

  37. The dishwasher emitted a loud screeching sound. He raced across the room, opening the door. There was nothing, only a strange stillness that not even the wintry weather or the humdrum of the holiday could explain. Resigned to his insanity, he let the handle slip from his fingers, and listened to the bolts screech as the dishwasher door swung toward the floor.

    By Brit on 01.09.2019

  38. cleans dishes. makes things easier. have to rinse dishes first. convenient. i use one. time saver for me. household appliance. not real noisy.

    By Brenda on 01.09.2019

  39. Sometimes I envy the dishes. All of the attention and love they get. Sure they get used and dirty. But at the end of the day, all of the mess that sticks to them gets scraped off, rinsed, and they get to retreat into a hot bath that makes them brand new again.

    By DarkJanuary URL on 01.09.2019

  40. load it up
    let it dry
    best invention
    hot hot does the water actually get?
    i tend to do the dishes the most :(
    its satisfying when your space efficent and everything is perfectly stack
    ocd much?

    By tam URL on 01.09.2019