May 9th, 2016 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “dilemma”

  1. The dilemma is whether or not the truth is worth telling. Am I giving you a piece of myself I’ll never get back? Will this help me or further expose the rotting inside of the dysfunctional self. Do I embrace my shadow?

    By SM on 05.10.2016

  2. I wrote about this yesterday. What the hell! I guess my other dilemma is that I don’t know when I should move or if I should move. It’s easy living at home but I don’t think it’s good for my growth. I think the longer I stay here the more comfortable I will get. I love this place, this house, but things could be better/different in a good way if I did.

    By Joleine on 05.10.2016

  3. When as from afar a potential scene is unfolded, its origami flaps and filaments unraveling to expose something different. Something new. Which one to choose?

    By Andrew on 05.10.2016

  4. i did this one already
    unmotivated i have swallowed plenty
    the rich confusion in a heavy set mind
    the words unspoken always unkind
    the moral dilemma; do you stay put
    or revisit the dreams of never was?
    i commit to the kind silent pause.

    By matt m. on 05.11.2016

  5. Funny… i seem to be in dilemma. I had started my phd in this institution then i realised I am not getting value for my money so i dropped out. I have been thinking of joining another institution. I also need to move houses .am yet to decide where am going to move to. It would be ideal if i move to cheaper house so that i can save up and buy my own house. The thing with my dilemmas these days i that i have realised my God is in control and He watches over me. He get me out of situation that i could not see beyond my nose. I have seen it in the past i have no doubt if i try something and its not working out i let it go and allow God to direct my path.

    By carolyne on 05.11.2016

  6. When you have to choose between two different things but can only have one. eg. You are going to the shops and you want to treat yourself to a nice lunch but you have to choose between a pie or a sausage roll.

    By Meghan on 05.11.2016

  7. thats well… cant say ive got anything in mind. somethings that always happens, thats what a dilemma is right? sounds like pessimism to me

    By Kalinda on 05.11.2016

  8. She paced the floor, visualizing one end of the room as one decision and the other as her other option. She knew which one was right, and which one was the least painful, and they weren’t the same.

    By Lucas on 05.11.2016

  9. Sometimes, you gotta make a decision based on your own understanding and instincts. It’s not really about what’s right or wrong or how other people see it. It’s just your own opinion on how you see it and if you think it’s the right or wrong thing to do. Nothing else.

    By Sintel on 05.11.2016

  10. The ticking of the clock reverberates in the empty, echoing space between her ears like the thrumming of a bass guitar turned to maximum. Somewhere off in the distance she is thinking; weighing and measuring and calculating and debating; she can feel the words coming out of her mouth, see the reactions and responses of her peers; yet all she can hear is the clock slowly running out of time for everyone.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 05.11.2016

  11. she faced the ulitmate dilemma—to leave or stay. staying would mean leaving a piece of herself behind. leaving would mean losing it all–or some, she thought. the dilemma was not in the act itself, but in what follows. the dilemma lived in the lonely, is lonely less than unhappy?

    By Safon on 05.11.2016

  12. She had a dilemma about which game to buy at the store. Her brother on the other hand was already done looking for what he wanted. And her older brother was already done and was waiting outside.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  13. The spy had a choice to either to be let go and tell them the information he knew or to stay there forever until he told them the information they need to take over that city.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  14. The dilemma between going to here aunt’s house or to go to his uncle’s house was very hard toke a lot of thought. He finally chose and went to his uncle’s house for the summer.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  15. Emma looked at her dill pickles and thought about how ironic it was that she, a girl named Emma, had a dilemma about which dill to eat. Emma was very observant of the phonetic world for a six year old.

    By pontificatori on 05.11.2016


    By Sameeka on 05.11.2016

  17. Dilemma occurs when there are two different bad situations at once. For example, me being loud in class because Porter slid his paper across the desks and lost all my lead. I had a dilemma to either say something or let my lead die in vain. I chose the wrong side and the dilemma lead me to be sent out of the class.

    By John Bennett on 05.11.2016

  18. dilemma is when something goes wrong. You are in a bad situation and you dont know what to do. When Welsey was standing on the field he didnt know what to do when Mykel was running at him. He stayed where he was so Mykel got injured. Mykel got surgery.

    By Will Rautenstrauch on 05.11.2016

  19. I was in a dilemma the other day when i was deciding on whether to eat chocolate or just don’t give in to my temptation. I decided no to eat the chocolate and i came out a better person a the end of it.

    By Porter (Fire) Null on 05.11.2016

  20. Dilemma when I think of this I think a place in time and something that is happening in time. When a problem occurs in time where people need to find a resolution.

    By Graham Kennedy on 05.11.2016

  21. This is what most people suffer from most of the time. I’m always caught in one. The worst part if when you feel that you need to be in one in order to make a good decision. The best part is when you have a process of figuring out why. Sometimes, it is the lack of will power and effort that results in dilemmas lasting forever.

    By ashi on 05.11.2016

  22. It was a quandary, a dilemma of sorts. The kind that you tried your best to avoid. To think ahead of.

    By Erin on 05.11.2016

  23. Would you rather lick a tree, or jump into a pool of mud?

    By Em on 05.11.2016

  24. They had a dilemma, their child went missing in the middle of a giant theme park!

    By Katy on 05.11.2016

  25. There’s a dilemma in everything. Dilemma’s are problems, and problems have solutions. No matter what you do, you may find a problem or barrier, but you can always fine the solution to get passed it. No dilemma is too big to hold you back from what you love. Dilemmas are there to show you’re stronger than it is.

    By Ariel on 05.11.2016

  26. There’s only so much you can do when you’re on the outside looking in. It’s a weird sensation, to see the person who you’ve loved for so long in such a difficult situation. But this is your job, and you have to do it – no matter how much it’ll hurt you or anyone associated with her.

    By ReadWriteFangirl on 05.11.2016

  27. this was the word yesterday.

    By Caeli Wells on 05.11.2016

  28. Let me think for a minute. Is there any other choice? If not so, I must write, before anything else. Every day the same choice. Do you write or do you slack off? Every day is a battle of sloth and me. Today this battle will be won, once and for all. I will conquer the sloth, so I don’t have to have a choice. I will be working. I will be the one I meant myself to be. Time to solve the dilemma.

    By T. Morpheus on 05.11.2016

  29. What a thing! How can I decide what to do? The choices I have to make are not easy. What a dilemma to be in! Mind you, it is sometimes really pleasant to be faced with a dilemma like this one. Chocolate or ice cream. If only I could decide.

    By Harriet Jones on 05.11.2016

  30. The man had a dilemma between taking to different routes. One route had more sightseeing the other had more amusement parks.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  31. I had a dilemma on what to bring to a birthday party as a gift. The person who’s birthday it was liked books and also liked games.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  32. The man had difficult time chosing between the restaurants one was mexican and the other was italian.

    By caden on 05.11.2016

  33. Her notebook looked back at her, blank, words reverberating through her head instead of on paper. Words they have said months ago. Years. She still remembered. You don’t quite forget when someone tells you the one thing you are afraid of them saying. You don’t forget when someone pushes you to the ground, calls you– she couldn’t remember that part. She wouldn’t go through that a second time. That was her dilemma. Remembering. She couldn’t write anything without thinking of them.

    By Linn P. on 05.11.2016

  34. “Really? you think THIS is a dilemma? what gave you THAT idea?”.The water kept rising as time went by and his not-so-helpful comments didn’t let her think how to get out of the room

    By Bramsy on 05.11.2016

  35. the problem which might happen without let you prepare to it.

    By Mohamed Hassan on 05.11.2016