July 6th, 2012 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “detention”

  1. i’ve actullynever had detention, so its unlikely i will. unless for some mistakken reason, kids make it seem kind of somewhat easy and fun, it would be a good time to do homework? it doesnt really seeem toooo bad, unless youre parents get mad then youre fucked.

    By Rachel. on 07.06.2012

  2. At school I was once left in detention. It was the best week of my life. I’d always been goofy goody and suddenly I was kind of cool. A boy I had a crush on ws in detention too and he actually noticed me.

    By Nushia on 07.06.2012

  3. The Doctor looked across at me from his desk. I scribbled on a piece of notebook paper, “at least this means you look like you’re young enough to be in college,” and passed it to him. He stifled a giggle and passed a note back to me. I opened the folded paper. “It’s blank,” I mouthed to him, and he responded, “Oh, wrong paper.”

    By Annie URL on 07.06.2012

  4. The detention room had become a familiar sight for sophomore Alex Evans. He had been especially troublesome since his parents divorce. He was always cutting class and doing drugs in the bathroom.

    By Liz Vos on 07.06.2012

  5. Means more then the first though this word brings to mind, its any situation where you are being retained from something, or from going somewhere.

    By Emily Sexton URL on 07.06.2012

  6. I have never had a detention in my life but if i wanted to get close to him, If it was the only way of him even looking at me, If i had no other choice… My parents would KILL me but it was for love, whats that saying? Alls fair in love and war. I love him, a stranger, but not for long. <3

    By mee123 on 07.06.2012

  7. I was in detention, it was a Wednesday. I hadn’t actually done anything wrong in a vindictive sense, I just wanted to give detention a try. It seemed like an interesting place. It was an overarching idea that resided in the minds of everyone who’d ever attended highschool. It was a place where you knew you were bad.

    By Alex on 07.06.2012

  8. I sat there, strands of my black-with-pink-streaks hair falling into my face. I blew them out and slouched down more. I couldn’t believe I was here. What did I do? Nothing, that’s what! It was all James’s fault…

    By Lyric on 07.06.2012

  9. Last year I spent the entire time in detention. I can’t believe it. I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I just sat there staring out the window, unresponsive. Apparently that is enough to get you sent there. I wasn’t a bad kid, just a day dreamer.

    By Tam on 07.06.2012

  10. I have never been in detention. Hollywood makes it seem like the worst thing that can ever happen to a person. Honestly, it is really just sitting in a corner and thinking about what you did. It is a good time to think about that homework you didn’t do or that song you heard on the radio. Just sit. And think.

    By F335 BL on 07.06.2012

  11. As she sat in detention, it occurred to her that she did not have tattoo’s piercing or a bad attitude in general. In fact, the teachers obviously didn’t know anything. What they perceived as a bad attitude was actually just gusto.

    By rachel on 07.06.2012

  12. to remove or to fire some one for particular interval of time. a type of punishment. time period.

    By Vibhor Agrawal on 07.06.2012

  13. “Mr. Brooms. You understand why you’ve landed yourself here?” She frowned, glaring at him behind cat-eye glasses and wisps of marshmallow hair.
    “Because I’m a delinquent?” Asked Anthony Brooms, a twinkle in his sage green eyes.
    “Worse, Mr. Brooms. You are a hooligan.” Her voice was shrill, piercing.

    By wordsbyalli on 07.06.2012

  14. I was a bad kid. I was a REALLY bad kid.

    That’s why I was sitting whee I was right now. In the worst place in the whole entire school. In the whole entire WORLD.


    Stinking, rotting, DETENTION.

    And how did I get here, you ask? Well, it’s quite a long and winding story. I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle it.

    By Katelyn on 07.06.2012

  15. When the teacher screamed at him, it was the first time he actually took notice during class. Granted, detention wasn’t new to Jared, but screaming was uncalled for before now. But he couldn’t help carving his lover’s name on his third grade desk.

    By Katy W on 07.06.2012

  16. detenţia pe viaţă poate fi mai chinuitoare decît pedeapsa capitală. cei care stau în detenţie pe viaţă ştiu asta. şi cei care au fost condamnaţi la moarte.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 07.06.2012

  17. One time in 5 th grade I got a detention for sitting at the wrong lunch table. I had never once gotten one before so to be honest I sorta felt like a bad ass. Then it came to my knowledge that I was no bad ass.. I was nothing even remotely close to such thing. I spent a whole week in detention and discovered that there was way worse I could do and still get the same punishment. I talked to some of the other local bad asses in my detention group and learned swearing at a teacher, writing on the bathroom wall, and stealing a book were all equivalent to sitting at the wrong lunch table. So then I became madder than the kid who waited in the longest lunch line for a cookie and found out they were all gone, or the kid who learned he could no longer eat glue as a snack. I decided I would try my best stay away from trouble since the punishments never quite make sense, but then in eighth grade I mad the mistake of sitting at my best friends lunch table, the “wrong table” and received yet another detention 3 years later for the same thing. I had manged to stay out of any other possible detentions until then. So I learned one thing in my early schooling years. School is a joke. Until college.

    By Marylouise on 07.06.2012

  18. She tossed her pony tail over her shoulder and huffed an annoyed sigh. Jayne leaned back on her chair and stared around at the other students that sat in the detention hall. Three in total. She knew some of their faces, but other were just nameless shadows in the halls. There was no teacher present, and she felt this could work to her advantage.

    By Jeffreigh Lush on 07.06.2012

  19. A word associated mainly with school. or perhaps the memory of school. Only perspective of malicious intent did the outcome of detention result. Older and wiser detention became extinct. After school life resonates.

    By Erikkk URL on 07.06.2012

  20. detention.. all i can think about is high school.. i don’t remember ever getting detention.. it seems like yesterday when we all graduated and started a whole new chapter of our lives… i can’t seem to fully understand how time flies by so fast but we all enjoyed our time and are ready for this new step.

    By sam on 07.06.2012

  21. I’ve never been; I’m not even sure my school HAS one. Although I do hear about people going there in books and stories and all that great jazz. I’ve only ever been to the principal’s office once in first grade, and I hadn’t even done anything bad [just taking a test or something]. I’m probably a goody-two-shoes, though I don’t know why any bad person would only wear one shoe in the first place. Why are sayings like that so messed up?

    By Patri on 07.06.2012

  22. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick. Tock. Dear God, the clock seemed to have practically stopped. Her brain felt like it was spinning, frantically scrambling for some source of entertainment. The walls were white, the blinds were closed – the most fascinating thing about the whole damn room was the fly that seemed determined to commit suicide by slamming its head against the light.

    By AmbyrRose on 07.06.2012

  23. She sat and looked out the window of the detention hall. She didn’t deserve to be here… Nor did her best friend sitting across the room. They honestly weren’t the ones who spray painted the gym locker rooms. Yes, they knew how to graffiti, but they stopped that a long time ago. Someone was going to pay for framing them, that’s for damn sure.

    By Shelby on 07.06.2012

  24. Detention. The center in between. Waiting with a punishment. Detention between where to were and preventing you to continue to where you are going. But do you know where you are going. This is the question. Will you use this detention productively. Dream, write, find out…. where are you going?

    By Shyla Marie on 07.06.2012

  25. I got detention once. It was because my stupid Spanish teacher marked me late for walking in as the bell was ringing. He didn’t do that to anyone else. Then he told me the wrong room number for detention. So I almost got two detentions. Senor didn’t like me very much. But that’s okay because he’s senile and needs to retire and nobody likes him and he can’t teach or speak Spanish.

    By Sara on 07.06.2012

  26. Sit. Still. Silent. Tick tock. Hush hush. Snap. Crack. Gum. Sigh. Tap tap. Fingers drift across the desk. Tick tock.

    By Bee on 07.06.2012

  27. Detention is a place where you are stuck in a classroom either alone or with other students and a teacher is monotoring you. Detention is a place where you go if you’ve been bad or if you have been disobeing a teacher or adult. Detention is a place where you would not want to go. Detention is boring, and it wastes your time. The only way to get out of detention is to be good and listen to your teachers and elders.

    By Kelly on 07.06.2012

  28. I’ve never gotten detention before. I follow the rules all of the time. I don’t break rules. I wish I did, sometimes. A lot of my friends break rules. They don’t care. I wonder why it is so hard for me to let go of worrying. I worry a lot. I feel guilty all of the time. Why should I feel guilty all of the time… I’ve never even gotten a detention.

    By Ava on 07.06.2012

  29. Oh, the memories of detention! Wait…I never went to detention. Well, I had the choice to take either detention or get paddled, so I took the paddling so my parents wouldn’t find out about it! I can’t imagine it being any fun, though…

    By Ande Demetriou on 07.06.2012

  30. “I Didn’t Do it”,
    I Say
    Even Though I Did.
    I Did it For Good Reasons,
    But the Woman is Unmoved,
    Her Stern Bespectacled Eyes Narrowed to Slits,
    Glaring at Me,
    As Though I’m Filth,
    A Mischievous Trouble-Maker,
    Not Worth Her Time,
    Something That Should Be Punished,
    Locked Away and Beaten,
    Sent Into Isolation For Countless Years.
    And I Suppose That’s What I Am,
    A Delinquent,
    A Threat,
    A Rebel,
    So I Smirk,
    And Let the Dreaded Word,
    The Filthy Offensive Insult,
    Leave My Mouth
    And Enter Her Ears.

    I Regret Nothing.

    By StorySolo on 07.06.2012

  31. detention, contention, and lots of pretension
    i’m looking for my brain but it’s in a suspension

    prevention, oh and did I mention?
    we’re feeling up the seams of another dimension

    By Kirsten Logerquist URL on 07.06.2012

  32. I was carried down from the second floor down to the first floor where the principle’s office was located. The large and bulky hall monitor shoved men into the room and told me to sit down on one of the seats in front of the principle’s desk. The clock was ticking and I noticed that each tick seemed louder than usual, I guess it was because I was becoming really nervous. Perspiration began to layer my palms as I stared at the door in anxiety. What would I be charged with? Suspension or expulsion? Hopefully, it would be detention. I didn’t want my mom to go through any more pain than she already had. I knew I was a troublesome and rebellious kid, but nevertheless I still feared that I would hurt my mom.

    By Aisha Momand on 07.06.2012

  33. In elementary I got detention like 3 times a week for a month. It wasn’t even my fault. There was this girl that looked like me and I would always get in trouble for all the things she did. I almost got expelled because of her.

    By Nicole on 07.06.2012

  34. detention is the stupidest thing ever invented in schools all over the world. it achieves nothing. it teaches nothing only, dont get caught, then pupils get sneekier

    By toni slavin URL on 07.06.2012

  35. Notes are always passed in detention, and most just fuck about without a care. The teacher doesn’t even come, we stay the full hour though… It’s the only time we can be together. Usually, I sit with my book in a corner, but this time, he pulled me up kissed me.

    By Marie on 07.06.2012

  36. I have been in my own personal detention since November. I hold myself away from everyone, punishing myself for something I couldn’t totally control. Someday I’ll let myself out. Someday I’ll no longer need to be detained. Someday. I wish I could see when Someday will arrive.

    By Karyssa on 07.06.2012

  37. “Cancel my subscription to the revoooooolutioooooonn
    Send my credentials to the house of detennnntioooooon”

    Jim Morrison can say some pretty bogus things. I think that’s why we like him.

    By dan URL on 07.06.2012

  38. I hate detention I get in there for no reason, why do people get in there? Its better than being in class, you don’t actually do anything at all. I think you should be forced to do actual work.

    By Eun on 07.06.2012

  39. my detention at school was to empty then build a new bookshelf for my music class it was the best detention i ever had most were boring staring at a wall while your teacher eats their lunch whilst staring at you.

    By babyhinder on 07.06.2012

  40. there i was sitting in that small white classroom writing i will be good i will be good over and over on that stupid piece of lined paper. in jail for a crime i did not commit. angry that i must spend such a lovely summer afternoon inside that evil dungeon. afraid that someone might peek their head in to see me staring at the clock

    By kate on 07.06.2012