June 4th, 2016 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “dentist”

  1. I find the goddess in her bedroom
    practicing witchcraft
    with a teacup and a rose
    algorhythmic drawings
    she cares not to explain
    cover the floor

    in the prayersmoke,
    near a bowl of coloured fruit
    I sit at the piano
    spinning the room with my fingers
    her bed is my well
    her heart is my river

    By david URL on 06.04.2016

  2. The metallic equipment glistens in my peripheral vision. I try to focus on the individual pixels of glass in the lamp that’s blasting cold light into my face. My mouth is wide, dry, hooked open. I feel so exposed, and a deep part of me is trembling. My tongue squirms limply, exposed, in the soft pink den of my mouth.

    By Archanza on 06.04.2016

  3. He’d been a dentist all his life but he’d never seen teeth like hers before. He’d learned a long time ago, there was no such thing as a natural perfect set of teeth. Coffee, cigarrettes, even just plain food stained teeth, if they weren’t cared for there were the pockmarks, the crookedness taht could only be fixed by an orthodonist. No one had perfect teeth.

    She did.

    By Jess on 06.05.2016

  4. Dentists are kinda scary to be honest, I mean they open up your mouth and put some foreign instruments into it. Who would want their teeth ( especially the hurting ones) being prodded at by a virtual stranger?!?

    By zack on 06.05.2016

  5. I hate going to the dentist! they inject things into my gums and then then i cant feel that side of my face. I once had both my wisdom teeth removed on the right side and i could only eat ice cream fo r a week. That was kinda cool though.

    By confused doc on 06.05.2016

  6. One of my all time favourite stand up routines was from Michael McIntyre called Dentist. The first time I saw it I absolutely loved it and was in fits of laughter. Since then I have loved sharing it with people and watching them enjoy it as much as I do.

    By Hides on 06.05.2016

  7. The dentist was very kind while cleaning my teeth. He talked me through the whole thing and when I was finished, he gave me prizes.

    By De'Andre Jones on 06.05.2016

  8. I do not want to a dentist.Although they are quite important.
    They enable us to enjoy riches of life, the sweet mouth watering sweets, chocolates that melt in mouth.

    By Rohitas on 06.05.2016

  9. Everything has a sub specialty these days. When I was young I never even heard of a children’s dentist. The dentist was just the dentist, you saw the same one your parents saw and you dealt with it. Today the ‘kids’ dentist is a marvel. Chris that fit them better, a custom TV screen that rotates and moves around so that the little one can watch something in any position while the dentist works away at their teeth. Yes, my kids love the dentist and I never did. I think adult dentists should have this too to satisfy the kid in all of us.

    By ABot on 06.05.2016

  10. I have a dentist appointment at the end of June to get a cavity replaced. I really like my dentist, but when I go for cleanings I prefer to see his assistant. She’s Russian, very friendly, and we often swap stories about our Russian family and our daughters. She somehow engages with me even when I have the tools in my mouth getting my cleaning.

    By Sarah Dumanski on 06.05.2016

  11. This is a person where you go to clean your teeth or if you need a tooth pulled. Usually I go see my dentist about twice a year to get my teeth cleaned because there is so much plaque and tartar build up that our toothbrushes normally don’t catch. The dentist will also give you floride which helps protect your teeth

    By Maria Pino on 06.05.2016

  12. I hate going to the dentist. I do not like the feeling of getting poked in the gums. My new dentist has pictures posted on the ceiling which makes things a little more enjoyable. However, he keeps telling me that I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I am avoiding that at all costs. I went to the appointment and I do not think I will be going back.

    By Shannon on 06.05.2016

  13. I hate going to he denist! The grinding noises, the sharp tools poking into my gums make me crazy. Thankfully I have learned how to meditate as I recline in the chair, gripping my hands together and trying to sit still for an hour.

    By sarah wolf on 06.05.2016

  14. “Oh my goodness!” I thought. The dentist is my worst nightmare. Knowing that I’d have to make it through the day of reading, writing, math, and social studies then have to travel to the dreaded dentist was depressing.

    By Alanna on 06.05.2016

  15. When I think of a dentist, I think of someone I don’t have to see very often. However, my husband has to visit the dentist a lot because of his very soft teeth. I never had braces or a cavity before. So going to the dentist makes me a little nervous.

    By Aimee Sparks on 06.05.2016

  16. When I think of the dentist I cringe. I have such anxiety in going to that place. When I arrived my heart feels as though it is beating out of my chest. As the dentist begins to work on my teeth, I grip my legs and I can feel my palms getting sweaty.

    By Jen on 06.05.2016

  17. Going to the dentist is so important, but for me it causes great anxiety. I love when they allow you to listen to music and escape for a bit. Though after getting your teeth cleaned your mouth feels so fresh and clean.

    By Delores on 06.05.2016

  18. money pain music dr. mooney clean teeth new toothbrush molar of the month sterile fluoride everybody in Woburn goes there I pay for his gorgeous house

    By Christine Chute on 06.05.2016

  19. I like going to the dentist! like my teeth feeling clean and shiny. When I go to the dentist I like to sit back and let someone take care of me. Sometimes my hands grip my pants because I am a little nervous and the dentist will ask me if I’m okay! But I don’t mind being there. Some people don’t like being there because they are afraid of what might happen before they leave.

    By Melissa Murphy on 06.05.2016

  20. My dentist just got back from the Galopgas, so the last conversation we had was amazing. She had a lot to say about turtles! and baby turtles. It was great, since I didn’t have any news to share, so letting her talk about evolution was just fabulous. Also, she had a new exciting tooth cleaner that didn’t give me the gritty feeling I hate.

    By Lizbeth on 06.05.2016

  21. I really don’t like going to the dentist because it hurts and makes my gums bleed. I do although like the cleaning feeling my teeth feel after its done.

    By Michelle Martignetti on 06.05.2016

  22. arg I hate the dentist all the needles inside my mouth and the hands in my mouth. and the pink stuff. and after all of that CRAP you get a fucking toothbrush. like god damn I need a couple hundred bucks after that hell. i also want to know who the first dentist was so i can punch them.

    By Jasmine M. URL on 06.05.2016

  23. A dentist. Do I really want to be a dentist? It’s part of the family legacy and all, but looking into people’s mouths all day doesn’t excite me. Is it M.D. light? I don’t know. I think I’ll bury my head and read some more.

    By A Librarian on 06.05.2016

  24. I don’t like going to the dentist. In fact I have an appointment in about 10 days with the dental hygenist. She always complains that I have too much plaque.

    By htiek on 06.05.2016

  25. I want to smile. I want to frown. I want to bare my teeth for you without being afraid. I want to spend money. I want to glisten. I don’t want to be ashamed anymore, but I can’t afford not to be. i don’t know how the other girls smile full-heartedly without this fear, when everyone can see their pearly whites are pearly beige. I don’t know. I just know that I don’t deserve to smile.

    By lapis on 06.05.2016

  26. “Got a call from my dentist,” announced Xavier, looking down at his untouched omelet with the emotional expression of a lover who had been wronged.


    “It ain’t good.” He exhaled through his nose, a low whistling coming from the left nostril. “He told me it would either be a root canal or a complete removal of the tooth. Knowing my luck, I’ll have dentures by the time I’m forty-two.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.05.2016

  27. If you can’t stand
    when I don’t speak,
    that says more about you
    than it will say about me.
    Why do we need
    bombs, Little Boy,
    that have words worth the weight
    of astronomical voids?
    Do skeleton
    make me nothing greater
    than a prohibitionist
    tempting a soul’s
    deep enterprise,
    an entrepreneur
    under sympathetic guise?

    By Pandatry on 06.05.2016

  28. I had never been to this dentist before. Friends recommended him the previous night, when I was rolling over on the floor in pain. I had broken a tooth while chumping down on a bit of rice, where a stone had hidden.

    Now I sat in the chair, powerless with my mouth open. The dentist approached me, instruments clasped in his gloved hands. He had a maniacal look on his face. And the tools. I had never seen them used in a dentist’s office before.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.05.2016

  29. I have an appointment at the dentist today after school. I need to have my teeth cleaned and a cavity filled. I hope the appointment goes smoothly. I get nervous at the dentist.

    By Chris on 06.05.2016

  30. The actor onstage sang the song, belting out how mean of a dentist he was with rigor, clutching one of his dentistry tools like a lifeline. It was his first show every since Carrie left, and his hand felt abnormally light with the absence of the wedding ring. He sang the words on autopilot, trying to ignore the fact that the black space in front of him was an illusion, and behind the lights, was the judge mental audience, waiting for him to slip up at every moment. He continued on autopilot, following the choreography like clockwork. A trio bounced up behind his place, continuing the song, and he pretended to ignore them. He tried to forget Carrie, forget the note, forget the years of marriage that she ran away from to be with her coworker.

    By Janet on 06.05.2016

  31. He looked down, into the pinkness of her mouth. Her tounge was limp and slightly dry, as she had been knocked out for hours now. He was ready, all the tools clean and sharp. Her teeth were perfect, just ready to be his for the taking.

    By Sarscarb on 06.05.2016

  32. No one ever enjoys going to the dentist. However, no one hated going to the dentist more than 5 year old Jake. He would kick and scream and ball his eyes out all the way to the office.

    By Jamie on 06.05.2016

  33. Oh. Well. Dentists seem like a humorous subject almost, because many people don’t like going to the dentist, I guess.

    By Annee on 06.05.2016

  34. The dentist is an evil, sadistic creature. No one decides they want to be a dentist because they love people; only those who enjoy watching people squirm and bleed decide to follow such a profession. There must be a love for pain and tears, and one must be a coldhearted creature to endure and enjoy a job that requires you to cause these every day.

    By Beatriz Sasse on 06.05.2016

  35. the fear of taking of a teeth. Sometimes it’s a cold, white office, and sometimes it’s a warm place that smells good. No one ever likes going to the dentist, doesn’t matter if it’s nice or not. It’s just the feeling that get to us. It’s wrong.

    By Stefany on 06.05.2016

  36. White coats, sterile and proper. Offering a plethora of services one might not need. However, the angelic white atmosphere builds trust at a subconscious level.

    By Ruth on 06.05.2016

  37. som say the sentient is a frightening person but i believe other wise i know people that would do any thing to stay away. I actually enjoy going to the dentist. What puzzles me the most about them is that they give kids sweets after a appointment which is like “isn’t that what causes cavities?”

    By Rebecca on 06.05.2016