September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. Thick headed. Nothing going in or coming out.

    By Denise on 09.28.2011

  2. Surrounded by dense vegetation, still it feels like desolation.

    By Lors URL on 09.28.2011

  3. Dense fog rolled over the hill. She sat in dense thought, holding a dense book, and clinging to her densely knitted sweater. For once, she just wanted things to be light.

    By Ashley Mills on 09.28.2011

  4. What is dense, that person down the street is dense. My defenses are dense. This book is very dense. Dense is not thin. But is dense dumb or dumb dense. I don’t know. That is what dense is to me. Something that is hard to break through, so are our lives dense or easy to read?

    By Momx4 URL on 09.28.2011

  5. It’s as my feelings are in some situations. Dense, not intense. Dense it’s better word. Specially when you meet somebody that you had loved.

    By Vice Sallés URL on 09.28.2011

  6. she was annoyed at him. Not because he went out of his way to irritate her, but because she couldn’t believe that somebody could fail to grasp how to write in paragraphs. she knew it was unfair, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to slap him, repeatedly. Maybe if he listened for once, instead of bragging to his friends about some girl he’d shagged over the weekend, he’d learn something.

    By Emily on 09.28.2011

  7. thick viscous sludge that’s oozing down the wall of my kitchen like a bad fungus mold. I’m loopy from being too stoned and I can’t figure out why it’s here and why it exists in the first place. Weird.

    By Josh URL on 09.28.2011

  8. heavy, cloudy, a fog. a stupid person. dunce cap. For some reason I am now thinking of Mr. Redfield, and 7th grade, and Athena. I miss the friends I had when I was 16.

    By Mandy on 09.28.2011

  9. i walked in to the dense court house i was chained up beaten and in rags, the court was full of people scowling at me i felt so alone and i new that it was all my fault.

    By chistina on 09.28.2011

  10. Sometimes I feel dense, as in not easily grasping simple thoughts or ideas. I am a very intelligent person, so I don’t know why I have these occasional tendencies to be dumb. Maybe everyone is like this to some degree, and I’m really just normal.

    By Andrea URL on 09.28.2011

  11. “You’re dense.” Elia scoffed, pointing down below at a man shouldering his way through the crowd. “Look at how he’s trying to go the opposite direction as everyone else. That’s the man.” The assassin beside her scowled as a smirk came across her face. He hated to be proven wrong, but he could not deny the truth.

    By Holly on 09.28.2011

  12. something thats really hard to get through. Like my boyfriend sometimes. Or the stupid idiots on my school. They really annoy me. Dense is a state of stupidity sometimes. Or when and object is very hard and thick….thats what she said haha. Dense…a hard word to explain.

    By aubz on 09.28.2011

  13. The waitress slapped a dense slice of chocolate cake in front of the man sitting at the dinner bar.
    “I didn’t order this.” said the man.
    “I didn’t either.” said the waitress

    By Karly Rebecca on 09.28.2011

  14. Dense can refer to many things. To me, it sort of speaks about people who just, to put it plainly, don’t know much. Or are ignorant to something that should be common knowledge. Like, they just don’t understand something that should be quite simple.

    By Austin on 09.28.2011

  15. cheese, cheese is dense. so is …. ice. a lot of things are i guess. I suppose people can be dense too! Like hard to get to, and all that, wow this sucks… ok then….. YOU TOO CAN BE DENSE!!!! Lucky you. I must be dense too.

    By Kiseki on 09.28.2011

  16. It wasn’t the consistency he was used to. He thought it was going to be spongy and wet but as his foot touched the ground, he realized it was far more dense and dry than he imagined. “Strange,” he said to his partner. I didn’t think a forest floor could feel like this.

    By Carrie on 09.28.2011

  17. I JUST HAD THIS WORD. But ok!
    A man walked into a cookie shop. He ordered his dense cookies, and what made them that way, he did not care to know. Though the hurt his teeth, he was addicted to those things! they tasted amazing! He was exited to have more!

    By Kiseki on 09.28.2011

  18. Dense, dense, dense, why are we so dense when it comes to understanding what is going on around us? What hides our minds what thickens our understanding?

    By david URL on 09.28.2011

  19. stupid

    By karla on 09.28.2011

  20. I remember hearing my friend’s cousin say, “You is dense, Jon”, in a southern accent (which made it far worse). That was a turning point for me. I realized I hated a southern twang. Nails on chalkboard.

    By B URL on 09.28.2011

  21. denseness: denseness in food makes a cake so rich you can’t take more than three bites; denseness in writing makes you stop and think after every line. Denseness in the stomach reminds me that I have a problem with eating.

    By AJ URL on 09.28.2011

  22. When I hear dense I think of cake. A beautiful white wedding cake, or an adorably decorated cupcake. Thick, rich, delicious. A good book is the same way. Certain conversations, convictions, motivations, personalities.

    By Lyndsay URL on 09.28.2011

  23. No book is too dense for me to pretend to read it. I can hold my nose in Herodotus’ “Histories” all day, and come away not a wit smarter. I just saw how huge and impressive it looked, so I decided that I had to pretend to read it.

    By dan URL on 09.28.2011

  24. Dense thick undergrowth everywhere. The forest was dark and full of shadows. I didn’t know if I could make it through, I didn’t know if I should start. But through the forest was the path, it was the only way….But if I ran into sorcerors or shadows or spells or any other dark things, I could handle them. After all, I had myself. I was my own lucky talisman. I was the hero I’d been looking for.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.28.2011

  25. dense remins me of forests, and of walking through dark thick forest.

    By brenda URL on 09.28.2011

  26. The clouds were dense as we flew over Ohio. The big thunderheads blocked our view of what would’ve been a boring landscape. The man next to me started to snore. Then a voice came over the intercom — …”is anyone on board a doctor? “We have a hurt passenger up here.” I jerked out of my daydreaming and stood up, wondering if my one year as a medical student would do any good.

    By Angelica URL on 09.28.2011

  27. dense like the wooden porch your father always promises to fix, but never gets around to. dense like the way you look at me without seeing me.

    By Erika Geremia on 09.28.2011

  28. It was said that his head was like a cement block. Dougie would throw things at it. He would eat the grass in the yard. But the cement was lighter than lead. Never really understood the physics of it all anyway. Eating grass. Falling in love with a blockhead. Wonderful drinks on the piazza.

    By Bryan URL on 09.28.2011

  29. densos são os líquidos. a ocupar espaço e a matar a sede. os de laboratório e os da vida comum. e dentro do eu, mais que os líquidos do corpo, a densidade do ser. e lá ao fundo, no recipiente maior, há uma densidade que se não pode tocar.
    é mais denso que o ser, sede que líquido algum pode combater.

    By sara nascimento on 09.28.2011

  30. The water is heavy around me. It’s dense and full and I can’t escape it as much as I just lie there surrounded by darkness, liquid limbs. I’m not really afraid. I’m looking for a new place to wash ashore. I’m trying to find new land.

    By Cassie URL on 09.28.2011

  31. the woods were dark and dense like the unchartered territory of my mind. I wanted to explore but the fear of he unknown kept me and I waited on the fringes for a long time gathering my courage to move on or away but I was in a fixated state.

    By binte on 09.28.2011

  32. “I’m dense when it comes to discouragement.”

    By aeropostale URL on 09.28.2011

  33. Dense
    That’s how I feel around my husband when playing Scrabble. He’s incredibly good at it. He doesn’t mean to make me feel stupid. He’s just THAT MUCH better, brighter, more practiced than I. So I make dense cake, and munch it down, feed my inner inferior beast.

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.28.2011

  34. theforestwasdensewithtrees.itwashardtosee.ikeptrunningintobranches.nowisthetimeiwishihadmypowersback.iswear,onceigetmyhadsonhimi’llkillhim…iswear.

    By maryn URL on 09.28.2011

  35. He was dense. Not the type of dense that you learn about in science, the type you read about in Harry Potter. He could understand nothing. He got no jokes. it was getting to be a bore for his friends and family. “Why can’t you understand?!” they cried.

    By Emily URL on 09.28.2011

  36. its a strange word and we’re not too sure what it actually means if we had to write an explanation for it.

    By georgie on 09.28.2011

  37. Dense, like a cake that baked too long in the oven. He sat at the kitchen table, staring at his hands, hoping that she’d come home soon. He got to her house just before midnight, thinking he could persuade her to let him in. But the door was unlocked, and the house was empty, except for the small orange cat hiding under the bed. He wanted to remember her how she was when he last saw her. June 10, 2009.

    By nataliecw URL on 09.28.2011

  38. as dense as life can be we all must live through it. through the hard time and enjoy the fun times. life has a lot to offer it is you who must make the best of it.

    By TheDude URL on 09.28.2011

  39. dense is a word that has just popped up on top of the screen. i don’t like cheesecake or chocolate cake that is too dense :( It’s way to strong. Dense are the feelings that a lover feels for their loved one. The top layer of trees in a rainforest are very dense, providing a canopy for the animals of the forest, who thus have shelter.

    By Christian on 09.28.2011

  40. I have no Idea what dense means. But it kinda reminds me of dew. Morning dew. I always liked that word. Really reminds of the soda, too. You know, that soda that’s reeeal good for hungovers. Mountain dew! Wich sounds kinda beautiful too. Way to glorius for a drink, anyway.

    By Safia on 09.28.2011