August 13th, 2019 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “dense”

  1. A loaf of bread can be dense if not baked right or any kind of baking can be hard if not done correctly so make sure to read the instructions and do what it says unless you have to use a substitute!

    By Kaitlyn on 08.13.2019

  2. Dense is think and hard to understand it is not easily permeated and is a fixed force. It can also be resilient and sturdy. It wide with limited porousness.

    By Pamela Johnson on 08.13.2019

  3. “I don’t know the answer.”


    She repeated herself. “I don’t. Know. The answer.”

    Mr. Juarez was furious. “You gotta be joking me. What, were you not being attention? Are you high? Or are you just dense?”

    The whole class fell silent at his words, and they hovered awkwardly in the air for a moment before Lindsay spoke again.

    “I’ve got a lot on my mind,” she calmly explained, “considering I was kicked out of my house yesterday for being a d*ke.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.13.2019

  4. Density is what people teach in science classes.

    By Sophia on 08.13.2019

  5. His steps are like a wagon with square wheels. His stomach feels full, like he’d eaten himself sick, and his tongue is suddenly too large for his mouth. Every swallow is a struggle. And his heart is so uncomfortably swollen in his chest—so solid and firm against his rib cage—he thinks if he were to tug his collar and peer down his shirt, he might be able to see the outline through his skin. Fluttering. Irregular. Adamant. It beats in time with every syllable he speaks every time he says her name.

    By magnets URL on 08.13.2019

  6. Mud is denser than our broken hearts combined.

    We are shallow.

    Shallow waters are where you can find shells, but sharks are out deeper. I want to find a shark.

    By Ruby Cooney on 08.13.2019

  7. that is some dense cake

    I like dense chocolate cake washed down with milk

    Skiing on dense and compact snow is harder than powder because it is more icy.

    By Sienna on 08.13.2019

  8. something that is very wet but is also sometimes feels dry. dense rags feel so good on my face, mainly when its warm. Dense places feel so weird on my body.

    By Caleb Mcavoy URL on 08.13.2019

  9. the jungle is very dense or wet in brazil the amason rain forest is so dense that you dont even know where you are.

    By jack lumber URL on 08.14.2019

  10. The light is soft in winter, and it feels like the sky pushes down on you, compressed by a layer of cloud. The air, the atmosphere becomes denser, thicker, harder to wade through. We wait endlessly for the air to rise and expand.For spring.

    By Meredith on 08.14.2019

  11. What should she say? she asks herself, in a panic. Time is ticking. The answer is not presenting itself. She’s too dense to think. If she can’t respond soon, she won’t pass. But perhaps that’s not the worst thing in the world. Perhaps it’s easier just to let that happen. The inevitability of it. There’s an easy comfort to failure.

    By Meredith on 08.14.2019

  12. It’s Dense.
    Makes Sense.
    Thick. Heavy. Thud.
    Big Brick. Think Sick.
    Magically Poofs Into Dust.
    Hidden in Wall Is An Ounce of Lust.
    What Drives Such Misplaced Trust?

    By Thrussy O'Toole URL on 08.14.2019

  13. In the dense forest there was a little tiger cub that was lost, had no food, and was badly hurt.

    By Hunter URL on 08.14.2019

  14. The air can be what people call dense. Like when the air is humid or very thick it will feel dense.

    By Kaitlyn on 08.14.2019

  15. Dense is the meaning of something that is heavy.

    By Devon Jenkins on 08.14.2019

  16. Dense is the meaning of something heavy.

    By Devon Jenkins on 08.14.2019

  17. Some people are born with a dense layer of skin.

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.14.2019

  18. Dense is replacing the word heavy .

    By Dylon Jenkins on 08.14.2019

  19. dense is a closely compacted substance that is hard to break kind of like my skull

    By Mateo on 08.14.2019

  20. some people learn and others try to follow with but need help these people are called dense

    By stacey on 08.14.2019

  21. dense; there is plenty of things that can be dense, food can get dense when it gets moist.

    By chantal URL on 08.14.2019