November 9th, 2013 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “denim”

  1. Denim jeans at the seams they are so strong. Take them off toss em down and they lose the blue hue. Today I just made love to a woman with my blue jeans on. It was ruff but she loved the texture on her legs. Shes a whore but you know, it felt real enough. Like the jeans I was wearing they were synthetic but offered enough protection to keep me safe from the elements. Too bad I didn’t wear a rubber. I guess I’ll have to get another set 10 sizes smaller.

    By Jimbob Jones on 11.10.2013

  2. His jeans were torn, denim ribbons covered his knees. He was cold, but too proud to admit it or accept help. His coat kept out most of the chill. On the road side, he sang his denim blues to passing traffic, wanting to tell his story, but not letting anyone hear it. terrified, that someone might actually help him.

    By Emily URL on 11.10.2013

  3. I just love to wear my denim pants, it fit just right and it add something to psyche. Everywhere I go eyes are in my direction, wondering who is that man.

    By victor URL on 11.10.2013

  4. Denim is what jeans are made of. i think. I am not sure about what denim is okay. Anyway if its the material that i think it is then its pretty usefeul. denim bags are pretty cool. denim is a good material for casual wear and jackets

    By F.A on 11.10.2013

  5. She hated denim. It was cold against her skin and didnt give the warmtj of her wool pants. The cold north. Eastern weatber requireed warm layers a nd the denim jeams low cut and stiff had her feezingg on th cirner busstop.
    Yop. She pulled her short jscket tighter around her waist mentally willing the bus to come. It was aminute off and a hust of wind blew through her. Tomorrow. She waould layer her clothing with pantyhose socks ot someghing. This wind was a beast and her denim jeans wasill equipped to fight and stand against it

    By lee on 11.10.2013

  6. The denim of his jeans was worn white in spots, and the seams were fuzzy with wear, but they were determined jeans, jeans that had seen a great deal and would see a great deal more before they completely wore through.

    By mrsmig on 11.10.2013

  7. I put on my dark blue denim jacket. Anything can happen tonight. Like a blanket, covering me up, the thick and stiff blue fabric will provide me with an unshakable sense of confidence. Don’t be surprised that I wear it everyday.

    By Macha on 11.10.2013

  8. wow, did she look good in those jeans. not the new kind. the old kind with good seams, pockets made to hold things and not just for decoration. i hadn’t even seen her butt yet, which just fired my imagination…

    By Lee on 11.10.2013

  9. My favorite Super Mario Bros. joke: What is Super Mario’s favorite type of clothing?

    Denim denim denim! Denim denim denim!

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.10.2013

  10. Why do you tear it? The idea is not to work, but to have worked. Grimy, dirty frays, matched with a steel stare. I’m sorry, but there’s more to toughness than looks.

    By Holden URL on 11.10.2013

  11. I walked through the store seeing denim on the wall. I walked towards it and wondered how many types there were. I didn’t know why we needed so many different types of jeans, all you need is something to cover you up.

    By shelby on 11.10.2013

  12. The denim stuck to her legs, a sheath of taught, damp fabric that moved uncomfortably along with her every step. In this heat, she wanted nothing else than to trade the jeans for something less restrictive, but the harsh winds and biting sand required something protective.

    By Kristin URL on 11.10.2013

  13. Where would we be without denim. I just can’t imagine never wearing my jeans although my mother would never have dreamt of wearing them. You can dress them up or down – good for any occasion.

    By Alexandra on 11.10.2013

  14. ive seen miles and miles of skin
    a hundred pairs of genitals
    and countless bare asses

    yours shouldnt be any different
    under your jeans
    but knowing im the cause
    of your nakedness is


    By h. b. on 11.10.2013

  15. My jeans are denim, my jacket is denim, denim, denim, the biker’s blue. I wear denim uncommonly. Unlike bikers. At this point I’m saying nothing.

    By BikerBLU on 11.10.2013

  16. Why this word again? Does this website only know Oneword? OK, back on topic… uhmmm, BIKERS… all I can think of…

    By OneWordKnowsOneWord on 11.10.2013

  17. The material was rough on her fingertips as she pulled the jeans on. Four years ago she had been able to wear those jeans, before her three children. She had worked hard to get back into them.

    By Sarah Mathews on 11.10.2013