March 7th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “demonstration”

  1. Every day we demonstrate. We demonstrate our politics, our likes, our character. We demonstrate to others how we feel about them. It’s all part of our tiny little rebellions against those that tell us how we should be.

    By Taylor URL on 03.07.2012

  2. oh no this is about a demonstration!??? i had no idea!! what to do now?

    By Slade on 03.07.2012

  3. ohh my god willing to do I have a demonstrationlooks like I have to get home just a lot to talk about how much is in the whole thing by speaking textdoes anyone know how to demonstrate using the laptop speakers?

    By Slade on 03.07.2012

  4. Sixty people showed up, sadly. Me myself included. We started distrubuting this viral video online. A month or so passed. Nothing really happened.

    By Peter Longbeard on 03.07.2012

  5. The demonstration took on a life of it’s own and now there is a law against it.

    By cyndietodd URL on 03.07.2012

  6. Demonstration. Appreciation. Organization. Participation. Change the world.

    By Ciara Landon on 03.07.2012

  7. so this is it, time to do it, the one time i better get it right, and here is the reality, I gotta go tinkle.

    Yep, my whole life on the line, my coach’s and my Mom’s.

    By Dan Elliott Jr. on 03.07.2012

  8. I am a demonstrator. I am against Joseph kony in ugaganda. I believe demonstrations are a basic part of society and are required to let people express their personal views and opinions. It only takes one person to make a HUGE difference. STOP KONEY 2012!!! That’s all.

    By boib on 03.07.2012

  9. Of what? Dignity? Humility? She couldn’t imagine a reason for either and slashed sideways with the keys, digging into the car’s cherry finish with an ear-wrenching shriek of metal on metal. Too bad. He should have, she thought, demonstrated restraint.

    By Dollface on 03.07.2012

  10. Demonstration, normally how I learn, how children learn.
    I am setting a horrible example for little ones.
    Luckily I haven’t had any yet.
    And the day I do I hope and pray my life changes drastically from what it is today.

    By Kidd on 03.07.2012

  11. Stella was suddenly aware of her surroundings. She was on the floor, which was cold, hard, and possibly tiled. Her limbs ached, and she knew that pushing herself up would be an uncomfortable struggle that she (in her lethargic state) was dreading.

    By Dani Narins on 03.07.2012

  12. demonstrations are cool especially if they are in science class. i’ve seen a cool exploding demonstration in science class before. it was awesome because there was a test tube thing and the teacher put something in it and it got all bubbly and it wouldnt stop. and one other time it was also in science class. the thing exploded hahahahaahaha

    By Jena Yang on 03.07.2012

  13. we all piled into the classroom. the bell rang and the teacher, Mr. Potter, told us to, “sit down ya-whoos.” today was just like every other day. check the homework, get out our notebooks then take notes on his daily demonstration. later he would give us tomorrows homework. the bell would ring and class is over. he says “sit down ya-whoos.” then we all finally sit and he says “go away.”
    you think we would learn by now.

    By Annie on 03.07.2012

  14. when i need to try and give an example this is what i do. i show you exactly what needs to be done. or this is what you do to help me out. show me exactly what ou need me to do. step by step, it is a process often times that helps me understand what needs to be done. it can be a show. it can be scaffolding. it can be a presentation. It can be a video or an audio clip. i listen to directions.

    By Neena on 03.07.2012

  15. demonstration. What is it and why does anyone care? I sure don’t care but I’m writing about it right now. demonstrations can change everything. they can make people see things in different light or make you see it in the dark. What is a demonstration. Well that my friend you will just have to wait and see.

    By Anna Marie on 03.07.2012

  16. teaching and imparting knowledge, whether gleefully or not the professor speaks on his own time, watching the faces of the excited, or sometimes weary students, listening to the steady skritch of notes forming on paper. a sound he lived for. demonstration. the power to teach.

    By naomicb on 03.07.2012

  17. What the teachers do to show you what you’re supposed to do for a project or homework or whatever. Or on the airplane when they droll on and on about what you do when you’re about to die. They demonstrate that. Pretty boring, but very much needed. Demonstrate to create!!!! That is all I suppose.

    By Madie Hall URL on 03.07.2012

  18. demonstrating your own personality is the most courageous thing a person can do. nothing is better than an honest human being. honest with the world, honest with themselves, honest in all things. demonstrating this quality, above all others, is the best thing one can do to showcase themselves.

    By Olivia Bergen on 03.07.2012

  19. I glanced at the clock repeatedly hoping the dumb demonstration would soon come to an end. I was drooling at the though of getting to write my own fiction story, and my teacher wanted the universe to slow down as she taught the class how to write an opening. I ached for the reassuring feeling of the pencil in my hand, but her voice kept getting in the way of creativity. Two more minutes to joyous freedom of writing…

    By Caroline on 03.07.2012

  20. ‘Hold his head to the side,’ he boomed, ‘yes, just like that. Now saw in a circular motion.’
    She sawed at the puppy’s neck and the audience held in their gasps. It would be bad form for taxidermists to gasp. This wasn’t even the real thing, just a demonstration.

    By fionars URL on 03.07.2012

  21. to demonstrate the use of a vacuum cleaner is the least exciting thing i can think of doing for a living. the men who cruise from house to house doing this have to be a few of the saddest people in this world. suburban america makes me want to cry at the same time as it makes me long for safety.

    By anna URL on 03.07.2012

  22. A demonstration is showing someone how to perform a task or a certain skill! this is a really boring word, but that’s ok. I rarely give demonstrations, but if I were to give one.. I would probably teach someone how to do ballet. or I would teach someone to make pasta. ;)

    By Maddy on 03.07.2012

  23. To show something to convince others of your ideas or knowledge.

    By Madeline on 03.07.2012

  24. Cool demonstration, brah. I don’t know about you, but demonstrating is very fun and it’s almost like playing charades. That, or maybe even pictionary and then it won’t even give you a new microwave. Hot pockets, popcorn and chicken kickers are great foods to put in the microwave, however putting metal into a microwave is a very very bad thing to do.

    By bbb on 03.07.2012

  25. i saw a demonstration once about flea medication. It was pretty cool because we learned about how they test all the medications to make sure they don’t hurt the animals. a cat could ingest a bunch of it and still be totally OK. This also makes me think of info-mercials, which I love. I’m skeptical of the new wave oven. I wonder if it’s safe to cook food that quickly. Proabably not…

    By sarah elkeaikati on 03.07.2012

  26. i went to a tupperware demonstration once…it seems like a million years ago…i was about 10 years old and my mom dragged me along to this tupperware “thing”…all that tupperware and all those yakking ladies…

    By Jojo URL on 03.07.2012

  27. i will demonstrate in demonstration form to show everyone what i can do. in demonstrations it can be easy to demonstrate most things like food. other things what like to be demonstrated are toys they also like to be played with.things that like to be played with are men they like it alot.

    By Magel on 03.07.2012

  28. I like to demonstrate good behavior – that is, good character – to my students, my friends, my fellow citizens. I am not sure how effective demonstration is as a means of persuasion, or of passing information, or of presenting an idea. It feels integral, however.

    By John on 03.07.2012

  29. To demonstrate you tell, you demonstrate an opinion with a pic. It’s how you tell with speaking or pictures/ visual aid. Also, most kids get nervous when that have to do so in class

    By Becca on 03.07.2012

  30. Demonstration: an outward act. A protest, a plea An example. I want to demonstrate an ideal. To not give in to the overwhelming wrong.

    By Clare on 03.07.2012

  31. I demonstrated my ability to perform CPR on the hot guy that collapsed of heat stroke during the lacrosse game. Now he is my boyfriend. He gave me his Crabs lacrosse sweatshirt CHICKA CHICKA YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    By hey on 03.07.2012

  32. The demon demonstrated how demonish she could be by demonstrating all kinds of torture and black magic.. It was a demo of her demonology.. It was pretty devilish of her.

    By Mandy Henning on 03.07.2012

  33. I thought this was going to be a demonstration of what I’m supposed to be doing. I paused. Then I realised it was my word; the word I’m supposed to be writing about! Ooops!

    By Amy on 03.07.2012

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    bridget stop wow stop oh my god.. stop

    By bridget on 03.07.2012

  35. I just got this word. How disappointing. The last time I wrote about the Kardashian and sex toys, however this is widely inappropriate. Bad me, Oh well. I guess I’m demonstrating bad behavior.

    By Luke on 03.07.2012

  36. show someone how to do something. youre not doing it right, ill show you! give it here. urgh, cant get anyone to do things for me around here. ill give you a demonstartion. safety demonstration. exits are here and here. pretty scary stuff that flying was. maybe i need to travel more. need to get over being scared of stuff. its never as bad as i think its going to be, or as scary. ever. nowhere near. what the hell was that bell? weird, wonder if it means my times up, has it been a minute allready? time passes by so quickly when you dont want it to. but always drags when im at work. think i need a new job. actually, i definetly need a new job. i need to not be suicidal at work.

    By simone on 03.07.2012

  37. This is a demonstration of God’s power to us: Love. Miracles. the very knowledge that he is there. This is true demonstration of the spirit realm. and he has the most power of all.

    By gloria on 03.07.2012

  38. “Here,” she purrs, hands curling around the coiled hilt of the dagger. “Let me show you.”
    He swallows; Lord have mercy.

    By Amelie on 03.07.2012

  39. nothing in the world is better than a demonstration of love for the one who hold dearest to you. do it with a kiss. do it with a hug. do it with a note or a touch. more importantly demonstrate the love for yourself. always show the love for yourself. always. and always.

    By Brooke on 03.07.2012

  40. i used to go to demonstrations in London in the 70’s mainly Rock against Racism . They were more like Gigs or Festivals than demonstrations Punk Rock and Reggae Great !

    By dave stewart URL on 03.07.2012