July 15th, 2014 | 87 Entries

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87 Entries for “delighted”

  1. The worms writhe in the filth beneath our feet, fighting for whatever it is such things consume. Ripping each other to pieces over mere scraps, and to think that at one pint in history, this insignificant species was the mightiest in their galaxy, now reduced to vermin in the mud. An interesting race humans are.

    By Gabe villas on 07.15.2014

  2. IT was always nice to be able to go out with out a feeling of dread. To go out with a higher blooded troll who you truly adored. IT was delightful. getting to see new places and talk to different animals and just be with Tavros. You loved it. You loved it a lot.

    By paranoidKitsune on 07.15.2014

  3. I’m delighted that my room mate is coming home. Tell the truth, she was my big sister and my best friend. Well, adopted sister. So quickly we started having late night talks and hours of laughing and understanding eachother. My heart is delighted. She coming home.

    By gabri on 07.15.2014

  4. They were incredibly happy. Or just sitting in the dark. Delighted gives the idea that one is exactly that, caught without a light. Whether this means they’ve ended up in the dark or simply without a way to ignite their cigarette, it can prove to be a distressing experince. One way that scientists have suggested dealing with this is by throwing yourself into a fire, delightful.

    By Olivier URL on 07.15.2014

  5. “I was delighted once” he said woefully.

    “I’ve not had a cigarette since.”

    By Dav Matthews on 07.15.2014

  6. I would have been absolutely delighted to attend the wedding, had it not been for the fact that I hadn’t even been invited. It certainly didn’t help the matter that this was my best friend’s wedding, and it was her father – a corncob pipe-smoking, cowboy hat-wearing, silver-bearded narcissist from the Bible Belt – who was barring me from ever sitting by the aisle, let alone being a part of the wedding party.

    “He’s just jealous that you have a better relationship with your wife than he has with his,” my other friend Jack tried to joke. And I tried to smile. But it hurt too much.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2014

  7. The calico cat blinked slowly in the darkness; surrounded by twilight in howling skies. He was waiting for the magic to start. It usually took around an hour or two of night to drop before it revealed itself. And it never tired of revealing itself in myriad ways, from the banal to the utterly, draw-dropping. He never ceased to be delighted with the results. One time, the magic was simply revealed as a single gold leaf that spiraled slowly out of the sky. The leaf landed solemnly at his feet, pointing the way home, glinting in the semi-dark. Another time, a mysterious stranger revealed to him many mysteries of the universe, before vanishing at his feet. Strange, he thought, that humans never tapped into this ever-present source of insight – caught up as they were in a world he had never properly understood, involving celebrity and empty junk that glittered but, upon closer inspection, crumbled into dust. And at this, he stretched, purred, and sauntered into the night, blending with his surroundings completely.

    By story URL on 07.15.2014

  8. i was really delighted to hear your voice speak to me from the door. i knew you’d be back, but i had a bad feeling about that day, i was sure something had gone wrong. but it wasn’t you, i told myself,it couldn’t have been you. you were always the most clever of us two.

    By Luiza on 07.15.2014

  9. Delighted. How can you talk about such a feeling when the world keeps doing this to us. I know you are trying to help but my parents just told you to leave why are you still here. What are you doing stop please. I hate it when you do this. Yes I know your delighted to see me.

    By Sam on 07.15.2014

  10. She was delighted to see him standing there across the room in the tuxedo that he had worn senior prom. In his arms rested a small bouquet of flowers as his blue eyes searched the room looking for something. A small smile made its way upon his face as his blue eyes took in your complexion.

    By Andrew on 07.15.2014

  11. he was delighted to hear that she actually wanted to stay – although delighted may not have been the best word for his reaction. it was certain that he felt extremely happy over the sitautin, but there was also the matter that he’d been so worried that she would end up leaving without a trace that he couldn’t help but think he might’ve been lulled into a false but convincing state of security.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 07.15.2014

  12. your fingertips trace the edge of my collarbones, finding their way to my ribcage, traveling to my hipbones, touching, sensing, feeling. i can feel your breath in my ear, your eyes watching me with longing. i have never felt beautiful, but you are delighted in me. i am beautiful to you.

    By AK. on 07.15.2014

  13. A little spring in your step is a cliche but one committed in earnest. Running, giggling with joking delight toward the proverbial goalpost, tucking your worries behind your ear for the day.

    By jujubees on 07.15.2014

  14. I am delighted to see that not everyone is as crazy as me. It is delightful that there are some normal people out there, even if the normal people make me feel all the more crazy. But then I’m often seen as one of the normal people, if only people knew what life for me was like.

    By Crystal on 07.15.2014

  15. I was delighted when this site started putting up new words on the weekend and all I had to do was ask on Facebook. They are responsive and I appreciate these words getting overtime.

    By Bethany Herrington on 07.15.2014

  16. When I hear the word, I feel it as well. It’s not very intense for a sound-image, much like it isn’t an intense feeling. It’s more like a state of comfort to me. A state of content. And I wouldn’t call my current situation delightful.

    By Steven P. URL on 07.15.2014

  17. for the second time in my life, i find myself at a crossroads. i’m leaning towards one way,but there is a hand that is trying to guide me somewhere else,either way, ill be delighted to have known you

    By sean m on 07.15.2014

  18. how delighted i was on that day. 8 years ago or so when i shared a bed with you. you slowly inched yourself closer to me. every movement you made as you approached was like a volcano getting ready to explode

    By sean m on 07.15.2014

  19. delighted is not the word i would use to describe the feeling i had when i found out the fate of man. to survive is one way. the way if you will, but not true. live like you will never die. love like you can never run out. kiss like its the first and the last. it’s all one in the same

    By sean m on 07.15.2014

  20. delighted is not the word i would use to describe the feeling i had when i found out the fate of man. to survive is one way, but not true. live like you will never die. love like you can never run out. kiss like its the first and the last. it’s all one in the same. take a moment to breath and realize you’re alive

    By sean m on 07.15.2014

  21. “I am delighted by all the attention, I assure you, but please, one at a time!” He glanced at the woman standing in the entrance, then turned his attention to the phone again. “Can I call you back? I have a visitor.” The phone clicked, wordlessly.
    “Sorry about that.” he smiled to her, gesturing to a chair. “How can I help you?” The woman sat down, nervously, then looked up at him. “I’m trying to find my sister.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.15.2014

  22. Dawn was absolutely delighted at the fact Kenny had stopped to visit.
    “Kenny!” she exclaimed as she threw her arms aroudn her long time friend. He stumbled at the contact but replied with a weak laugh
    “Hey, can i come in? Your mom had me drop something off”
    “sure of course”
    The girl moved aside and allowed him to enter.

    By Kat on 07.15.2014

  23. Delight doesn’t even beign to explain the feeling throught his body.
    She was there, standing in front of him, just smiling and wearing modest clothes, but the gift in her hand made him chuckle.
    “What a cute rabbit,” he laughed. The pet squirmed in the girl’s arms as he petted it.
    It wasn’t just the animal that delighted him, it was the visitor herself.

    By Kat on 07.15.2014

  24. In a dark room,
    candles on cakes
    I stand in front
    center of attention
    no crown on my head
    but still the focal point
    of this party

    By YEsomebody on 07.15.2014

  25. He smiled as he pulled apart the wrapping and turned to me. “How did you do it?” He asked, grinning. I shrugged looking away.” I knew you hated the woman so why not?” He picked up the woman’s head and kissed me.

    By Flesh on 07.15.2014

  26. generous with spirit
    alight in my eyes
    there’s no better feeling
    to be free of remorse
    hate can wait and through
    all the distant murmurs
    relate the sun that makes me whole

    By Protean on 07.15.2014

  27. She never spoke. Speaking just wasn’t her thing, it gave her terrible anxiety, and she was better at writing anyways. She figured her words carried more weight that way, and besides, she told herself, it let him really spill out everything when he needed to talk. She couldn’t interrupt him, and in the same way, he couldn’t really interrupt her when she had to type her heart out- she figured it was a comfort the two of them relished in. However, she knew this was one of those rare times where she was alright speaking.

    “– but you don’t have to say yes or anything, I mean, I totally get it if you’re not up for marriage or anything, I swear! It’s all fine with me. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I’d lo-” She wondered how long she’d absently been staring him down, lost in her own thoughts. No wonder he was all over the place- her considerate face was normally mistaken for an “I-will-glare-daggers-into-your-soul” kind of look. “Hey.” She took his free hand and interlaced her fingers with his, a gesture which, at this point in their relationship, felt beyond natural. “Of course I’d be delighted to marry you, you numbnut.”

    By Rubbicube on 07.15.2014

  28. “I’m just delighted to meet you!” she exclaimed, pumping my hand and never breaking eye contact. I was happy to have made such a good impression already.

    “You’ll start Monday, if that’s all right with you?” She tacks on the question at the end of her statement in a way that makes me feel like she’s not used to being so assertive.

    By Simone on 07.15.2014

  29. “Oh, I would be delighted to help!” Clarice said. Rita wondered if she knew how insincere she really sounded.

    “Great,” Rita said. “Here, take this. Sweep all the clippings into the trash.”

    “Sure thing!”

    Rita scowled. Spending the summer working in her mother’s salon was proving insufferable.

    By Jenna on 07.15.2014

  30. Why is it that whenever I see, hear, read, etc. “Well I would be delighted!” that it sounds incredibly sarcastic? Must say a lot about the people who I often find “delighted to see me”.

    By Emily on 07.15.2014

  31. I would be delighted if there were some way on this website to write words from past days. There are days when one word is not enough. Similarly, though, there are days where one word is one too many.

    By Emily on 07.15.2014

  32. i am delighted to see my son’s report. I am delighted to see you they said, their wrinkled faces lighting up. When did you come? asked my Granny. She felt it a bit odd when I didnt reply immediately.

    By shetumitra on 07.15.2014

  33. I walked along the shoreline with my shoes in my left hand. The watery sand squished between my toes. I looked up the the cloudless blue sky and felt the sun shine down on my face, embracing me with its warmth. I have never felt so delighted to be alive.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.15.2014

  34. She was horrified. She looked at the expression on his face, disbelieving. He looked so expectant, black eyes shinning with happiness and delight. He looked at her. She looked back. Slowly his smile drooped.

    By Weiryn URL on 07.15.2014

  35. To say I was delighted the day father returned would be an understatement.
    I hadn’t expected him to be back so soon. My mother was also surprised but in a more negative way. She fainted upon spotting him. As soon as she did I turned to my father and asked, “So, do you miss sleeping in your coffin?”

    By Margarita on 07.15.2014

  36. I am so delighted to be here right now! So fucking thrilled. Thrilled to be alive in the mess of humanity on the fucked up planet of earth, in the vastest vastness beyond imagination of the universe, so insanely vast that in my lifetime, nothing from earth will even come close to discovering what is out there. It’s super cool to think that there is more to life than the little moment we have here in a single human body on a single planet, but why would that be so? Why not, I guess, but really, how? and why? and wherefore? Well, like I said, I am truly delighted right now. Love is everything.

    By Laurel on 07.15.2014

  37. The last time I came here the word was frazzled, so I’m delighted that today’s word is much more positive. I like the concept of delighted. It’s a happy thing. It’s darling. It’s distinct. It’s delightful. I feel like Cole Porter suddenly. I was to find words that make me happy, but the time has run out and I must be off. Oh yes, I am off.

    By michaelbuzz on 07.15.2014

  38. “Miss Lawson, I am just delighted to see you again.”
    Miranda turned, plastering a smile on her face as she did so. “Senator Joalin, Mister Joalin. A pleasure to see you both, as always. I had no idea you were coming to my little get together.”
    “Well we wouldn’t miss one of Chiron’s functions for the world, my dear. They do look ever so good on our charity lists.”
    The biotics smile didn’t waver even as her teeth found brief purchase on the inside of her cheek. “Chiron is always happy to help those in need, Senator.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.15.2014

  39. it’s days like these she finds impossible to tell him the truth.

    the sun is out like he loves (but she’s always preferred the iron-toned clouds) and his eyes are crinkling traitorously.

    “We need to talk.”

    By mirror on 07.16.2014

  40. Her eyes light up in delight as the plane descended towards the runway. She could see the fields, tiny houses, rivers and wide expanse of forests that dotted the countryside. She was where she was meant to be and she was happy.

    By Lei on 07.16.2014