June 21st, 2016 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “deity”

  1. In my youth she was a deity, golden and glowing and mighty.

    The golden glow was always bound to fade, but nonetheless, in my heart a deity she remained.

    By Elanor Dixon on 06.22.2016

  2. The sun was in her mouth, and her eyes often flashed with lightning. Staring directly at her, too long, was the stuff of dares and nightmares.

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.22.2016

  3. the supreme diety rules over all of our thoughts and actions and we really have no control over any pf them. However if we acknowledge the true diety, we will find within ourselves the supreme natu

    By Reuben Jacob URL on 06.22.2016

  4. God, my first and last love and that are my parents. I am nothing without them. Just because of them i came in this world and see the nature and feels it. they are all

    By rajwant kaur URL on 06.22.2016

  5. A diety landed from the sky to the earth to solve all the problems on the earth but failed!

    By Shilpa on 06.22.2016

  6. what is it? idk what i have to write, but i’m just testing this site, gua harap ini bisa ddipake buat diary agensi gua please tunjukin kalo lu bagus

    By Gollum URL on 06.22.2016

  7. The deity was different to everyone who perceived it. For some cultures, there was a deity in each class of plants and every kind of rock. For others, there was one, which lurks somewhere in subspace, and you knew it was there, directing and moving. There were others who believed that there were deities in every cell and organ in our bodies. And most others, believe their plants were deities, which all the sentient beings were a part, each of us a cell in this larger organism.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.22.2016

  8. This is an interesting one. I mean, I think people put too much into what they call deities, and I think that humanity has suffered because of it. Granted, everyone is entitled to believe what they will, but it seems lots of them do things in the name of their deity and mankind suffers as a result. It makes me sad.

    By Nicole on 06.22.2016

  9. A God or Goddess of a certain culture like the goddess of the sea and the god of the sea with his pitch fork.

    By meghan on 06.22.2016

  10. The deity was the god of thunder, Zeus the king of the gods.

    By caden on 06.22.2016

  11. Deity’s are another word for gods or goddesses. Greeks thought all the time that they saw deitys.

    By caden on 06.22.2016

  12. Many Greeks and Romans were said to be the sons and daughters of a deity like Hercules.

    By caden on 06.22.2016

  13. god. goodness. perfection. balance. harmony. progress.


    By zen4juancho on 06.22.2016

  14. god. goodness. perfection. balance. harmony. progress.

    diety? the mood you’re in when you feel like you should be on a diet, but can’t really “afford” to commit just yet.


    By zen4juancho on 06.22.2016

  15. god. goodness. perfection. balance. harmony. progress.

    diety? the mood you’re in when you feel like you should be on a diet, but aren’t ready to commit just yet.

    deity. the mood you’re in when you feel like you should be doing good, but aren’t ready to commit just yet, so you pass the buck to a deity.

    By zen4juancho on 06.22.2016

  16. God almighty smite that ignorant asshole in apartment 3. I left him my key for emergencies, and you know what happens, I come home one night and there he is, sitting in my chair, with my face on, watching MY tv.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 06.22.2016

  17. Someone up above and “supposedly” benevolent. Something some believe and some don’t. A symbol of support and hope.

    By Vaishnavi Mendu on 06.22.2016

  18. A symbol of hope and support for some and a pretty doll for others.

    By Mendu on 06.22.2016

  19. In the world of the ancients, every aspect of their lives had a divine connection. I wish that today, we would continue to see the Earth and all of her aspects as divine. Perhaps we would forge a specific relationship with her, respect her, and live in harmony with her.

    By Austin Helms on 06.22.2016

  20. She practically floated into the room. Like on a cloud. The crowd fanned out and faced her, each wearing a distinct look of awe. No one could deny it, she was

    By ml on 06.22.2016

  21. The deity,, I am not even sure I know what that word means. It means like a god or some spiritual almighty being that is all powerful. I think anything is more powerful than the human race. This world is full of demons ready to take your money at the push of a button. There are no genuine people just people out there willing to put you down just to build them selves up. My naysayers do not hide their distance of me without question. I ask if I am so beneath them why do they have to belittle me still?

    By Kay on 06.22.2016

  22. My deity is my love –
    It drives me, begs me to be perfect.
    Be selfless, be admiring.
    Use me unconditionally,
    It says.

    By Kumquat on 06.22.2016

  23. DAD

    Those big strong hands, nimble and gifted, always tapping, scraping, painting, fixing. In seventy five years they had carved up the carcasses of hundreds of head of cattle, built countless houses, crafted tables, chairs and cricket bats and had nursed the engines of hundreds of cars and trucks back to life. They’d held the innocent heads of his own flesh and blood and had also found their mark when those babes grew old enough to talk back.

    Now they tremble and can’t hold his cup of tea. He settles in to his chair for morning tea in any case and fixes himself in line with the ray of sunlight bouncing off the ranges. The winter up here can be bitter and there is a whiff of snow in the breeze. But he lifts his face and feels the sun.

    His children no longer come by. He misses his grandchildren, their boisterous crashing and shouting. But his son and daughter and all of their complications just got too much for him, he couldn’t make sense of it and all the worry left him shaking. It is easier this way he reconciled. One gulp of tea down. A little warmth to fill the hole in his heart.

    By bb333 on 06.22.2016