August 31st, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “dehydrated”

  1. Whenever I get dehydrated, I pass out. Well, no. First, I feel faint. Then, my balls start to sweat. Suddenly, I feel like I’m having an orgasm. Then that feeling turns to a churning painful feeling in my belly. Then I sweat profusely. Then I fall and die.

    By Ryan Adams on 09.01.2012

  2. cold and a bit lonely. the feeling of isolation and grasping for an extra breath. emotions have run dry and a constant struggle to reach for help. lost and forgotten. thats all i have.

    By Joe on 09.01.2012

  3. it’s so uncomfortable, you just wanna die. Make sure to drink lots of water!!!! Your throat gets all dry and just try to avoid it, and the headache is killer. Not to mention it’s dangerous.

    By Josh on 09.01.2012

  4. Is when a camel has decided to infiltrate your mouth and bring the entire sahara with her. And then she’ll put up flowers to make it cozy. Afterwards she’ll chill with a nice ice tea. Lemon ice tea. Yeah, that’s dehydration for ya.

    By Øffy on 09.01.2012

  5. sometimes when I get really thirsty I don’t get up to drink water because the water would be down a flight of stairs so I just say to myself “how important is water reaaaaally” then I do’t actually get up and get the water so I just lay there with my parched throat ready to take on the world

    By Ayat Elhag on 09.01.2012

  6. I sometimes feel dehydrated, in the summers. It is a horrible feeling. I feel exhausted, and annoyed. But then i know LOADS of water awaits me. Yumm. Water has a taste one can’t define. It’s absolutely delicious! Really! It is! I love water, and I love how awesome it makes me feel, at the end of an exceptionally tiring day.

    By Abhilasha on 09.01.2012

  7. one time in the desert my mama and me were ridin my brothers new camel and it was super hot and then my brother wasnt with us because it was so hot my mama said he was dehydrated i dont know where he went but my mama said well be with him eventually

    By Andrew on 09.01.2012

  8. Dehydrated. Hmm. This is the second time that I am doing this exercise. It is a lot of fun, to be honest. I enjoy doing this exercize. Anyway, that is off-key. So. Dehydration is one of my least favorite feelings. It feels weird, and my stomach and head begin to hurt. But then I drink some juice and it gets fine again. Amen. O:)

    By Abhilasha on 09.01.2012

  9. You can get dehydrated afer drinking a looot of beer and if you also dance and you smoke once in a while, you will need to get a coke to get through it.

    By Nicole on 09.01.2012

  10. I sometimes feel like this on really hot or humid days, my throat feels parched and i’m craving nothing else but water. I am able to drink about 5 glasses at the most of water.

    By Brennen on 09.01.2012

  11. When the water is drained from you,
    You are dehydrated.This is a dangerous state.
    Especially in summer’s. Please hydrate with your
    Beverage of choice.

    By Robin on 09.01.2012

  12. I feel so dehydrated when u dont talk to me or we have a fight that is unresolved…. dono why///// its a mixed feeling of suffocation and dehydration…….. so sick n tired..n wen everythng is bak to normal……….wow…………its like i had a sack full of ORS ;-)

    By chaacha on 09.01.2012

  13. o my god, i’m so dehydrated i’m gonna die, omg, omg omg. gimme some water, pleaseeeee, my god, i’m gonna dieeeeeeee! help, this heat is nasty, it’s like 1000 degrees here!!, fuckitty fuck, fuck! help me. oh, no, i got some water here, never mind.

    By juan camilo bermúdez molina URL on 09.01.2012

  14. man hat kein wasser mehr aber braucht welches genau weiß ich nicht was das ist aber man hat auf jeden fall lange keines mehr getrunken und sonst st

    By Saskia on 09.01.2012

  15. so thirsty. I can’t remember a time when I’ve been as dehydrated as I am now. the saliva is almost completely gone from my tongue and swallowing is excruciating. I don’t know where to go, what to do. all I see is water, water, everywhere, yet not a drop to drink.

    By jess on 09.01.2012

  16. It is something which is not wet – the opposite. It is dried up.
    For example: dehydrated flowers or plants.
    Eben ausgetrocknet! (German)

    By LiJiMo on 09.01.2012

  17. i dont really know what it is. you are dehydrated if you need water very urgently. it is also if it is very warm.

    By write on 09.01.2012

  18. Water taken from me. Football practices in the heat of the day. Need. Need. Want. Water jugs. Replenish my body. Gatorade commericals. Exhausted but pushing harder. Sweat. No sweat. Dead.

    By cortnee on 09.01.2012

  19. One day I realized that if I wouldn’t drink water I would be dehydrated. Sometimes though there are other things that you need in life that dehydrate you, you need to have happiness you have to have the other things or else you are dehydrated. Sometimes after a wild night and too much alcohol you may be dehydrated too, so it can go both ways really.

    By Eduardo URL on 09.01.2012

  20. Dry as a bone and thirsty for who knows what. That’s what she thought upon awakening from a deep but disturbing sleep. Did she need water or maybe something else.?

    By Jeanne51 on 09.01.2012

  21. Really thirsty. So thirsty. I’m in a desert and there is no water around. Just dirt and the sky above me. No clouds. Nothing. I have danced into this desert and now I can’t get out. It’s inhibiting. I’m thirsty. So thirsty. Just a drop. A drop of something. Anything. I might as well drink my own urine. I can’t do this anymore. I’m dying. Dying. Dying. Drying. Thirsty. Dirty. I’m giving up.

    By Isaac Middleton URL on 09.01.2012

  22. It is hard to keep drinking all the water necessary after having bypass surgery. the want 80 ounces od protwin and 64 ounces of fluid, (Water). that is a lot to put in a 2 oz pouch.

    By Kimi on 09.01.2012

  23. My life is so dry, so empty. I have nothing since he left me. Now his gone I’m on my own, im all dried up, I’ve never felt like this before, i feel so useless. Why am i here? I mean nothing. My life is so dehydrated.

    By mee123 on 09.01.2012

  24. This is the way I walk – slowly, with an uneven pace, panting as the last bits of liquid from my body squeeze laboriously from the sun-scorched pores on my face, oozing with silent desperation toward my needy tongue.

    By Ben on 09.01.2012

  25. I just wanted something, anything to help quench the burning thirst in my throat. I looked to the large vial in the middle of the room with envy, though I was too smart to not know that it was a deathtrap. I had seen what that did to the others who had dared to take a drink, and their twisted corpses kept me in line, at least for the time being.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 09.01.2012

  26. I walked slowly down the hallway in school, one hand holding the wall as I took support from it. I was starting to get worried now. What began with a slight headache had now turned to be extreme dizziness and blurred vision. I saw a few people look at me with concern as they walked by. I saw a guy I know walk toward me and started talking to me alarmed but I heard none of his words. The last thing I remember is feeling pounding in my head and strong arms wrap around me as everything went black. I woke up to a squeaky mattress and green walls. The school nurse told me I was severely dehydrated. The guy was still there, looking with concerned eyes. I smiled, assuring him I was fine now and he smiled back.

    By famk on 09.01.2012

  27. Being back in COlorado has been a very life changing experience for me. There was one point in life when I knew that I could handle the arid dryness of this state but now since being back from living in Nebraska, I CANT FRICKEN STOP DRINKING WATER! So, anyways, I accidentally clicked the back button and now it has given me two minutes. So, more on dehydration: It is a completely handicapping feeling. I get dizzy.

    By sean on 09.01.2012

  28. there was no water, nothing left at all. she looked to the sky in search of a cloud. nothing. nothing at all. one wonders where the water went. nothing. it left. Why, because no one cared, or thought about it and those who cared had no voice. nothing. no way to shout out. Parched throat.

    By Rosie Keller on 09.01.2012

  29. possessive obnoxious out of oxygen… totally insane … lousy sick and out of mind,, no air no life

    By mehru on 09.01.2012

  30. medcine or psy things! water.. day wasted

    By Shadya URL on 09.01.2012

  31. dehydration is what happens when a person of animal does not consume enough water in a specific time. What happens is that the organism does not have enough fluid in their bodies to function properly.

    By Emma on 09.01.2012