February 19th, 2017 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “degree”

  1. It was fifteen degrees outside that day. All the snow was melted, the birds were singing — summer was coming. She inhaled the fresh, warm air and let the sun kiss her bare arms which hadn’t seen the light in months.

    By Maddy on 02.19.2017

  2. The degree of which this is a serious matter is quite high. Maybe higher than most degrees. The fact you can laugh when things are so chaotic baffles me. I am a bit jealous, really. I can’t ever smile when my mind is filled with stressful things. Before I can feel joy, this issue must be solved.

    By Brianna L on 02.19.2017

  3. All at once the degree overwhelmed her. It took her by surprise and changed her life. The degree she thought meant so much, understood as pivotal and held in such high judgement – it crumbled beneath her. Leaving only opportunity she did not yet see.

    By Kayleigh P on 02.20.2017

  4. the certificate of honor received after 4 years of studying major and minor subjects according to one’s ability to comprehend those subjects by appearing for session-wise examinations – verbal and written.

    By Mahasweta on 02.20.2017

  5. She got a degree for college. Finally, she passed. She was so excited, and she could hardly believe she had truly gotten a degree. The degree meant so much to her, and to her family.

    By Wendy on 02.20.2017

  6. degree = grado.

    Y así, empecé a escribir de buen grado. La verdad es que no entiendo cómo fui capaz de desaprovechar toda la mañana dándole vueltas al asunto. ¿Tan tonto soy, realmente? ¿Tan incapaz me veo a mi mismo como para no creerme hábil para escribir 100 malditas palabras?

    By David on 02.20.2017

  7. The weather had turned sweltering overnight. Even in the early hours of the morning, she could feel the weight of the heat as she stepped outside. She closed the door and started down the street, her legs growing heavy in the humidity. “It’s just six blocks. Nothing more.”

    By Bridget Grace on 02.20.2017

  8. I don’t have a degree in Accountancy. It’s quite hard to get a very good job in accounting field when you don’t have a higher qualification than diploma.

    By maz on 02.20.2017

  9. Ich frier.
    Alles ist so kalt.
    Ich werd nicht warm…
    kann es nicht endlich warm sein.

    By Anuri URL on 02.20.2017

  10. It is 100 degrees out. It is so hot that my tee shirt is sticking to my back, and my hair feels like I just jumped in a swimming pool.

    By Elissa on 02.20.2017

  11. It is 100 dagrees out. It was so hot that my hair was sticking to the back of my neck, and my tee shirt was sticking to my back, and felt like I had jumped in a pool.

    By Elissa on 02.20.2017

  12. Degree. Is it like degree in weather or degree in math, angles? It is about 44 degrees F right now, in Seattle, where I am. That’s what I think of.

    By circusgymgirl on 02.20.2017

  13. Degree. Is it like degree in weather or degree in math, angles? It is about 44 degrees F right now, in Seattle, where I am. That’s what I think of when I hear degree. I like it this temperature, maybe a bit colder because I like the cold. When I was little I used to say I had ‘warm-powers,’ because I was, and still am, rarely cold.

    By circusgymgirl on 02.20.2017

  14. if you can take rejection to its farthest degree
    and throw it the trash can that’s filled with age-stenched bannnas,
    if friends want to lure you into their own pleasure-filled indulgences
    that you yourself may want to do
    but your endeavors stand high up on a balcony,
    a pope preaching to the many little neurons that speak selfishly,

    When all guilt and discomfort avalanches on your thickest visor,
    if you can grow the beak
    of that visor,

    if you can surround yourself around the needy
    the greedy
    the one-dimensional thinkers, and
    exert a force great enough
    to magnify magnanimous openings through pupil-dilation
    then, you,
    my friend,
    might just be at a degree
    of self-justification.

    By Milad URL on 02.20.2017

  15. I cannot take one more snowflake. I cannot take a thermometer registering at single digits or worse yet–digits with a – in front of them. I need sun and warmth to the nth degree.

    By Elementary on 02.20.2017

  16. So yes, I was involved in the conspiracy…to a certain, subtle degree. I wasn’t the one calling the shots, nor the one on the frontlines, holding the gun. I wasn’t the one in front of the computer, typing up mantras and fascist slogans to hold the rabid sheep at bay. Instead, I wear my suit, I shook hands at parties, and I made everyone comfortable. Very, very comfortable.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.20.2017

  17. I was talk to my mom about a bachblors degree. She was telling me that it was going to be hard and believe me it was hard.

    By angel on 02.20.2017

  18. She had graduated. She had gotten her college degree. And now she had no idea what to do next. She was worried she wasn’t going to get a good enough job to pay for a house, a car, and food. Would she get a good enough job? Yes! Yes, she would! Because she was Barbara Millicent Roberts! And Barbara Millicent Roberts never gave up!

    By Julianne Engel on 02.20.2017

  19. I can think of two different types of degrees. 1.) a college degree. 2.) DEODORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you and good night!!!!!

    By Mystery Girl on 02.20.2017

  20. I don’t have a degree but the word reminds me of a pizza commercial for papa johns pizza you know the whole “love at 425 degrees” great now in hungry

    By ian URL on 02.20.2017

  21. Degree has several meanings. It could be the measurement we use for temperature. It can also mean the term for what we earn at the end of college. It can also mean something similar to variant in as “To what degree would you go to make your position known.”

    By Robin on 02.20.2017

  22. it is 80 degrees out. my mom got her masters degree in scollege. i dont like it when the degrees are really high. do you degree or disagree? i do not want my children to get a degree.

    By laura on 02.20.2017

  23. degree well I like to think that I can direct my body heat to one spot making it more degrees than it was before

    By ian URL on 02.20.2017

  24. The degree of my anger is a slight 30 percent. I’m sliding slowly down into a pit because of this degree, but I could just as easily walk back up. For some reason, I don’t. I’m scared that I never will.

    By Lote on 02.20.2017

  25. The temperature was 10 degrees below freezing.

    I don’t know what a “Bachelor’s degree” is.

    By Jada Engel on 02.20.2017

  26. I woke up in a haze. The sun was beating down on the left side of my face, gleaming through the windowpane that had once shaded my bed from light. I had to gather myself and prepare for the day ahead. In only a few short hours I would be capping four years worth of hangovers and holding a degree.

    By Joe on 02.20.2017

  27. I’ve spent four years watching your actions, observing your moods, calculating with difficulty how to make a conversation effortless. Scholarships and tuitions fees. A piece of paper between us, declaring I have earned the right to predict your future, that I can read your mind. I have put the hours in, I am the expert. My mouth moves as if it is yours, surely, the words leaking out are not from me but from you.

    By Ai URL on 02.20.2017

  28. i has a degree no i don’t I’m sorry no caps lock of punctuation i is derp nope 60 secs nope what degrees are from college woo degrees are cool i think you can get them for writing

    By Payton on 02.20.2017

  29. He never wanted to go to school or get a degree, not even one from high school. He never dreamed about going to college or leaving home. He loved where he was, the land and woods and hills; the animals, the smell of the earth and the rush of the wind. He would run for hours in the woods; come home muddied with his clothes all torn. His mother would look him up and down and shake her head. She had made him, so she couldn’t fault him. He’d come the way she’d made him and there was no getting around it. His father had been the same; not one to live in the world with all the others, doing what all the others wanted to do. But if she thought too much about it, she grew alarmed and frightened. She remembered this child’s father, and in particular, the last night he had spent on thjs earth. When the shadow of this memory would sweep her brow, she’d touch her boy’s head and feel his hair and pull her to him, holding him tightly. Could she protect him, she wondered? Could she really ever protect him from anything or anyone? Could any mother? And like all mothers, she knew the terrible answer.

    By ruby on 02.20.2017

  30. I sit by the window and the lying Spring breeze blows my hair across my cheek while the sun slants through the window striping me in varying degrees of shadow all lighter than a dark heart.

    By Katie Wiggin on 02.20.2017

  31. a doctors degree, 100 degrees

    By Phoenix on 02.20.2017

  32. degree? college? future plans? why is it that I have to know what I want when 6 months ago I had to raise my hand to use the bathroom. I’m lost in this world. especially in college, I’m not cut out for this shit. can I even do this?

    By nic on 02.20.2017

  33. There is a degree of difficulty in just about anything you attempt. The higher the degree, the more satisfying it is to achieve the task. You may fine that successfully completing easy tasks gives you a high number of ticks on your personal list, but just one difficult task eclipses a dozen easy ones.

    By Alia on 02.20.2017

  34. I had to make a choice.

    The two paths in front of me stretched far beyond my sight, like long rivers – fury in their white rapids and serenity in their still meanders – and though their bends would drew near each other, they remained separate all the same. I could not see where they would meet, or where they would part – the pain of choosing one over the other, a cruel choice between pragmatism and subjectivity, words that surely contradict each other in meaning but share a common nature: love or love? Yet if I choose one, I cannot bring myself to say that I chose love.

    I made a choice to have both in my life. Love is in pragmatism and love is in subjectivity, pillars to build a foundation on my reality – but the void between them I will feel cause their echoes to reverberate in my mind, and all I can manage is to watch from five feet behind.

    I guess that’s what you get with degrees in Japanese Language & Literature and Communication Studies. I didn’t even mention poor fate of Ecological Restoration…

    By Robert on 02.20.2017

  35. To a certain degree.

    That seems like a reasonable unit of measurement when you’re asked a question or someone is asked a question about the extent of something. Their reply is, “To a certain degree.” It seems innocent and reasonable at first until you really think about it.. doesn’t it?

    Have you ever really thought about how vague that is? Next time someone tells you, “To a certain degree,” think about it.

    By Lee on 02.20.2017

  36. The day was finally here. I made it this far, and I’m so proud of myself. I’m walking up the stage, shaking hands with people and finally, finally the degree is in my hand.

    By sammy URL on 02.20.2017

  37. “Look what you’ve done,” Mirage hissed. “After everything I’ve given you–that’s what you have to say? This is what you do?”

    “Leave them,” Irina wrinkled her nose. “It’s not worth it, Re.”

    “Like hell, it’s not worth it! I slaved for this degree,” Mirage cracked her knuckles. “Blood, sweat and tears poured into a thankless journey to be certified for something I can do in my sleep–because I’m IMMORTAL!”


    “There is nothing on the face of this earth that is forcing me to accept this kind of treatment from creatures beneath me.”

    “Hey–humans are just–well,” Irina faltered when that damning gaze fixed on her. She swallowed hard.

    “I’m done. That’s it. This is it. I’ve done more than my fair share. I’ve sacrificed everything I had to offer,” Mirage began to glow, a faint, silvery hue. “It’s on your shoulders now. All of you. Live the live you wish for and may it be exactly as wretched as you desire!”

    By Sara H. URL on 02.20.2017

  38. The degrees of everything fluctuates that the stability of everything crumbles.

    Nothing is the same to everything and to everyone.

    By abe URL on 02.20.2017

  39. The time has come. After months and months of hard word I finally got it. My very own law degree.

    By sponge on 02.20.2017

  40. It felt as if ere a million degrees in the desert-like oasis they were stranded in. No water, no life, as if nothing existed at all. An empty lifeless horizon awaited them, there was nothing they could do.

    By Sapphire on 02.20.2017