June 18th, 2008 | 209 Entries

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209 Entries for “deep”

  1. in the ocean lives the cthulhu. wound that goes down so much that no more blood flows. Where horrible things live that don’t even go bump in the night, that seep into the edges of our imagination. They impinge on our consciousness.

    By Luan on 06.19.2008

  2. He dove deep into the water and went down and down and still down and still he had not yet reached the the bottom of the deep water. Could he make it? His lungs were burning. What would he do ? What should he do. Could he go deeper. Was there a reason.

    By dd on 06.19.2008

  3. Deep, deep, deeper they plunged into the forest, stopping not for tree nor overgrown vine not animal. No, they had a more flagitious goal.

    By L on 06.19.2008

  4. Deep in the ground here I lay. Not quite lifeless and cold, but progressing there quickly. My husband. The one I “loved”. Ha love is a trap for which we fall for everyday, and have it jerked away.

    By Ashley B on 06.19.2008

  5. well the pool in my yard is deep. it goes down to about 9 feet. but that is not deep compared to the center of the earth, which is really deep into the earth. I don’t think it is possible to go down that deep to the center of the earth. I can barely hold my breath at 9 feet deep water. I used to be able to last summer. I guess I need to practice getting down that far again.

    By erich on 06.19.2008

  6. Kate was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t realize when she’d stepped out of daisy field and onto the dirt road. She blinked at the dirt in front of her and looked both ways. To one side was her home, to the other the unknown. Which way should she go?

    By Jessica J. Zimdars on 06.19.2008

  7. like the ocean, puddles splashing in winter, thinking thoughts for loved ones, holding tightly to those you miss, lower me down to the depths of despair, where i swim with the dolphins

    By kiki on 06.19.2008

  8. sleep is deep
    my girlfriend’s eyes are also deep
    some guys in russia dug a really deep hole and thought they could hear sounds from hell
    if there was a hole going to the centre of the earth i guess that would be deep too.

    By snowboy on 06.19.2008

  9. whenever someone says they don’t like people who “try” to be deep i am instantly offended. because how can you really tell if someone is “trying” to be deep, or if they really just are? i mean, don’t we all have the capacity? isn’t it just a choice as to whether or not we take things on surface level, or if we read between the lines?

    By lizziface on 06.19.2008