June 10th, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “debut”

  1. A debut is considered ro be when a person is intruded into society. This is mostly seen in high class family even though it can be presented in middle income. A debit included a women Brough in. Mostly seen with manner.

    By Abigail on 06.10.2021

  2. New experience which person have in his life. Something that can give a lot of oportunities.

    By Alina on 06.12.2021

  3. I did my first writing debut in 2015. I was so excited about it. I love writing poems and fictional stories and that was my first ever writing gig. Never looked back. I go by the name – The Marketing Pixel.

    By Saumya on 06.12.2021

  4. the debut of the show was formal and splendid but I was afraid in the room. wonderig if I was ever going to survive the onslaught of good chear and love well…that’s a hard thing to service isn’t it but sometimes when you don’t agree with what is being said its hard to not say stupid stuff that will create a situation where you will be fucked

    By Jennifer on 06.12.2021

  5. Clara was making her debut at the debutant ball and it was going to be an amazing evening. Her gown shone like a silver fish and she imagined herself swept under the crowd of laughing men as if she was a trout being dragged under stream. Everyone thought she looked so happy, how could they not see the pain behind her pink lips? A man grabbed her arm and she screamed

    By Mary on 06.12.2021