December 29th, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “dash”

  1. dash. Das könnte irgendwas mit Geschirr sein. Oder Müll. Trash. Ich weiß es nicht. Ich bin genervt, weil ich heute so lange an der Übersetzung gearbeitet hab und weil sie immer noch nicht fertig ist. Weil das alles so kompliziert ist. Weil ich die Wörter nicht kann.

    By Lisa URL on 12.29.2016

  2. One finger slid down the communiqué to hold his place, while the shockwaves of the shells pushed the walls in an out and caused the gas lamp to pirouette in desperate bids to escape the hung nail, while the local people pushed desperately in and out against each other to escape the city walls and save themselves from a final pirouette to the ground, clasping hands over the hole in their chests. The other finger listened carefully to the blown lines of brain transmitting from the other end of the table, resting on the bronze crown of the thumb lever, sometimes pounding quickly in staccato, mimicking the hollow echoes from the near distance, transmitting, at a speed at which all those clumping bodies in the streets would like to have moved, somewhere in the far distance and the unseen distance and only if the lines were not cut, more or less because the transmitter’s body shook independent of the walls, the news of the retreat. And sometimes between explosive bursts the finger fell and rested, like the bodies on the far end of the city, and stayed down like a long sigh in the lines, or like the last exhalation of a body slumped over a still desk, the cracks of death moved past him and further into the distance, and a final transmission held indefinitely by the weight of a leaking chest.

    By mattlock URL on 12.29.2016

  3. I was craving a sandwich, and I needed some cash, so I made a mad dash to the ATM to pick up some green stash. The blinking lights on the console gave me super grim news; my bank account was wiped out (good ol’ financial blues). So I sat by the bus stop, begging for change, aching for two slices of bread with cheese and meat that was free range.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.29.2016

  4. Dash away from the pain, from the memories of the olden days and open yourself up to the new opportunities that life gives you. Give yourself that opportunity to learn how to love yourself and love others the way you want to be loved. You are worth better!

    By Madi on 12.29.2016

  5. Dashing or to do a dash.

    By nytrist URL on 12.29.2016

  6. So he’s skipping through the lanes, finding leaves that look rustled, and he’s gone. The sun’s out. Past the tree’s, the barrier hiding his horizon. Under the dirt, the water flows. Land moves, terrain scribbles, dirt and insects dashing past his feet as he runs. Lights on and she’s waiting

    By bobby on 12.29.2016

  7. Dash
    A dash of hope
    A dash of regret
    A dash of hatred
    A dash of exhaustion

    These are the things that make up my mind,
    And I’m feeling dashed over
    By the one who should love me

    By Monachopsis on 12.29.2016

  8. Every nerve screaming with fire. Pain. urgency as my lungs are about to burst. My legs quaver and wobble but I musn’t stop. If I stop, if i look back, pause, or hesitate for only a moment, they’ll be upon me. And what happens after that puts more speed to my flight. Freedom is elusive, but as long as I am running, I may still have a chance. As long as I’m moving I might still get free.
    Once I stop, everything will stop. And for me it will never start again.

    By terradi on 12.29.2016

  9. dashing through the snow, on skies and under the sky, clear as day or black as night. cold air swirling around him, snowflakes falling, falling with him.

    By firelight on 12.29.2016

  10. You train your whole life. You are 26. You’ve never had a drink of anything but water. You’ve never had anything with any sugar. You have only ever known a life of work and sweat. You only know what it is to push.
    You travel half way across the world, you are signed up for a race that really can’t last more than eleven seconds.
    Your trainer gives you the same pep talk, your mom says she’s proud, your friend says you will win no matter what: “It’s inevitable.”
    You are ready.
    You breathe in.
    You breathe out.
    The shot rings out-
    And you’ve lost.
    You’ve just lost the Olympics:
    by .02 seconds.

    By Meg on 12.29.2016

  11. she looked at his dashboard
    so clean
    only the stain
    of last night’s coffee cup
    and the blood of the deer
    stained the black leather
    as they looked over the car
    in the wrecking yard.

    By Courtney on 12.29.2016

  12. run, run
    as fast as you can
    we only have so much time
    let’s make the dash
    as beautiful as we can
    live to the fullest
    spend your time on the things you love
    follow your heart
    chase your dreams
    time will disappear
    it’s never as long as it seems.

    By poetwarrior on 12.29.2016

  13. arms crossed and the goods careening out
    grocery bags stumble and kiss the ground
    she’s running and-
    is something before or behind?
    is a woman more likely to run away or have
    something desperate to get to before her?
    the rape statistics, the catcalls, the fear in her
    eyes never turns down
    the dial up high – but still
    damn, there’s a lot, a goal, a peaked tower
    a place to be and woman’s right to fucking be there –
    to aim for

    By Saudade on 12.29.2016

  14. It makes me think of the little boy in the incredible’s or a line on a paper. Something fast. Something to cross out a mistake. A dash or to dash. Sometime’s I think I am not quick enough or my words aren’t correct so I must “dash” them out or cross them out.

    By Grace on 12.29.2016

  15. A dash of hope and a sprinkle of laughter. The elderly man sat on the front porch and watched the volunteers work on his dilapidated home. A tear came to his eye. His wife came out and he put his arm around her. Who knew such love could come from a group of teenagers.

    By Anon on 12.29.2016

  16. So as the girl dashed away from her home she used to know, she ran towards the woods where she had no idea of what was to come. She had a few things with her, but not much. She knew that she was on her own now. Where would she go, how would she manage. How would she survive?

    By Rhiannon Thompson on 12.29.2016

  17. The bullets were flying overhead. Along the road that was called “sniper’s ally,” he saw that one woman had taken the chance as well, probably to get food for her children. As he made a dash for the other side of the road, he noticed strange and incongruous things – a bird in a tree, which seemed immune to the sound, water between the cobblestones, the bottle of milk which had smashed to pieces when the woman fell.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.30.2016

  18. She dashed away. Dear God, she knew she was small, but come ON. Did all the cheetahs need to go after her? Bobby was way smaller than her. He even had a limp! But nooooo, let’s go after Shawna. She supposed it was because she didn’t have antlers like Bobby. Either way, it was a load of lion crap.

    By Paige B on 12.30.2016

  19. I dashed to the end of the finish line out of breath. When I run, vivid flashbacks of that horrid night come back to me. I remember what the air smelled like. How the air’s warmth brushed against my shoulders.

    By Emma Smith on 12.30.2016

  20. As I dash through my life, enjoying every second of my existence on this planet, I cannot help but to think of all the people who do not realize how awesome they are. How special they are. How enough they are. I feel sorry fo them. but you have to help yourslef first.

    By trkstr67 on 12.30.2016

  21. Scooping up the cat into her arms, Emily dashed for cover, crashing down between the bushes and the porch. She watched, breathing tensely, as Clarence came onto the scene, swinging his rifle. “Someone’s stolen my cat,” he declared in a sing-song voice. “Ohh Trixie!”
    The fat tabby squirmed in Emily’s arms, but she held tight to its middle, praying it would keep quiet. Praying this would all be over soon, and the monsters would disappear.

    By spiffypenguin on 12.30.2016

  22. In a hurry to get things done, running but not in an orderly fashion. It’s really racing something or someone or time. it’s a dash to the finish line or a dash to the end. Dashing through the snow. Or dashing through the “no” sometimes when you really need to get things done that haven’t been done before and no one believes in you.

    By Sarah E Wetzel on 12.30.2016

  23. Dashing through the snow. Christmas is over. It’s not that fun, honestly. I thought I would like it better once there were children in the picture. My sister’s kids are nuts. Particularly the oldest. I love him, but I am having a hard time having fun with them, and therefore my family. It’s exhausting. I’m glad to be back home.

    By Tess on 12.30.2016

  24. She ran, not taking another second to think about what she was doing. Sprinting. Getting far away. She didn’t look back. She felt the strain in her legs.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.30.2016

  25. In a dash of time she was down the stairs. He sat there, staring at her. From the look on his face she could understand that it was over. “Hi,” she said.

    By stef on 12.30.2016

  26. i looked out the window and saw the bus heading towards me. I scrambled to grab my school items off of the kitchen counter. stumbling towards the door. i grabbed my shoes in my hands. I reached for the door handle, turned the door knob and fling the door. sprinting outside only to realize that it was too late.

    By Kendyl Arden on 12.30.2016