June 9th, 2016 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “darkness”

  1. Darkness pulled her in, like an old friend.

    She became one with nothing.

    Nothing held her and hugged.

    Nothing comforted and loved.

    Darkness my friend.

    This is the end.

    By Amanda Moore on 06.10.2016

  2. A cold, empty void sweeping over my soul. Drowning me in an overwhelming existential epiphany. Night falls now. Falling, falling. Enveloping everything it touches.

    By Fersure on 06.10.2016

  3. Looking at the neat way she did her hair, or the perfect attendance in class, or the floaty giggle, it would have been nearly impossible to spot the bit of the darkness hidden just beneath the surface. Perhaps a careful set of eyes could tell from the impatient way she tapped her pencil, or the occasional sudden short stop of her breath, the gooseflesh as her body went rigid and she purposefully looked straight forward, away from a particular spot in the corner. Maybe even the uncomfortable shift in her seat could have told them everything they needed to know. But people aren’t always very perceptive. Then again, her own perception of detail carved the strange new direction of her life. Subtle, frightening, it should have been so blissfully easy to miss.

    By Stella on 06.10.2016

  4. Creeping into the room, clouding his view from the details of her face, after a few moments he was eclipsed in utter darkness. Was she still there? He could know, if only his arms still worked.

    By ml on 06.10.2016

  5. yeah it is

    By ronni URL on 06.10.2016

  6. when i close my eyes in the morning, darkness envelopes me. A cold, hard caress, that I can’t stop, but I don’t want to stop. My eyes try to open, but ice weighs on my lids. Runs down my face. Across my chest. The cold runs deeps, like water down a sinking hole.

    By Simon on 06.10.2016

  7. I woke up in total darkness. The doctor was beside me – I knew that because I could hear him breathing, and his exhalations reminded me of the trains that scraped along the tracks by my window every night. I thought I also heard my mother weeping, and the beeping of the machines that had been keeping me alive for two weeks was synchronized with the doctor’s respiration. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I was blind, but given the massive infection that had been in my brain, I could’ve been a lot worse off – like dead.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2016

  8. It was cold, and I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do, or where I was. I could feel it around me, engulfing me like a blanket. But this blanket offered no warmth. Instead, it offered fear. Fear of what I had come to be. Of what I had chosen to become.

    By Katy on 06.10.2016

  9. Darkness. Spreading across the vast span of empty space, and a boy looking over it, thinking of
    the darkness.
    And how maybe it will consume
    the world
    and him
    and everything
    and maybe
    it will shrink
    and shrink
    into nothing
    because the world is too bright to be extinguished by a little absence.

    By Raina URL on 06.10.2016

  10. The shadows seeped into her skin, her eyes. Of course the symptoms of headache medication were hallucinations, but these were the worst. Each night, before bedtime, the girl was ordered to take the pills. ‘No,’ she screamed, ‘I don’t want to!’

    By ray on 06.10.2016

  11. Darkness falls on the city, there’s no other person around. If you listen carefully, the sound of sinners is all you will hear.

    By Cosmic Sinner URL on 06.10.2016

  12. There is darkness
    for every smile
    for every candle
    for every day

    You can not have one without the other
    It is merely the other side
    of the coin

    By clark on 06.10.2016

  13. often the absence of light
    but for me it is cleansing
    in the sense that
    the flaws that it hides
    cease to exist in my eyes
    and my pupils widen

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 06.10.2016

  14. He stepped into this darkness, his breath catching in his throat as he was enveloped by the numbing silence. The cold crept up on him slowly, then all at once, and he quickly stepped out of the room, shutting the door and locking it safely behind him.

    By Nezumi-P on 06.10.2016

  15. There is a place in the old house, a room that is darker than all the others; there is a darkness there that is colder, more malevolent, than anywhere else in the house. When my grandparents bought the place back in the 1920’s, the woman who sold it to them warned them about it. They told me the story, many years later, when they were getting to old to live there and knew it was time to leave. The place had been paid for in full long before; years of saving and sacrificing the way that no one does any more. Even if there had been credit cards available to them, my grandparents would never have had them. “You spend what you have, not what you don’t have,” was my grandmother’s solemn warning to me from the time I was a child. Now they had come to see that they could no longer afford the constant needs of an old house; it was time to sell it or pass it on to one of the family. That would be me.

    By ruby on 06.10.2016

  16. We crouched down in the cold darkness, keeping quiet so that we could hear any sounds in the distance. There was nothing close by; no trees or boulders or anywhere for anything to hide in to surprise us. Still, my heart was pounding loudly and my mouth was dry. I don’t know what possessed me to go camping, let alone in a place that was known for cougars.

    By MsShel330 on 06.10.2016

  17. I am not really afraid of the dark. But my sister is. Every sound, flutter of the curtains in the breeze will seem sinister and ghostly. I do not like sharing a room with her after seeing a scary movie that she insisted on. Because she wont sleep and wont let me either. But try as i might if we have a sleepover a scary movie is a must for her. She ll wake me up if she wants to use the restroom. I have to stand guard outside the bathroom door while she is in. She ll wake me up next to accompany her to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I’ll offer to get it for her. But she wont be left alone in the bedroom while I am gone, even with the lights on. So we’ll both go and bring a jug of water and a glass in case she gets thirsty again. She’ll be startled awake at the slightest of sounds. We lived in a relatively quiet mumbai suburb. But still there would be the occasional car or bike that would pass by on the road outside. That sound would jolt her awake. How mad i would get. Now years have passed. We are both grown up. I live in India and she in an apartment in Torrance, alone. She has to stay by herself in the dark, escort herself to the bathroom or kitchen if she needs to at night, no matter how many scary movies she has watched. I wish for our childhood days back. When we shared a room, stayed up late talking, being scolded by mom for the same as we had to go to school/college the next day! How i miss all the things that would annoy me then!

    By confused doc on 06.10.2016

  18. Apes in the dark continent run all over the place freely, to be sold to the master race to put to a proper use. Now the great USA is in darkness with them.

    By ey on 06.10.2016

  19. Darkness falls on us all. Sometimes it is in the space around us…sometimes it is the space within.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.11.2016

  20. darkness was that what this was called? He didn’t know and in all honesty, he didn’t care Darkness was his world now.

    By Elizabeth on 06.11.2016

  21. Darkness is when you fall into something you feel like you can’t get out of. Maybe it’s guilt, or shame. Maybe it’s money and fame. Maybe it’s just feeling lost in your 20’s when you make too many mistakes to count.

    By Smoka on 06.11.2016

  22. She looked into the overwhelming black, blinking, trying to get her bearings. Where was she? She stuck a hand out tentatively. Okay, okay, nothing bite me. Nobody bite me please… Nothing. Void. Black. Abyss. She swung her arm the the other side.

    By Bridget Grace on 06.11.2016