May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. curious george, harry potter’s first wand creepy old olivander why’d we have to wait so long to get into his shop? monkey monkey underpants going to the zoo gorilla throwing poo at the bystanders. never make eye contact. contacts. freaking annyoing. burning my eye with peroxide at meg’s. that sucked.

    By Kelly on 05.17.2011

  2. two girls close to graduation sat in a room with one shade-covered lamp, reflecting a burning orange off the walls. they smoked pot for the first time in their lives, together. they were curious.

    By adammm URL on 05.17.2011

  3. as a little boy I was always curious of how everything worked around me, I was fascinated by the simple movements of the leaves with the wind, the beauty of the snow falling gently on the ground… but nothing ever felt quite as seeing the personsI lovedthe most smile.

    By Bryan on 05.17.2011

  4. People are always and continuously curious. They watch your every move to see how perfect or unperfect you are. When you think someones not curious they are. We always have curiousity

    By Jessica on 05.17.2011

  5. i am extrwemely curious about what else there is in this huge world that i have not even the slightest idea about. curiosity is such an important thing to have because without it you are so limited to the basics you were dealt with at birth.

    By Lindsey on 05.17.2011

  6. I was curious as i lay there, observing her movements; the way she split flesh so seemingly unconcerned. He hands flying over the beating heart. Her face full of concentration as her scalpel grazed my chest ever so gently. Open heart surgery seem like a walk in the park when she did it.

    By Silas Writ on 05.17.2011

  7. What is curious to me is how I can’t write about another word besides curious. Why is this program not allowing me to write about danger, or struggle. I want a new word.

    By Jessica on 05.17.2011

  8. Have you ever been curious as to what happens around you? Curiosity leads to new ideas and new inventions. One idea can make someone curious enough to go out and make something new and try something different. Curiosity can make someone intelligent. It leads to imagination and broader ranges of thoughts.

    By Emily on 05.17.2011

  9. i am curios about stuff. im curius about why my stummy* hurts. *a word created by my dad when he started to say stomach and swichted to tummy and got stummy. my family laughed at him

    By just582 URL on 05.17.2011

  10. Is when you want to know something, or anything about it. You think about it a lot and want to know more about it. I was curious when my dad would move from Tucson to Show Low and as of last night he finally did :)

    By Jewelz on 05.17.2011

  11. something you want to know

    By littleman on 05.17.2011

  12. Is something when you dont know what it is you try and figure it out.

    By shadowkisz URL on 05.17.2011

  13. i am curious sometimes and i dont like when my mom leaves me out of things.

    By emily URL on 05.17.2011

  14. The cat didn’t know that curiosity would be the end of her. Of course, every person assumes that it will be, but cats, while believing they are gods on earth, don’ think in terms of truisms and sayings, merely fulfilling their biological functions. For Kitty, this meant exploring the metal spring that smelled like peanut butter mounted on a block of wood in the basement last week. Or batting around the brown, rounded bug with giant antennae yesterday as it hissed at her like those undying things are known to do. And this morning, without warning, she sniffed the gas spewing out of the back of my car. Poor Kitty. I will miss her a lot, but it just goes to show that curiosity killed the cat. Well, at least my cat. Funny how life works out sometimes.
    I’m off to the shelter to get a new kitty. Hopefully one that isn’t all that curious.

    By Jazz on 05.17.2011

  15. To stare at something and no nothing about it. I want to know, though. I want to learn more about what this is, why it exists, and how I can use it. I want all of it to be revealed. Just show me. Or better yet, let me discover it myself. I can do it.

    By Jackie on 05.17.2011

  16. I have always been curious. I have always wanted to know stuff. I do not think that there is anything that I would rather not know.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 05.17.2011

  17. That’s a curious word to have for inspiration. I think you need to be curious about, anything, in order to write. Just my opinion.

    By Stephen L. Thompson URL on 05.17.2011

  18. something you wont to know

    By littleman on 05.17.2011

  19. it is the idea of asking questions. i was once told that we need to be more curious. it’s a way of letting people know we care about them. genuinely asking questions about their life. we should be more curious than we are. we should be looking at the world and trying to see how it is made. where it comes from. discovery and curiosity go hand in hand.

    By andrew gale on 05.17.2011

  20. Curiousity killed the cat. It kills several other things as well, but one thing that has held constant throughout time, is that without it yuo are dead. Perhaps not dead in the traditional sense of no heartbeat, or pulse, but dead in the ense htat you no longer live for anything, merely take up space and stagnate.

    By Ali Ansari on 05.17.2011

  21. i am curious about life. there are many things to know about and places to be discovered. i am curious about peoples culture and traditions. here in the world we are so varied that one thing might be a taboo for a culture and for another a reason to rejoice

    By yucepema on 05.17.2011

  22. It killed the cat but is essential for us to change and improve anything in our world. We ask questions and find answers. We irritate and aggravate the system. It changes how the world works and how we think. Curious is necessary and makes life interesting.

    By johnsenkate on 05.17.2011

  23. I have always been very curious about alot of things. I alwas want to know about the things my friends are talking about but I guess that’s normal because nobody wants to be left out. I am also curious about new movies that are coming out, especially horror movies. I guess curiosity’s a good thing but I have to remember that it did kill the cat.

    By Íris Árnadóttir on 05.17.2011

  24. Curious-If so curious, one could become furious.
    Curiousity killed the cat.
    Although, curiosity is all but certain to make one learn-you must inspect nad be “nosy” in a sense (no pun intended) the learn of all things surrounding us in our existance.

    By Desiree on 05.17.2011

  25. The one thing that makes us human. Ever see a horse or puppy ask Why?

    It’s the first step in growth. What’s that, daddy?

    By Paul Pease URL on 05.17.2011

  26. I’m curious, actually no I’m not. But I should be. There are so many things in this world to be curious about. I need to start asking more questions and determine what it is that I do care about. I got Katrina Campins as a follower on Twitter and I am pretty excited about that.

    By Jaylee URL on 05.17.2011

  27. “I’m curious,” she says, lapping at his earlobe before applying pressure to the flesh between her teeth. She’s got a finger slowly circling his left nipple.
    “Uh-huh?” he says, all dreamy and relaxed.
    “Your name.”
    He clears his throat. Smiles.
    “Ah, well, yes, we’ve not been properly introduced, have we?”

    By ThomG URL on 05.17.2011

  28. This is curious. I thought there was a new word every day, but apparently not since I had the word curious yesterday as well. I suppose it is ok anyway. I did write something after all.

    By Katie URL on 05.17.2011

  29. I was curious and thinking what an odd thing it is to wonder about the nature of being curious. Such an oxymoron and such a paradox. To be curious about such a word that means exactly what it inspires.

    By Christina on 05.17.2011

  30. I am just reading into this?
    You’ve left me so.. curious.
    There’s something in your eye I had not seen before;
    Something I now feel I hadn’t felt before.
    I see.
    I see.
    I see you.
    You’re all I see..
    And now, I’m just so..

    By Aj URL on 05.17.2011

  31. Curious is about being interested in new things, is related to the idea of innovation. Being curious is a good quality

    By lola on 05.17.2011

  32. I am tired of this word, I’m curious of another one..
    It’s the third time I gotta pu something about this..
    I’m curious a don’t abaut the fact that I don’t now why I’m here writing

    By lola on 05.17.2011

  33. “Let’s read Curious George!” my little cousin screamed.

    Curious George? Yeah, I remember him. The little monkey — except he doesn’t have a tail, so technically he’s an ape. And he has like human instincts and thought processes, so maybe he’s like a crossbreed or something. Haha.

    But I don’t want to read about a monkey/ape/human thing. He gets into stupid messes.

    “Read Curious George!”

    By Mildred URL on 05.17.2011

  34. im curious about it all
    i drive people crazy
    i want to know everything
    to avoid the fall
    questions and questions
    i never just mention
    i need to know every little thing
    so i dont miss any simple thing

    By paige URL on 05.17.2011

  35. a very intense feeling
    one one the emotions you cant control
    gives you a reason to live!
    of the best times we are having

    By Taha URL on 05.17.2011

  36. el gato no era curioso, se murió por pendejo, apareció en una caricatura de Alberto Montt que leí mientras tomaba un café soluble a las nueve de la mañana en la oficina. Fueron muchas horas antes de mi artritis y más horas después de que mi nuevo perro me despertara.

    By m.Isaac.VR URL on 05.17.2011

  37. i am just curious to know the meaning of everything… they say curiosity killed the cat, but in all actuality curiosity enabled the human being to do great things.

    By Christian on 05.17.2011

  38. If there is one emotion which can be said to have had the most impact on humanity , it is curiosity. The idea whooly encapsulates the human condition. Where would we be if the cavemen of old had not dared to determine what was over the next hill?

    By William Ashford on 05.17.2011

  39. I am curious that why I have to write on this word again and again and again!..
    Its adding to my curiosity the fact that why am I curios on writing on this all the time I am asked? =s

    By Taha URL on 05.17.2011

  40. Curiouser and curiouser. I wonder what curiosity is awaiting me. Curiosity can be a gal’s best friend, you know, or it can kills cats. Either way it’s interesting. Is it a trait or a quality or something we learn to do? I’d consider myself pretty curious and it’s a good thing to have all around.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.17.2011