May 19th, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “cult”

  1. Maybe what I really want to do is start a cult? A humanitarian cult. This is the thing I think about all the time. I think about inspiring others to follow in the fashion of taking care of each other. It seems like such a basic, easy concept that we’ve somehow lost touch with, sooo… I think it could be an easy win.

    By ashmangus on 05.19.2016

  2. “No. No, no no, you are not going.”

    She quickly snatched the other’s arm, who groaned loudly as they were pulled back into the house.

    “Well, why not?!”

    “We have things to do tonight, and your little cult doesn’t fit into the agenda!”

    By Dox on 05.19.2016

  3. I was surprised to learn that Anna had been a member of the cult. And not just a member, but one of the original members. She always struck me as so normal. But when I met her in the small studio apartment she shared with her three year old daughter and her cat, she admitted that she didn’t go around advertising her membership. She had just fallen in love with one of its members, and in the early years, she felt that she had found her home. Even when the cult got involved in stranger aspects of its practices, she didn’t leave. It was only when she fell out of love with Jube that she questioned her membership.

    So now she was on her own, in a world she had been despising and avoiding for 20 years.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.19.2016

  4. It was like a cult, Tim thought, as he stood outside the gym, debating whether or not he wanted to go in. He wanted to lose weight and be healthier and more attractive, but was intimidated by the ubermensch perfection contained inside the fitness center, and how everyone wore the same clothes and did the same exercises, to get the same bodies, to meet other people who have the same bodies as them.

    By timn on 05.19.2016

  5. Wow. Didn’t imagine it would be so hard for me to write about some cult. Shit! Time’s up.

    By Sneha on 05.19.2016

  6. A religion that has not been recognized as such by other more established religions. A cult is really a religion that is not quite as popular. Has negative connotations.

    By Dani on 05.20.2016

  7. Whatsherface, the new girl—Samantha? Stephanie?—asked me if I was in a cult.

    It pissed me off at first. I’m not stupid enough to believe in that religious brand of bullshit. Do I look like some brainwashed zombie? Sure, I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’ve got some common sense. Come on, people. Give me some credit.

    But the longer I think about it, I can see how she got that impression. Not that I’ve spent a lot of time seething over it or anything. That’d be unproductive and shit.

    Anyway. My great-great-grandfather, Samuel Louis Sheppard, settled in Pine Deep in 1910. The town was minuscule back then. A few dozen people had dragged their boats onto the shore and decided to make a town, but as things go it was a pretty insignificant place. It was so unknown that it didn’t even warrant a place on maps. And that’s precisely why ol’ Samuel chose it.

    By Klaus URL on 05.20.2016

  8. It occurs to him, on a night that he’s spent squinting at his computer screen, that if they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, then the Apocalypse has already started. (*He doesn’t know if it’s a cult to them or it.)

    By Gee N. on 05.20.2016

  9. The movie was a sleeper hit, but quickly had cult following once it gained traction. It wasn’t picturesque, it wasn’t extraordinary, it wasn’t futuristic. Yet, it had heart and soul, and the director realized that sometimes, these are the only things we ever need.

    By Zoe Jen on 05.20.2016

  10. What is this I see?
    Discrimination for a way of behaving?
    judging for my likes, dislikes
    i am part of a cult
    this is not to be condemned
    not to be judged
    and definitely NOT to be commented about.

    By Sharanya on 05.20.2016

  11. The cult gathered around the bonfire waiting for their leader to emerge. This was the largest crowd Gainsville had seen in decades. The master was finally making his appearance after controlling the new land to the West, a successful conquest only thanks to his sheer wit and monstrosity. He made his way out and told his people all would be well. They believed him and they found heaven.

    By Ali Malik on 05.20.2016

  12. The way people behave, think and perform certain actions, influenced by some popular culture or something else

    By JITIN NAIR on 05.20.2016

  13. A cult is a big group of followers that care for someone or too much for someone.

    By Jayne on 05.20.2016

  14. one time i was watching tv and the show was about these peple who were gay so their family sent them into this camp to make them stop being gay. it ended up being a very religious cult and it was weird so idk why i watched it.

    By clare domenico on 05.20.2016

  15. Looking back, yes, I’d agree it was a cult. But it didn’t feel like that back then, more like we had an avatar of god, a direct descendent of divinity walking amongst us, and we begged him to tell us things. He gave us our names, he told us where we should live, and how we should work. It’s hard to tell whether we gave him that power or whether we were sucked in by the force of his personality.

    By FuMashu on 05.20.2016

  16. Of personality, there can be said to be many fiercely dedicated tribes.

    By ml on 05.20.2016

  17. If by group, you mean the band of outsiders, standing in the middle of the road, ready to take on the giant machine; let this cult go itself.

    By daniel URL on 05.20.2016

  18. It’s funny that the thing I’m thinking most about in the few seconds before this page loaded is that I am going to fuck up the writing for this prompt. There’s a group of devotes from my graduating college class who do all the right things for past English majors to do: they go to poetry slams and raise their arms at good lines, there’s snapping when something hits home, they are there with well thought out quotes and one liners as long as they need to be. They’re still writing. I wish that was still a cult I genuinely belong to.

    By Amanda on 05.20.2016

  19. The chanting grew louder and louder, their fists raised in the air, their eyes raised to heaven. She stood among them and meekly raised her fist as well, trying desperately not to stand out. Who knew what danger she might be in if she was not participating?

    By Bridget Grace on 05.20.2016

  20. drawing in masses with their fishing lines of dreams,
    colourful lures made of wealth, community, peace.
    the unwary who fall for this fall hard
    into arms soft as chimney smoke,
    unwilling to catch.

    By Ieva on 05.20.2016

  21. That is a scary word. Cult. Well, a cult is when you are in a group and you are unable to fully function with your own faculties. You must answer to them and do as they say. My family feels like a cult. I must adhere to the rules established by the leader, and if i choose to not do so, I will experience the onslaught of her wrath. She will turn everyone against me. Yep, I am 50 years old, and am in the cult established by my own mother. My thoughts mean nothing. Cult.

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.20.2016

  22. One day I will start a cult and i will be the main person in charge of it. It will be great, people will call me the great leader of the times, I will be the pope and the governor, the king and the kingmaker. I will be loved by many and hated by man

    By Jose Bolivar on 05.20.2016

  23. As i was sitting inside the tent, I realized that there was more meaning to life. Times are tough and I just was not able to figure out how and why I should leave the tent. I hear the drum circles starting up, here and there, Mom is here to get me.

    By Jose Bolivar on 05.20.2016

  24. I never look up when we drive past. I’m so scared of them. I’m scared because I can’t believe that it’s all about brainwashing. People are smart. They know what they’re doing.

    By ulimonster on 05.20.2016

  25. They acted like they were part of a cult or something.

    By Em on 05.20.2016

  26. leader kook-aid drinking hugging too much people who live in a bomb shelter underground for years eating macaroni because some guy told them to. Crazy narcissistic self-absorbed. Grandiose.

    By Firefly on 05.20.2016

  27. I have no idea what this word means. Please explain to me what the meaning of this word is. Writing this is making me feel dumb because I have no idea what that word is. I feel uneducated. Somebody help me please. Wait, isn’t that the thing where you form, like, a weird religion? I don’t know, nor do I care. I will never have to know what a cult is! How do I know when the time is up? Will it beep or something? What’s happening? I’m scared. I’m completely off topic and I don’t care. This is really weird, but I like this website. This is very creative, but I’m stupid because I have no idea what these words are.

    By Marli (poopster) URL on 05.20.2016

  28. They are in a cult?-He asked, looking throught the window at his neighbours, that wasn’t possible. They knew them for a really long time, now this priest tells him that they have been watching him because they need a sacrifice, he was too sober for this.

    By Bramsy on 05.20.2016

  29. The odd looking had formed a cult and were worshiping the roman god of the sun.

    By Caden on 05.20.2016

  30. Cults might have been common back when there were greeks and romans as there were a lot of gods to worship.

    By Caden on 05.20.2016

  31. The cult was very weird and worshiped the goddesses of plants and agriculture. The goddesses name was Demeter.

    By Caden on 05.20.2016

  32. Cult people live crazy lives, They creep about and make loud noises. They sing religious songs that we wouldn’t normally sing in real life. Except they belive erroneous things.

    By HeadDreamerOnTheFly on 05.20.2016

  33. I already wrote about this word. I know exactly what a cult is. It is when Jesus or God or Budhha aren’t typically the central figure, but it is some self centered insecure man who doesn’t know the difference between God and man.

    By HeadDreamerOnTheFly on 05.20.2016

  34. “So, what is this?” asked Barry. “Some kind of secret nerdy cult?”

    “Very funny, Bobby.”

    “Barry,” he patiently corrected.

    “Whatever.” Rose tossed back the hem of her red cloak, revealing a cardboard breastplate pinned to her torso. “It’s storytelling. We meet up every Saturday to create new worlds and characters. You know, escapism at its finest.”

    “I can endorse that,” Barry said.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.20.2016

  35. obscene
    when? when does an organization become a cult?
    pact, promise, productive
    manipulative… liars
    taboo, socially unacceptable.

    By Evelyn on 05.20.2016

  36. the black snuggie cult dominates my thoughts and my heart

    By chi URL on 05.20.2016

  37. A cult is something dangerous when it comes to Christianity and being in the kingdom of God. Jesus may have been called a cult leader but he was not he was the son of God and lived a glo

    By Milton Gordon on 05.20.2016

  38. This word scares me. People tend to use fear of loneliness to gather their support. It is easy to get into but hard to get out of. If you feel lonely, talk to your family, not strangers. Your family loves you and wants what’s best for you. Being part of a cult will not end well for you.

    By Reta Colindres on 05.20.2016