May 24th, 2014 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “crystal”

  1. The crystal slid into place, fitting perfectly. Ten thousand years had passed since it had been removed from this location, and now all was right again with the world. Within minutes the storm clouds faded, and the wind died down. Within hours, the sounds of animals in the forest could be heard again, and within days their crops started flourishing again. Their long, dark winter was over.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.24.2014

  2. I don’t remember when I discovered Total Slacker, but I do remember reading up on them at the Brooklynvegan. But the song that clenched it for me, what even drove me to look up news about them, was “Crystal Necklace.” I liked the punctuation in the guitars. Hits on the right psych surf rockish beats. Overlaps. Reverb. Refraction. Phantasmagorical dream like imagery heard in the jammy licks, less so in their vocals, which lacked a unity and therefore finesse. But that song alone was what drew me into their sound.

    By Intuition URL on 05.24.2014

  3. Clean and clear
    colors that delight
    hard, cold entity
    surface smooth
    with edges sharp
    a deepness that can be
    seen as I stare at the inner light

    By Protean URL on 05.24.2014

  4. They sparkled and glistened. They seemed so beautiful. “Like crystal,” he thought. The small crystals began to adorn her cheeks. He smiled and continued to hold her neck. “Like crystal,” he whispered. She took one last breath and her body went still.

    Like crystal…

    By angie on 05.24.2014

  5. The crystal gleamed in the dark cave. It was it’s own source of light; the only light in the echoing space. Kyle reached out for it and felt the rough edges on his finger tips.

    By K on 05.24.2014

  6. Life s not crystal clear. Nor are crystals. crystals. are blurry. you can never see through it. so what exactly does the term crystal clear mean if crystals arent even clear? life life life is crazy its a crazy thing and definitely not clear not clear.

    By Janin on 05.24.2014

  7. The crystals clinked together like bits of plastic, throwing the afternoon sun into tacky looking rainbows on the wall. The air smelled like trash, and the sweat was making me nauseous.

    By mollyk URL on 05.24.2014

  8. there was once crystal meth. It was white and dusty. The whole room was coated in a very fine veil of it. What could have resulted this? the young cop wondered. He followed his superior around the room taking photos with the high definition camera.

    By niko on 05.24.2014

  9. Rose drew in a breath of awe as she looked up, the crystal chandelier glittering and shining light all throughout the ballroom. She felt so small as she looked around at the lovely dressed guests, talking, drinking and eating appetizers being served by tuxedo clad waiters and waitresses. Nervousness pulsed in her veins—was her dress appropriate? Did she wear too much makeup? Too little?

    “You look perfect, love.” That familiar and low voice said in her ear, a hand resting comfortably on the small of her back. She turned and smiled, brown eyes locking with the warm green ones that belonged to her husband, Harry.

    “You always read my mind,” She gushed, giving him a peck on the lips. “Shall we?”

    “We shall, Mrs. Edwards.” He replied, taking her hand as they venture out to greet their guests.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.24.2014

  10. Her eyes. Her eyes were the first thing I saw. White and beautiful, like a clear crystal. How did they get that way? I think. I might never know. But I was mesmerized. Hypnotized.

    By MIcah on 05.24.2014

  11. Clear and elegant
    Yet sharp and unfeeling
    Who are we to say things are ‘crystal clear’?
    When we surround ourselves with fog

    By Stephanie on 05.24.2014

  12. That is how it goes each time. She’s certain of it. The rhythms never cease, it’s just one teaspoon in and out.
    “How long do you want it?” She asks demurely and the client responds.
    Her mind is elsewhere, wandering the fields of her childhood, busy somewhere else.

    By Shannon on 05.24.2014

  13. Transparency was never me
    I don’t think
    Actually maybe I am easy to read
    Easily seen through
    What does my heart look like?
    What does my soul taste like?
    I think its going sour
    I think I’m going bad
    Try me
    Go farther
    Father please baptize me
    I am sick
    My mind is ill
    You told me when I was ten that
    I was washed clean
    In that tin tub big enough for two
    What was it you mumbled in tongue as I went under?
    “Mother Father save her save this girl from her undying sins
    Wash the filth from her skin
    This pool is filled with water from the garden hose
    That belongs to the church so that makes it holy so that makes her pure
    Heavenly Father make this child pure I’m sure she needs to be born again free her from her mind and replace it with Proverbs replace her soul with the lord’s and comand her to worship at your feet”
    Well it didn’t fucking work – you gave me a certificate of baptism I hung it on my bedroom wall and stared at that shit daily to make my parents happy
    I never felt a thing

    By stargirl URL on 05.24.2014

  14. Megan swallowed the rest of the red wine, resting the crystal cup on the granite countertop before going to the fridge to start on dinner. She stopped before opening it, sighing as she saw her murky reflection in the stainless steel doors. She wished she could erase the acne and small bumps that had dotted her face for years—bullying in her high school days fostered the self hatred, as makeup did little or nothing to help.

    “God, I’m so ugly…” She whispered, realizing she’d vocalized her bottled up thoughts for the first time.

    “Don’t ever say that again.”

    She jumped, somehow managing to bite back a scream as she whirled around, surprised to see Jonathan standing there. His dark brown eyes held a glint of anger as he stepped towards her.

    “Megan, are you serious? You’re beyond gorgeous. You don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes but that doesn’t mean you’re ugly…” He blinked, holding her gently by the shouders, disappointment and an emotion she couldn’t detect washing over him. “Why do you think that?”

    She stared up at him, mouth slightly agape. When was the last time Jonathan gave her as much as a glance? He was her brother’s best friend, not hers. “Why do you care?”

    The warm lips that covered her own answered that question and, perhaps for the first time in her life Megan felt not only beautiful, but loved.

    By Blue Iris on 05.24.2014

  15. I heard the tinkle of the chandelier swinging behind me and glanced over my shoulder to steal a peek. Weird, there aren’t normally earth quakes where we live. I straightened my head and paced down the pews to my groom, waiting with sweaty palms. And that was when it hit.

    By Heidi P. URL on 05.24.2014

  16. Everything now is crystal clear. The past, the present, and the future. Everything down to the jewels she wears. The smiles she bears. The way she cares.

    I cannot be with another. Not one day, not one month, not one year. She is the perfect ending to my sentence. She is, in fact, the entire phrase. One I cannot force recognition or credit for.

    She is my pulse. She is mo chuisle.

    And that will never change.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.24.2014

  17. The crystal gleamed as the sun’s rays shined into it. The white light scattered, separated into the colors of the rainbow. The little girl twirled the stone dangling from a chain, admiring its brilliance and wonder.

    By Ashi URL on 05.24.2014

  18. It dropped into my system like a fire in the sky. Two Million Light Years passed and I was wondering where I had gone. What worlds I had seen. There in the distance, on the horizon was the red blip of light along side the green fluorescent world I’d seen somewhere in the haze of the world I wanted to be in. But I had never had felt so empty searching for something I wanted. The loneliness in the liminal spaces between knowing and uncertainty. Grounded, I saw her turn her head away. Her cheek had never felt so cold.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 05.25.2014

  19. it sparkled, as if the rays of the sun falling on a beautiful diamond rock. The magnificent allurement dignified the existence of something so solid, yet so fragile.

    By Devika on 05.25.2014

  20. He was made of sharp angles, crystals that bite the skin at the smoothest touch. No one ever tried. No one ever dared. Except this one, who would bleed just for a caress.

    By Peskiper URL on 05.25.2014

  21. After seeing her therapist the reasons for her behaviour became crystal clear. The ongoing treatment has really made a difference to her life.

    By Alexandra URL on 05.25.2014

  22. Sarah is it crystal clear? jack is going to be staying with me from now for make no mistake. if you refuse , I’ll not hesitate for a second to drag your lusicious ass to court.

    By payal aggarwal on 05.25.2014

  23. Der Kristall hing groß und prunkvoll von der Decke der Höhle. Jeyne starrte ihn fasziniert an. So etwas schönes, vollkommenes. So etwas Wundervolles. Wie viel zeit hatte er schon überdauert? Wie viele Menschen hatte er gesehen? Wie viele Geschichte konnte er erzählen?
    Weiterhin starrte sie das reine Blau an, musterte die feinen Konturen und Ecken. Eine innere Ruhe machte sich in ihr breit. Seelig lächelte sie.

    By Natalie on 05.25.2014

  24. It could be a crystal of glass, of sapphire… of a dozen things. Perhaps a crystal of mercury, if there are any of those. It signifies possibilities, limitless. even uncertainty. One word. dozens of possibilites.

    By Vishal on 05.25.2014

  25. The shards dropped from his pocket as securities hand pulled out. drop. on the ground. The lightest ping, and the loudest sound he had ever heard. He rushed quickly into the crowed club, terrified that they would notice and pin the crystal on him.

    By kayti32 URL on 05.25.2014

  26. The word “crystal” now means something different to me than it used to. I used to think of it as an object, particularly one favored by New Agers, and so I was sort of dismissive and amused. But now the word makes me think of a good friend with that name. She has been very supportive of me in the past year or so, and I think I’ve been supportive of her, as well, so the word now makes me feel much happier than it did when I thought of it as something “weird” people liked. Now it’s a person I’m happy to have in my life.

    By Kimberly URL on 05.25.2014

  27. It was crystal clear. The evidence were strong and therefore the detectives were convinced that they had to right persons in custody for the murder. However, further investigation proved to lend credence to the defence claim that he was right after all in his testimony and pea of innocent.

    By victor URL on 05.25.2014

  28. “It’s not glass,” Phelan said irritably. “It’s crystal. And scrying can’t be learned or taught. You either have the gift, or you don’t.”

    By mrsmig URL on 05.25.2014

  29. It was crystalline clear that this was not going to work out well for her – she’d been gathering the necessary items in order to complete the ritual and was only one away from being completely finished. But the crystal was elusive – she’d have to fight many battles and go through hoardes of hardships just to come close to getting it.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.25.2014

  30. She veered towards the lit object on her table, peered inside its crystal roundness.
    Her words changed the rest of my life.

    By Krysf URL on 05.25.2014

  31. there is no
    the quiet
    water and rock
    and fire combined
    in glass
    in cloud
    strength of thunder
    compressed into
    one bolt
    one image
    one being

    By L URL on 05.25.2014

  32. Now that I finally have the keyboard open I can begin to express my thoughts on this exercise. It has become crystal clear to me that this technology is presenting me with some challenges. I am the alien in the virtual world. I was not born into it. I was not adopted by it. Instead I have entered the world that is the native land of my children and grandchildren and it is a very foreign world to me. Now I can surf and not get wet. I can sit on my own but be in the company of of others.

    By Frisky on 05.25.2014

  33. it was a breakdown of communication like the time that the fire engine ran over the pump and then we had two civil services on the scene. I looked at him and in that moment I thoguht I understood him perfectly, but in the next, his words threw me off so that I could only grasp at the edges of the crystal through which we were seeing and missing each other, for we were both looking from different angles, and focusing on a mere image refraction.

    By Dara on 05.25.2014

  34. i climbed the stairs to the attic, curious about what my mother had been speaking about earlier with grandmother. something about a crystal in one of the boxes her grand father – my great grandfather gave her. i saw what she described, and opened it. my eyes filled with awe.
    there was a beautiful crystal inside.

    By Naomi Rafferty on 05.25.2014

  35. The light shined through the glass as if it were a crystal.. Multiple colors shined on the floor Pink, yellow and light purple graced the room. The young child scampered after the colors.

    By Laurie White on 05.25.2014

  36. Peering through the cut crystal of her empty wine glass Solange caught a glimpse of an image she had never seen before, and suddenly all was clear. A shattered man, in pieces, wracked by guilt over the loss of a young man’s mind. Her brother Jack had cracked wide open and here was his father, in shards, too broken to put the pieces back together.

    By Erica on 05.25.2014

  37. crystal shining hard multigeometric like a prism of blues and whites and silvers snow bliss snowflakes beauty clarity vision to see a crystal is to hold a piece of something perfect in our often imperfect lives unraveling like wool that’s been knicked or torn

    By Jared Mitchell on 05.25.2014

  38. crystals
    Lead tungstate crystals
    Beautiful crystals
    Transparent as glass
    Heavy as steel
    Useful not dainty
    For physics, for science
    There is beauty in the universe
    There is beauty in engineering
    The whole contraption kaleidoscopic
    Held together with crystals
    To find what the world is made of

    By Hanna on 05.25.2014

  39. No. Yes! I know here—Crystal Craven. Here book is called Cybil Raven—soon to be made into a TV show national. Why is she up here?

    By Jim Ranger on 05.25.2014

  40. The crystal cave echoed with the sound of music as the spider cast is web across the entrance to the cave. It made an almost musical sound as the spider weaved her web. They could not tell at first where the sound was coming from until they noticed the spider off in the corner doing her dance to catch her prey.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 05.25.2014