January 11th, 2013 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “cry”

  1. crying only happens when excitement or hurt fills someones and many animals shed a tear to but it mainly happens when a large disaster strikes or your family member dies

    By isla on 01.12.2013

  2. Sometimes I see pictures on the Internet of Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk crying and I wonder if he sees them at all and feels embarrassed by them? To me I think him being able to cry in front of his fellow members makes him a strong person. He has cried for many reasons, passed members saying their final goodbyes or his members telling him how much they’re miss him when he’s in the army. Leeteuk is my favorite KPOP leader because he cares so much for his group and even for the fans.

    By Matty on 01.12.2013

  3. You feel it starting in the twitch of your mouth. Then it goes deeper, getting stuck in your throat. You want to ask for help but all that you hear is a strangled cry.

    By Loren on 01.12.2013

  4. Lazily I sat on the the couch, my laptop on my lap. Suddenly a rush of acid rushed to my throat. I jumped up, laptop shoved aside and rushed to the bathroom. To the toilet I trusted the remains of my breakfast and the sudden heaves made me cry hot burning tears.

    By herfst on 01.12.2013

  5. Tears that flow like streams. Tears that fall like cascades. Tears that taste like the old sea. Tears that dry clear like crystals. Tears with a warm getaway like the beachy sands in paradise. Tears hidden like secret gardens. Tears gone like each day that passes. Smiles like sunshine on a warm spring day.

    By JaneDoe on 01.12.2013

  6. I cry until I could not cry any more. Words cannot describe the hurt and pain that we suffered as we watch in horror as the small wooden house was engulfed in flames in a matter of minutes. All of our effort was in vain as we tried valiantly to rescue the the little boy trapped in the house.

    By victor URL on 01.12.2013

  7. Cry when onions are chopped, or when onions chop you. Or when a cop beats a child, or when a beaten child becomes the reason we need cops. Cry because it is too early to laugh, and too late to grow. Crying comes from

    By Cody on 01.12.2013

  8. ‘Off with her head!’ was the cry that escaped scarlet lips.
    Like a deer in headlights my eyes frantically sought my exit.
    But alas there was none.
    Just acres of black and white squares dancing into one.
    And the guards.
    With their spears.
    Oh those spears!

    By Rachy on 01.12.2013

  9. i cry just a little when i feel like letting go…i like this song because it’s really deep and true and i feel like it represents me. crying is a normal thing for people and i think it’s a way to calm yourself and get ready for what life might throw at you in the future.

    By cata on 01.12.2013

  10. Sadness, unhappiness. Feeling of loss, loss of love. Crying your eyes out. Heart-breaking. Heart-broken. Tears, the end of the world. Beauty. Crying with happiness. Crying with sorrow. Water. Emotions. Height of emotions. Sad sad sad.

    By Megs O on 01.12.2013

  11. Tengo miedo, creo que debería haber llorado cuando te marchaste y aquí sigo, sin derramar una sola lágrima por ti, pero sin embargo siento que me haces falta. Quizás ya me acostumbré a no llorar por quienes pierdo. Que tristeza más grande notar eso, estoy perdiendo una sensación tan humana que quizás estoy dejando de serlo. Tengo miedo.

    By Estefanía on 01.12.2013

  12. To cry is to expel tears in the form of frustration, happiness, sadness, and fear. To hold these forms in is to implode.

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise on 01.12.2013

  13. Cry…It’s a strange emotion that from my knowledge, only a human can do. Tears streaming down my face because of many things, life, death, love, loss, happiness, anger, frustration, broken hearts, stolen hearts.
    All I know is it is the only emotion that kept me sane, through any moment, especially when my heart breaks, Imagine, just imagine what would one do without tears?

    By Alexandra on 01.12.2013

  14. Its a feeling within that comes out in tears. You cry when you are sad, mad or in another bad kind of mood. Every people cry sometimes. I cry, you cry. When you cry with the eyes. The eyes put out some water, that will fall down on your cheeks. When you cry, you really feel bad or good. You can also cry by luck or something very good! Some people cry, when they have baby or getting married.

    By Christine URL on 01.12.2013

  15. The man cried when he saw what had been done to his home. It wasn’t the first time it had been vandalized, but never to this extent. There were several painted swastikas on every wall, and bricks have been thrown through most windows. He knew the cost for repairs would be way out of budget. He decided, therefore, to take revenge instead.

    By Joe on 01.12.2013

  16. I cry, oh how the tears mess up my make-up as they roll down my face, my eyes are red from the constant crying. I feel sad, no scratch that i feel depressed, horrible , wasted, and most of all totaly and utterly desolated, why oh why did i think this would ever work, why didnt i question it more? why didnt i doubt it. Through my own stupidity i followed through with it and it has brought me here . So it’s my fault

    By Irwin on 01.12.2013

  17. Tears fall down her cheek as she let her feelings take control of her body, her tiny frame gets racked with the sobs. She tried to hold back but she couldn’t she’s just too damn emotional. Why .

    By Cameron Light URL on 01.12.2013

  18. Tears streaming down her face. She’s sad. She cries when nobody sees. Sadness consumes her and leaves her empty and hollow.

    By Line on 01.12.2013

  19. She was left in that corner, tears stained her cheeks just as the bruises did. She was had lost herself beyond the point of no return.

    By Aria on 01.12.2013

  20. I told my radio alarm to shut the fuck up. It didn’t so I hit it. It wasn’t long before the stupid rabbit was on my. My sister let it sleep in the living room, and now it was in my room. “Give me carrots.” it told me. I wasn’t crying yet, until it pooped on my chest. Then I cried.

    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.12.2013

  21. I don’t think a fish can cry. They have to suffer their sorrows wholly on the inside, maybe that’s why some of them die so early. Some of them just can’t take it to not cry. Some people cry a lot. I guess they’ll live a whole lot longer. I hope they do.

    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.12.2013

  22. The minute she picked up and I heard her voice, I started to cry. I tried to hide my sobs behind my hand and moved the receiver so she wouldn’t hear. When all she heard was silence, she said my name. She knew it was me, she knew the number. When I had dialed the number, the tonal beeps of each number as I pressed them evoked my tenacious sense of homesickness. Mom, I was calling my mom, crying on the phone on the floor of my apartment. A 25-year-old crying on the phone to her mother, because I just wanted to come home.

    By mere URL on 01.12.2013

  23. Cry baby. Cry me a river. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Cry in the night. Cry out in terror. Cry your eyes out. Cry of joy. A baby’s first cry.

    By Audrey on 01.12.2013

  24. The tears fall from her eyes under the midnight sky and she realizes something: It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel down, it’s okay to cry, just don’t let yourself drown. Be happy too. Cry happy tears. It doesn’t mean you must face all your fears. Just don’t lose yourself. You are yourself. Be beautiful because you are. You ARE BEAUTIFUL.

    By Brianna Fronce on 01.12.2013

  25. because you think that you wont be able to go to Ozora this year. Damn! But who knows. Maybe i will. =)

    By Djole on 01.12.2013

  26. I cried out, shouted for what I knew wouldn’t not come.
    It seemed so easy but it wasn’t.
    I was alone but I could handle that.
    I didn’t like silence.
    It throbbed and shook in a fashion.
    So I went inside my head, let that take over.

    By Sandy Lamprey on 01.12.2013

  27. The boy sat on the cold stoop of the house, his head in his hands. Nothing was right in this life, he thought. The rain did not make things any better. He stood up, brushing the lone tear from his face. I have to go, he thought, but where to go?

    By Joe on 01.12.2013

  28. When I cry in my dreams, I cry so hard that I wake up with tears on my face. When I laugh in my dreams, I wake up laughing. What makes my dream life any less real than my waking life? What makes my waking life any less dreamy than my dream one? Everything I experience is as much imagined as it is lived.

    By Simra on 01.12.2013

  29. i haved cried oh so many times. from noon till night i sit alone. my father left, then my mom died i have no family that wants me, so i sit here and cry. i dream that one day, after i get up, i will find someone who wants me. someone who cares. maybe ill go to school or get a pet. no, my life is not over but until i get out of this rut ill sit here and cry.

    By charlie on 01.12.2013

  30. crying is a very strong response brought about by very strong emotions. it usually is the toughest thing to do, and many people confuse the act of crying with showing their weakness. this couldn’t be further from the truth. at times, crying is the most essential part of the process of letting go.

    By Mayank Kalia on 01.12.2013

  31. It’s raining, and my ankle hurts in replacement of the pain one feels from guilt, or maybe it’s the change in humidity.

    By Mitch on 01.12.2013

  32. I’m a messy crier, on the rare occasions that I really get into it. My nose becomes blocked and my breath hitches in my throat till my stomach hurts and my lips feel tender. And all that places me far from TV’s dainty weepers, but I’d rather not cry alone. Because I too easily mistake that for being alone.

    By mimosa eyes on 01.12.2013

  33. i cry alot and i mean alot im a crybaby

    By Pai on 01.12.2013

  34. I cry all day, cry all night. Love is the epitome of a tear. It rolls, it falls, it happens at random. Appreciate the validity of the spontaneous emotion–always.

    By Jade on 01.12.2013

  35. There’s many ways to cry. There is the ugly were you make the ugliest face and the sounds you make just sound wierd.

    By Pai on 01.12.2013

  36. There is plenty of empty glass mason jars hear beside me to collect your tears. There are tissues, chocolates, movies, rain boots, and your favorite quilt right by our bare feet on the wood floor as our bodies sink deeper and deeper into the couch’s embrace. Let the time and mourning come. We are here. Now. Together. Vulnerable. Yet. So. True.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 01.12.2013

  37. I heard her crying through the door. My hand rested on the knob. I thought about going back in, but I knew I couldn’t. It was toxic.

    By H.L. Pauff on 01.12.2013

  38. wah happy cry person red lip eyes funny. What happens? I don’t know where the tears go, Sally! Ugh. Stop Whining, Ariel! Niagra falls on your face! Jeez da Weez! Ugh Ugh. Can’t stand you.

    By Alexa on 01.12.2013

  39. She cried tears, hot and oily making her mascara run like toxic tears. Her fingernails bit into ehr palm and she bi t her lip the pain slicing though her nervous system like electrictiy through a tree

    By Emily on 01.12.2013

  40. I do this a lot. Not even kidding. Probably about 3 or 4 times a week. Some people think it’s weird, but I’m just extremely emotional. I mostly cry for other people because I feel sympathy towards them. I wish I didn’t so much, but I guess that’s just who I am.

    By Ali on 01.12.2013