June 8th, 2016 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “crook”

  1. crook
    hop skip and a jump over ya
    ya crock
    you betrayed me with
    your stare and your
    soft bent cock
    ed grin
    can I forgive you?

    By ec on 06.08.2016

  2. THE night was dark and all you could here was the cars racing back an forth on the hit way which was close to my house. but ay in my bed wide awake my head racing with thought . then suddenly i heard a load crash from the living room. First i thought it might be my cat but then i heard foot steps on the wooden fools slowly cricking i jumped out of bed and took the base ball bat my mom gave me for times like this. so it tip teed out of my room and then slowly made my way the the kitchen. there weren’t a lot of place for thee stupid crook to hide sins i only had a one bedroom flat . I let my hand slide along the cold wall feeling for the light switches. ah i found them “Tick !” i put on all the light switches at ones. And there in the middle of my living room stood a short girl red hair green eyes in her pjs…other wis known as my best friend. ” Alice!!!!!”

    By Rebecca on 06.08.2016

  3. You’re nothing but a crook! A scoundrel! A sneak-thief! That’s what Ella heard from the angry townspeople, as they accused her of stealing the fabled golden pie of azimuth. They found her with the telltale glow on her hands, even though they couldn’t find a motive or reason why she would want such an object.

    By timn on 06.08.2016

  4. The man slipped silently through the shadows, casting devious looks over his shoukder with every second that crawled by. One by one, he took every valuable in sight, shoving it deep into his coat pockets.

    By Anna on 06.08.2016

  5. There was something tucked in his elbow, cradled gently and swathed in ample folds of his coat. Why he was carrying it and not wearing it in all this rain was beyond me; at least until I heard the gentle mew as he pulled back his dripping sleeve to reveal a tiny furry face.

    By Courka URL on 06.08.2016

  6. I have never felt so god damn crook in all my life. The god damn weather coupled with the god damn heating malfunction has shown me just how lacking my 2016 immune system is.

    By harriet donegan on 06.08.2016

  7. There goes the evil crook, he is a bad man all in black, wander what his doing tonight, who is he robbing to day.

    By Meghan on 06.09.2016

  8. The word makes me think of nook and cranny
    which leads the child to say: “Look nanny,
    there is an uncanny bird in a tree.”
    “He doesn’t know the concept “to steal”
    because he thinks everything is free.
    But we, society, soon takes those notions out of
    the child, but not the rook.
    Who’s the crook?

    By Fiocle on 06.09.2016

  9. thief taker sneaky dark hidden dishonest smiling faces used cars taking advantage turn bend in the road the

    By Nomdore Gnike on 06.09.2016

  10. betrayer of trust the smiles that lies. you see nothing but you . people are merely objected around you to be used and manipulated. no trust no hope. vengeance

    By Nomdore Gnike on 06.09.2016

  11. He hid his eyes into the crook of his elbow as the last seconds of the clocked ticked away. 3.2.1 – the Pittsburgh Pengiuns won the Stanley Cup !

    By Nancy on 06.09.2016

  12. As the crook was making his way away in his car a policemen suddenly tried to shoot at the car with his pistol and found a little bit of luck as it hit the tire and punctured it.

    By firecadet on 06.09.2016

  13. The crook that robbed the store stole 5 computers and several other electronics. The manager was getting very annoyed that somebody stole those computers.

    By firecadet on 06.09.2016

  14. “The boys found the treasure in the crook of a tree branch. They decided to leave it there until they could find someplace safe to hide it. But a man was watching them. And stole it. What would you call that man?”

    The class struggled for a while, trying to come up with the word. Finally, an Afghan teenager, his finger in his dictionary, raised his hand.

    “You would call him a crook.” Then he looked confused. “It is the same, isn’t it?”

    The teacher laughed. “You’re right. Crook has several meanings.”

    The boy sighed. “English is a crazy and crooked language.”

    By chanpheng URL on 06.09.2016

  15. The crooks were preparing for their next steal when they heard pounding feet on the staircase in the house they quickly tried to hide but to no avail because at that moment the police stormed in.

    By firecadet on 06.09.2016

  16. His sneaky slither wound down the corridor until the window sill. He looked in. A pair of eyes stared back. A toddler. He couldn’t.

    By ml on 06.09.2016

  17. I don’t enjoy crooks. They get away with things, and I don’t understand why their motivations are justified. They are selfish and cause problems for others, which wastes everyone’s time.

    By Audrey on 06.09.2016

  18. A criminal, a person of crooked moral dimension. They jut out at the wrong times, they persist down ill recommended pathways. They have not concept of right and wrong or perhaps they have do but ignore it anyway. Doesn’t mean they are bad people, perhaps they are desperate people. How can you know in the moment you make that decision, how can you know when from your perspective all you can see is the wrongdoing taking place.

    By ABot on 06.09.2016

  19. He was well known, but not in the sense that one might think. He stole things, yes, but he never allowed anyone to see his face. No one knew his appearance or his name, but they knew the fear that accompanied walking home alone at night or managing the night shift at a shop.

    By aimbonito on 06.09.2016

  20. “You’re nothing but a liar!” spat Marissa. “A thief! A crook! I gave you everything, and you decided to run off with it! You never wanted to share a life with me – you just wanted to suck the bone marrow out of it, drain me dry like some sort of overly aggressive, needy vampire!”

    She stopped to take a breath, staring at the cloaked man in front of her. He shrugged.

    “To be fair,” he said, “I am literally an overly aggressive, needy vampire.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.09.2016