August 7th, 2010 | 147 Entries

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147 Entries for “created”

  1. The lord created the world in seven days, or so they say. What if that really is just a metaphor for a much longer time, or maybe there were seven lords and they each had one day to make their contribution. What makes us think that they were the original creators anyway?

    By Pearl on 08.07.2010

  2. I created the world with tiny fingers and flattened it between my palms. All chaos and joy drowning in the play-dough blue ocean.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.07.2010

  3. I once created a monster. I didnt mean to but then it was too late. Now its mine forever and I cant get ride of it. Its a monster to everyone but mostly to me. Its my worst nightmare and my child all in one. I created me and I wont go away

    By Claire on 08.07.2010

  4. delay in contact

    By Ajith Xavier URL on 08.07.2010

  5. don’t think
    don’t speak
    let the music guide you
    don’t write
    don’t type
    let the thoughts control you
    don’t let go
    don’t hold too tight
    let emotions out
    don’t stop
    don’t ever stop
    let yourself create…. what you are
    what you will be.

    By Selena URL on 08.07.2010

  6. created in the past tense. i like to think there’s more to come.

    By Selena URL on 08.07.2010

  7. “Tom! It’s time to GO!” she had been at this for 5 minutes and was beyond frustrated.
    “But I don’t WANT to go!”
    “It’s not an option! Not this time – Let’s go… please” she cried plaintively.
    “No” The more she fought, the more sullen he grew.
    “He’s just like you, you know.” It was a statement, not a question and she glowered at the shadow of the man standing in the doorway behind her.
    “God… I’ve created a monster then!”

    By Michael Valiant URL on 08.07.2010

  8. To make or builed something wonderful with your hands and mind. To find the inner you and change it. To bulid.

    By Kate on 08.07.2010

  9. Created. Creation.
    Why the past tense?
    What has been created will be created is being created again
    They are feared,
    creators Creators,
    feared because they do what others cannot
    make something out of nothing
    they are miracle workers.

    By Hannah on 08.07.2010

  10. His eyes gazed into mine as the words we created from passion spread across the page.

    This is how the world begins.

    By Sydney URL on 08.07.2010

  11. I created a Web site and a new business. I’m excited as hell and need to stay persistent and have faith!

    By John URL on 08.07.2010

  12. Once I created the perfect story in my mind, but writing it was another thing.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.07.2010

  13. I was created by God. I was created to do great things. I don’t always know how to go about it, but I’ve been put on this earth to do something special. I was created in His image…whatever that means.

    By KTaylor URL on 08.07.2010

  14. This havoc was created over a period of six years. Six long, silent years. Then…boom. It hit. Everything went downhill. Everything I ever knew was questioned. While everyone’s hearts were saddened and tears flowed heavily, I stood by myself, still angry at her; the drought was long.

    By Marissa URL on 08.07.2010

  15. I created the opportunity.
    I had all the moves choreographed.
    Everything was planned.
    It was all,

    By krystal URL on 08.07.2010

  16. People say that God “created the Earth” etcetera and there is an interesting debate among those who call themselves “Deists” about whether or not God actually had a role after the creation of that world. Perhaps God does exist and perhaps God does not exist, but the idea of Deism is certainly intriguing.

    By Max URL on 08.07.2010

  17. I’ve always wanted to create something- a song, a book, an anything, honestly. I have always wanted to leave a mark… to feel significant. But in the end I know it’s no use: we are all going to die; we all end up in the same place.

    By Johnny on 08.07.2010

  18. Before there was the earth or the moon or the stars, there was only one. And that one, no matter what we may call it today, split into a million billion trillion little pieces.

    By Martin URL on 08.07.2010

  19. i once created a dream, where nothing was right and everything was out of place, i never knew their names, or where they lived, i didn’t even know why they were there, just sitting in those seats, staring. this was the dream i created. i didn’t even know why, but it seemed so perfect at the time and now so wrong to think about.

    By Emma on 08.07.2010

  20. i feel like life is boring and i desire more and need something new and exciting. I need to create a new life, a new shell, a new me, i need to be a new me. creation.

    By Kemper on 08.07.2010

  21. I felt the insane shiver go down my spine. Here I was, dealing with this spawn. This monster I created. It was awful, knowing that all this was my fault. That everyone was suffering because of me. I’m at fault for this…

    By halie URL on 08.07.2010

  22. “You created this. Why did you bother with them in the first place?”
    My tone grew strenous as I questioned the one responsible for the mess we had been thrown into, which incidentally involved the potential destruction of all. Knowing this, out strict privacy policy lost a lot of importance.

    By Iker URL on 08.07.2010

  23. i created the moon and then some guy stole it and it was like what happened. no one lived. the sun burned out and died because it couldn’t bear to be with the moon. humans died everyday. the earth was just too cold.

    By Ellie on 08.07.2010

  24. That’s how long I have been on to you – since you were created out of skin and bone and inhibition. That’s how long you have been mine – since I created you out of your misgivings and simple mind and organs.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.08.2010

  25. It’s a question of purpose, really.

    By Chris on 08.08.2010

  26. I created a world that night. As I walked down the street, everything receded from my vision, the trees, the road, the sky all faded from view and lapsed into nothing. I was alone with infinity.

    By Reid URL on 08.08.2010

  27. i created… robot… God, god created…
    im drunk and the only 2 things i can think of are
    1: Drunk =D
    2: How the hell do you use this keyboard thingy???

    By Alexander on 08.08.2010

  28. ah wilson created a world and then it got all crazy but he loved it anyways…. such a simple message so diluted with chaos but so deep and meaningful and timeless. love

    By Anna on 08.08.2010

  29. first came the flood. then the nothingness. but all the sudden, suspended in a sunbeam something started to take shape. it grew from an itchy place in your crotch, earth, and all above

    By joel L on 08.08.2010

  30. I would love to create a painting that is beautiful and eye catching. I enjoy creativity especially when solving problems of a complex nature. I think I can improve my creativity through practice

    By vijsaa on 08.08.2010

  31. I created a painting of a women in a red velvet dress.

    By spigzl URL on 08.08.2010

  32. god created the earth, the moon, the plantes, and the universe, and us humans all take it for granted. We live our sad pitiful lives taking drugs, being bullies, hating our lives, while jesus christ gave his life for us. We should be ashamed, every single one of us.

    By Samantha on 08.08.2010

  33. I have created a monster. A monster of a cake. I am not much of a chef. I don’t even like cake. I filled this one with drain cleaner and fed it to my brother. That will teach the lying cheating piece of pond scum to take my barbie doll without asking.

    By Donna URL on 08.08.2010

  34. one is all i need; too many words make matters more complicated.
    just one word can have great impact in the lives of many. i believe in one word!

    By Bohemian Groove on 08.08.2010

  35. Must be a trick of the light,” Julie thought as she gazed intently at the painting. “But, someone is sitting among the tall grass blades.” She created it in an effort at realism but this was a little too real. The day before, the waterfall had begun to seep onto the easel below. At first she thought it was the upstairs neighbor’s pipes overflowing, but now, the little gnome had moved from atop the great rock.

    By Izolda on 08.08.2010

  36. I created some writing. It’s called creative writing. Duh. Anyway, I created some writing; it was a story. But I didn’t finish it because I’m just an intuitive writer. I can’t structure an entire scene before I start to write.

    By Stacy on 08.08.2010

  37. She was created miles and miles beneath the sea. Her skin was a shining bronze, and her eyes were the color of mercury. Her heart was as warm as the earth’s core, which was only a few miles underneath her every footstep.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.08.2010

  38. art and for some reason, probably because of creationism, i think of god creating the world. which is odd for an atheist to think. but more than anything, i just think of giving birth to something, be it human, mammal, art form, book, idea, morals.

    By starcrosser URL on 08.08.2010

  39. god, life
    Something everyone tries to accomplish, creating something worthwhile.

    By Eric on 08.08.2010

  40. I created a monster yesterday. He was cute, cuddly ears, fair skin, but I had to destroy him because that’s the deal with monsters: it’s them or you. But when I took the knife and held it above him his eyes grew sad and he said, “Why?” And I said, “Because that’s how it’s written.”

    By rtperson URL on 08.08.2010