October 20th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “costume”

  1. Hiding behind the mask, she desired to kiss those lips. She continued to be something she was not, he however saw right thru the costume.

    By Mayra URL on 10.21.2010

  2. Hes always wearing a costume
    This costume is not visual
    Its blind to the naked eye
    He wears it, as protection
    From all the evils in the world
    never revelaing who he really is

    By john stern on 10.21.2010

  3. Costume parties used to hold such a special kind of charm for her. Every year, her parents will hold one and they’d all have a good time. Not this year, though.

    By Adlin on 10.21.2010

  4. I will be working on cotumes for my daughter’s school musical.—Beauty and the Beast. I’ve done hundreds of costumes in the past—and some complicated ones like the caterpillar for Alice in Wonderland—but I’ve never had to make a human teapot before! And silverware!

    By Andie on 10.21.2010

  5. Everyone wears one at some point in their lives, for Halloween, for a party, or just because they can’t take who they really are. We all look to be someone else, to be that mysterious person behind a mask at least once in our lives, before the thrill of the unknown fades and we go back to what we have always been.

    By Kat Kramer on 10.21.2010

  6. Wear the winnings of your heart
    and you’ll soon be leaving me back to the start.
    Your letting catch a hold of something new,
    when you’ll end up letting me go, just like the old ones.
    I’m turning arround, tthe masquerade.

    By Kristen URL on 10.21.2010

  7. This is insane. What a costume this poser wears. What was he thinking? That no one would figure him out to be a phoney?

    By Chuck K. URL on 10.21.2010

  8. So I thought to myself, what kind of costume would be appropriate to wear to this party, making me seem like a creative and yet sexy genius.

    By Kath on 10.21.2010

  9. halloween,plays,movies,scary,unreal,acting,fake,cover up,expensive,only used once,weird,hmmmm

    By courtney on 10.21.2010

  10. The first costume i ever wore on halloween was one my mom dressed me in as a baby
    I was wrapped in a little green bundle with two “peas” sewn on
    my head was supposed to be the third pea
    my mom thought it was the cutest thing
    i was 3 peas in a pod for halloween

    By Kasey on 10.21.2010

  11. After I came to America and left the Korean high school where only uniform was allowed and had strict policy for students’ clothing, I was a little shocked about the costume of the American high school students at the first time; sometimes even now.

    By HyunPark on 10.21.2010

  12. It is the twenty eighth of October and I am standing in the middle of a Party Fair aisle with a gold bling chain on my neck and a the fake red fibers of a wig cletched in my fingers. My mother looks at me and says, “No, neither.” I have no costume. I have no idea of a costume. And there is a sea of procrastinating, over-stressed mothers and whining children breathing hot, exasperated air around me. I just can’t take it, so I declare, “Screw Halloween,” in a tone that does not apologize to the four year old within ear shot. My mother rolls her eyes in a way that says, I told you so. In resignation and pure, honest indifference, I grab a polyester Minnie Mouse costume and storm to the cash register.

    By Emily Masters on 10.21.2010

  13. what should i be for halloween?
    h-a-double “l”-o double “u”- double “e”-n spells halloween.
    ^thats a song my music teacher taught us in liek fourth grade.
    its cool, whuddup

    By gabe on 10.21.2010

  14. Costumes can make anyone be anything or someone else. Costumes can change the world we live in. Costumes can give someone confidence or bring them down to the pitfalls of life. Costumes can cause a mysterious stranger to walk up to you, hand you a drink and spend seven minutes in heaven with you. Costumes can let you be anyone you want to be.

    By Anna on 10.21.2010

  15. I walk the halls of my school, surrounded by people with painted faces and costumed bodies; I wonder who is real.

    By Lily Trujillo on 10.21.2010

  16. halloween. its ten days away and i have to get two costumes. i have nothing so far. one is a harry potter hogwarts student and the other is a toad costume. i need to go to the mall and party city to get everything soon or else halloween won’t be fun! its so fun to go costume shopping and pick out the craziest and funniest things you can find. hopefully this year our costumes will be a hit.

    By Emma on 10.21.2010

  17. On halloween people like to dress up in costumes. Some people dress just as they normally do and fit right in! Some people even dress up their dogs in costumes. Some people like to wear costumes when it is not halloween, like when it is Christmas time, sometimes people dress up like elves. I dont know why but they do ive seen it!

    By Natalie on 10.21.2010

  18. Halloween is coming up.Have you ever seen Moulin Rouge? In that movie one of the characters in the movie drinks absenth, which is a drink that makes you hallucinate. when he drank it he passed out and saw a little green fairy. So my costume for Halloween is going to be the absenth fairy.

    By Jackie Bryers on 10.21.2010

  19. costume

    By Perri Vingan on 10.21.2010

  20. My face is a costume that I would rather not wear. I wish I could walk around wearing the face of someone else instead.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.21.2010

  21. she plays dress up every morning before school
    throwing on her pink princess costume, with the little plastic shoes included.
    she applies her makeup in a soft stroke, staring back at her reflection with a blank expression.
    she wishes she could be somebody
    someone far from who she is.
    All she wants is to live her life as if she was in a fairytale,
    like her favorite princess of them all,
    sleeping beauty.

    By hayley URL on 10.21.2010

  22. Trick or Treating was fun when I was younger. My pumpkin baskets would all get full and heavy with candy. Sweets are my favorite, there is nothing better than to have tons of chocolate on a halloween night. Year after year it never got old.

    By Shanel Garcia on 10.21.2010

  23. highschool,
    filled with its students,
    covered in costumes, their faces painted.
    Everyday I wonder,
    is anyone real?

    By Perri Vingan on 10.21.2010

  24. Candy, Candy, Candy. There is nothing bettere than to have tons of chocolate on a halloween night. You sit and watch scary movies until 3am, you gotta love a good scare.

    By Shanel Garcia on 10.21.2010

  25. costumes are so much fun from people of all ages, young children to adults. there are so many different kinds and its so much fun to see the new ones every year. some are….
    c- crazy
    o- outrageous
    s- silly
    t- terrifing
    u- unheard-of!
    m- magical
    e- exotic

    By Kayla Alward on 10.21.2010

  26. When I was growing up in the 60s, costumes were outfits nice young girls wore for best – a jacket and a pleated skirt to match, preferably with white gloves and shoes – now costumes are things worn by theatricals, a way to become larger than life.

    By Corinne URL on 10.21.2010

  27. Fasnacht. In Basel. Eine einmalige Sache für jeden BEsucher, jeder sollte das einmal gesehen haben. Bajasse, Alte Tanten, Waggise, alle werden hier

    By cgb on 10.21.2010

  28. I wear that costume across your emotions every day, ever since they’ve ever known me. My eyes, blank stares. Because I’m scared. I’m guarded. I don’t like who I am. I pretend. They don’t know me, how I feel, what I like, who I am. I don’t talk, I don’t say much. I laugh when laughing is necessary. But this costume I wear, I want to burn it.

    By Sophie URL on 10.21.2010

  29. there is a dusty coat hanging on the coat hook. green, with military epaulets – nothing modern, ancient perhaps. a bit of the seargent pepper. it belongs to a relative though i don’t know which.

    By Alistair on 10.21.2010

  30. Every morning I get dressed, wear the costume that looks best. I hide under layers of silk and foundation, lipstick and shoes. No one know, deep underneath, there’s a hurting girl trying to escape. I wait for someone to see. To see beneath my costume, to see me.

    By Moira URL on 10.21.2010

  31. dress up, Halloween, make believe, younger little kids, dress up, sexy, playing dress up, role playing, having fun, costume parties, little kids, adults

    By erica on 10.21.2010

  32. costume

    By crowes14 URL on 10.21.2010

  33. she wore red, a long ballgown that trailed along the floor for miles. It was a river of blood or tears that she had never cried but always carried like a shroud. She never forgot him.

    By Georgia Stewart URL on 10.21.2010

  34. i have no idea what i would like to be for halloween. i mean, i would love to come up with something amazingly clever and such, but i just never can commit to something so ornate and such. whatever. maybe this year will be different.

    By emma URL on 10.21.2010