September 12th, 2021 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “cornered”

  1. omg idk what this means

    walls are cornered. like they make corners. rooms have 4 or more corners. maybe it’s an unusual room, who knows lol.

    i think corners are nice to sit in silence

    By duda on 09.12.2021

  2. I said cornered.
    Oh. Sorry, I don’t hear so well.
    It’s alright Bob. Anyway. I was completely cornered.
    This story sounds so cliche already.

    By Allena Sharpe on 09.12.2021

  3. I’m cornered here. In this room. I’m surrounded by smiling people and I wonder if they’re as happy as they look. Am I the only one who doesn’t have their shit together? I wish I was as happy as their smiles say they are.

    I wish I knew how to be satisfied. I wish knew how to be humble. I wish I had lasting peace.

    By ??? on 09.12.2021

  4. I was cornered. he had me in a corner. There was no escape. I looked and looked, but I couldnt move. He came closer pushing

    By Rebekah on 09.12.2021

  5. i was cornered and i had no where to go, oh no is this the end i love you so much mum, bye i may never see you again and this is going to be my will give all my money to my mum i give my house to my brother and the rest goes to my friends.

    By rocco on 09.12.2021

  6. IF you are cornered that means you are trapped. You might be playing with your friends and your friends cornered you and tagged you.

    By Leandre URL on 09.12.2021

  7. Trapped. I don’t know what else to wright.

    By Lakeisha on 09.12.2021

  8. I was walking down the street and I was cornered by two big ugly black men and I got so scared I ran but I was cornered by the wall behind me and I did not know what to do, because I had completely frozen in shock.

    By Evangeline on 09.12.2021

  9. I sit in class and feel as though the information is cornering me. I feel cornered and I start to stress.

    By Isabella on 09.12.2021

  10. I was running from the people who tried to beat me up when I got cornered in to a corner and couldn’t go any where because the bullies were turning down this ally. I guess I am getting beaten up I can’t escape.

    By Kristal.garner on 09.12.2021

  11. This time it was at school I got cornered in to a corner and getting beaten up again by the bullies. I have bruises on bruises they all hurt. The bullies made me cry this time. Every day I get bullied and they take my money as well. My parents definitely don’t know about this, if they did I will most likely to move school away from my friends. So every day I get cornered and punch and kicked.

    By Kristal on 09.12.2021

  12. lJtQUbqnvdfixVse

    By gfNaxIskuHdi URL on 09.12.2021

  13. The other day while I was at the movies I smacked my bf (he´s my ex now) neck and he cornered me lmao .

    By Tyshae Miller on 09.13.2021

  14. I feel cornered and alone. I feel like i want to leave but i feel that i cant..Im scared,theres a monster chasing me and there is nothing i can do to prevent it from happening.Im alone

    By Astra URL on 09.13.2021

  15. i was sprinting to catch the thief, nearly falling over but i took a shortcut and finally me a a few others had him cornered

    By yaegan faulkner on 09.13.2021

  16. The little boy was cornered against a wall as the bullies were about to throw fists at him. Quickly he ducked under them running away. As fast as they could the bullies ran after, prepared to push through anyone in their path.

    By Jesse on 09.13.2021

  17. Run. She was running her legs feeling numb about to give in at any coming moment. She ran and ran and ran until a huge was bursted out of the ground. Cornered. She was cornered. She couldn’t escape at it grew closer and closer. Scared. Afraid. Fearful. Death. Despair. Climb. Looking back at the wall she attempted to climb, the smooth surface of the wall giving her no help. Cornered still. It came closer and closer, eyes tight shut it grabbed a hold of her and swung her around in the air “Gotcha!” Her fathers voice rung in her ears as she was returned back to home the mile high wall became the smooth and cold surface of her fridge. Her imagination was getting out of hand again.

    By Courtney on 09.13.2021

  18. I turn around to face the disfigured man chasing me, He’s nowhere to be seen. I back myself into a corner waving my small whittling knife about madly. Suddenly the walls closed around me, I was cornered.

    By josh on 09.13.2021

  19. He was edging up towards his enemy, enemy or friend he thought, they had much in common. He didn’t know how he knew this, but they both loved that same purple coloured 1986 Porsche 312 turbo. They did think in the same way, two sides of the same coin.

    By Ben Hartley on 09.13.2021

  20. Its sounds like a negative tone. For me cornered means that I am being cornered by bullies or authorities . WHen I a, not able t

    By Denvef on 09.13.2021