May 26th, 2018 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “copper”

  1. Copper is a metal and its periodic table of elements symbol is Fe. Copper metal is shiny and orange looking and over time it becomes green when exposed to weather.

    By Lisa Sapp on 05.26.2018

  2. She clinked the pots together agressively.”What?” “I just think it’s a bad plan.” “Oh?” “Yeah.”

    By Bridget Grace on 05.26.2018

  3. A metal, gol in color, makes a tingling sensation ion the tongue. Pennies.copper pots. a precious metal, a natural resource. mined from the earth.

    By Paige Moore on 05.26.2018

  4. Copper kettle, boil for me. Heat my water for my tea. Serve it ten minutes past three. This fine brew isn’t for free.

    Copper kettle, boil for me. The smell causes ecstasy. Once I find the reverie, I don’t want no company.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.26.2018

  5. the copper wire is broken- he got up -can you go back and buy a new one? We need to know what’s going on outside of the country

    By Bramsy on 05.26.2018

  6. copper is something that isn’t as strong as metal but not as easy to rip like a piece of paper. well, it depends on what shape or form it is

    By yaneli rojas on 05.26.2018

  7. it was a cup made of copper. i thought about buying it and then I decided to buy it. i grabbed a whole bunch of stuff that i wanted to buy. i asked Connor “what are you buying?” We put our stuff on the counter and paid. we carried it in brown paper bags. and we went to a cafe for a coffee. and we literally meant coffee – not tea or hot chocolate or water.

    By Ellaandlara on 05.27.2018

  8. She polished the copper cauldron. What ever the witch had brewed in there, it was very sticky and reddish-brown. She shuddered to think what it might be. Best to just get on with the job before she ended up in this.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 05.27.2018

  9. The copper pot cracked on his head. I didn’t even know that was possible. i thought it’d be tougher than that. But it cracked and his head cracked and I’m satisfied nonetheless. I’ll try to patch it myself, later, before they start looking for the weapon. But who would think that a crack in a simple copper pot would be from splitting a man’s skull? Not me, that’s for sure.

    By Abby Jelly on 05.27.2018

  10. A copper hairtie tied around her loosely tied hair. She took a breath and set forth into the land in front of her. Something was about to begin and she wasn’t looking forward to it.

    By Anna-Maria on 05.27.2018

  11. It was not something he dwelled on, thought about. But he didn’t like copper coins. They too suggestively reminded him of death… Felt like old friends you’d really rather politely avoid. – And who always came back.

    By t_meword on 05.27.2018

  12. why a coincidence. people in the world are getting killed for copper. The timing of the word is unreal or may be its not. Maybe the next movie will be blood copper.

    By Shanmuga on 05.27.2018

  13. the statue on the pedestal. glinting, false brass.
    the sun broken across its brow.
    galvanized, waiting. a sword raised in its hand.

    By batteryman on 05.27.2018

  14. metal that is a mixture between a gold and a brassy tone, mined in Australia, used in piping, wiring and in coins, good electrical conducter. edible but not its

    By Erin Symes on 05.27.2018

  15. the metal in chemistry class that is unreactive and sits below carbon in the reactivity series. It is is also annoying. Cough, asthma from failed year 4 experiment. Copper, lowest award lower than bronze. Yet consolation prizes are not a good thing for society. Always will be near misses and always one lower than the threshold who is equally deserving. Deal with it.

    By Gabriel on 05.27.2018

  16. Hello, Im Sheldon Copper and Im a genious. I have my own tv show called Big B

    By TOTALIST2003 on 05.27.2018

  17. Hello, Im Sheldon Copper and Im a genius. I have my own tv show called Big Bang. Im amazing on this programme so, whar are you waiting for to see it?

    By TOTALIST2003 on 05.27.2018

  18. Copper. Pennies. My most unique piano student with a brother named River. Copper gutters on my neighbor’s house turn a mottled green with the weather. The pennies in my loose change jar always have that metallic smell. One wonders how much grime they carry.

    By rachelzana on 05.27.2018

  19. I dropped my copper bracelet on the floor and stood there gawking at what I had saw. The sheer stupidity. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. What were they thinking? It was quite the entertainment.

    By Mel on 05.27.2018

  20. ‘Hell of a thing to tell someone just as they walk in the door.’ He threw his heavy boots at the radiators and an irritated hiss erupted. ‘I haven’t a copper penny on me.’

    By Meredyth URL on 05.27.2018