September 23rd, 2011 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “convinced”

  1. The world is a mysterious place,filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I am convinced that the sunsets so you can learn to forget.the sun rises so u can meet new friends. I’m convinced that stars sing me a soft precious Lullaby so I may dream.that the wind wispers secrets into my ears.that the rain pouring down magically to wash the fears away .I am convinced…by wonderful things

    By Kati on 09.23.2011

  2. Your Honor, I stand before you, representing an innocent man. I don’t have proof, but I have my conviction. To find him guilty, would be the greatest of crimes, even more than the accusations against him.

    By J. Johnson URL on 09.23.2011

  3. Who ever convinced me to do this was not aware of what a horrid typist I was. I will try to convince Myself that this will all make some sort of sense when I’m done but for now I’m not even looking at the screen…but at the danged keyboard!!

    By Donna on 09.23.2011

  4. It’s very easy for some people to convince others. I myself am not easily convinced. But I’ll stop arguing just for the sake of ending the argument. But it takes a lot of work to convince me of something.

    By Siobhan on 09.23.2011

  5. “I’m still not convinced,” James said. “you mean to tell me he fell thirty stories because he was distraught over the loss of his dog?”

    By Dustin Wright on 09.23.2011

  6. he had me convinced. “I’ll do it.” I said. he was overjoyed but my insides were turning. what would this mean for the people of briley?

    By DancingShoes URL on 09.23.2011

  7. convinced is an interesting word, the world is convinced that space is huge. Without space we would be clueless. But lets not talk negatively. I’m convince that I’m human, are you?

    By victoria on 09.23.2011

  8. when i saw this word i was convinced that this was a trick, i do not see why i am doing this. in general i am not an easily convinced person, unless its about people i love.. i always try to believe anything they say, especially if they have said that i have done something wrong, because then i feel really bad that i believe what they say so the situation gets better. i am convinced this is for a blog but i am not sure.

    By laura jeffers URL on 09.23.2011

  9. I am convinced that I know what decisions to make in order to find the best path for me. It is a following of instinct that I do not understand but know to be truth. Being convinced is the truth behind my instinct.

    By Sandy URL on 09.23.2011

  10. I am convinced that I need a new computer, better yet, a lap top, even better yet, a Mac. I do not like this old computer and I miss my laptop. Hopefully I will be able to look into getting something soon.

    By Jacqueline URL on 09.23.2011

  11. i convinced him to come with me. he was hesitant, but finally he gave in. we went past the dark house on top of the hill, past the creek, and straight into the forest. yes, it was probably stupid, but we did it anyways. i was tired of being safe all my life.

    By maryn on 09.23.2011

  12. I was almost convinced, but I knew in my heart that it was too good to be true.

    There’s no way the Shamwow could pick up all that, and still have room for an entire can of Coke.

    By Aaron M. URL on 09.23.2011

  13. i’m convinced everyone hates me, I know it, there’s no thinking about it im convinced everyone is constantly watching me. Convinced is such a deep word, convinced could mean the start of a psychological problem, idk i am convinced easily naive would be the word. Convince me Im not gay.

    By AF on 09.23.2011

  14. i was convinced he was a pedophile, but of course with the customer service restrictions i couldn’t kick him out of the store for just looking at the kids too long. i wish i could just slap him hard, knock him out of it and point to the door. being convinced of something is about as good as knowing dick all. especially when it comes to my micro managing fuck head of a boss’ opinion. convinced, to know something for sure…not.

    By Richelle on 09.23.2011

  15. i finally conviced him. it took a lot, but he gave it. sure, this is probably the stupidest thing i will ever do, but who cares, right? im a teenager, im suppose to do stupid stuff. he stuck out at 2:41, when i knew for sure my parents were asleep

    By maryn URL on 09.23.2011

  16. I am convinced that I know intuitively what decisions to make in order to find the best path for me. It is a following of instinct that I do not understand but know without a doubt to be truth. Being convinced is the truth behind my instinct.

    By Sandy URL on 09.23.2011

  17. “Are you convinced yet?”, she asked quietly.
    “No, no I’m not,” he whispered, as he picked up his coat to leave. She sat quietly and wondered how she could ever show him how much she loved him all these years.

    By Melissa URL on 09.23.2011

  18. I am convinced that where we go or what we do is not what matters in life. What really matters are the people that we meet. How strong our relationships are with people. It may be with few or many but as long as there is something more than a hello and name exchange, this is what measures the quality of our life.

    By emily lagana on 09.23.2011

  19. I’m convinced that it will happen.
    That it will be.
    We are taught to believe.
    To keep trying.
    The fruits of our labors will be provided.

    By elle MNOP URL on 09.23.2011

  20. A convict was convinced that the crook in a cell close by was not criminal. He coughed out a column of complaints to a colonel coming by to visit. That column was copied for the common crowd, and they all came to the conclusion that the convict was correctly convinced.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.23.2011

  21. “I am not convinced that this is a good idea…” The young girl spy said, “This plan is ridiculous and full of high risk…I refuse to believe this will do much good at all…”

    By Tiffany P URL on 09.23.2011

  22. the pizza ate a monkey and wonered why the fat aligator haiter waiter I ate my onkey tail in peice she hated the way i loved her, she wanted me, more than NIKOE wantes the sexy telephone girl.

    By TaIzEr on 09.23.2011

  23. I am convinced that I cannot be convinced of much of anything. I am convinced that the more I learn the less I know. I am convinced that I’ll never know what I should become.

    By James Gaston on 09.23.2011

  24. It is frustrating how the only word is ‘convinced.’ This is quite a boring word. I am thoroughly convinced of that. Blaaaaaaaaaaah blah blah. I’m just gonna let the time run out now.

    By emily on 09.23.2011

  25. i am convinced that conviction has taken over the meaning of life. you have convinced me to belive in a god you have convinced me to go to school you have convinced me to marry and have a child, live the suburban life. well let me convince you of one final thing. i am convinced that your conviction will no longer affect me. this, i will make sure of.

    By Sarah Lyon on 09.23.2011

  26. “First, I’m trying to prove to myself that I’m a person. Then maybe I’ll convince myself that I’m an actress.”

    By aeropostale URL on 09.23.2011

  27. I looked into her eyes and she had me. She begged and pleaded and cried but that didn’t phase me. Her eyes, they were ice blue and serious. I could feel them boring into me. She did it. She convinced me she didn’t kill him. I believe her now.

    By Lucy on 09.23.2011

  28. i am convinced that the first piece of mind that comes to mind is always the best. i am convinced that there is more to this life than we see now. i am convinced that my children love me. i am convinced that dogs are humans making fun. of me. i am convinced that the color greige is beautiful. i am convinced that i am hungry. i am convinced that life is good most of the time. i am convinced that friends are not forever. i am convinced that useless information hurts my brain. i am convinced that sixty seconds is a very long time, which i never realized before the last sixty. i am convinced that umbrellas should always be colorful.

    By Tee on 09.23.2011

  29. She was convinced that she was marrying the right man. He was good and kind and never laid a hand on her or her children, sometheing she was very adamant about. However, after the wedding, things changed. He became jealous and moody, always asking what she was doing or who she was talking to.

    By Emily URL on 09.23.2011

  30. I am not convinced with what I’m feeling right now. There’s something….I don’t know. Or maybe I’m just too scared to face the situation.

    By Cindy URL on 09.23.2011

  31. Her silence spoke to me from the far off distance she knew I could see in her eyes,
    convincing me she traveled too far away to return.

    By drew URL on 09.23.2011

  32. i was convinced. the ocean blew the mist over the boulders and landed on the breakwater. i stared at the waves rising and falling. he leaned over my shoulder and pointed to the boy near the edge of the concrete-walk and the mother tugging his arm; rough. i was convinced. there are problems here, no one wants to sort out.

    By jojo URL on 09.23.2011

  33. Cripes cry copy cat cop cap cart cars camera computer

    By Donna on 09.23.2011

  34. im not convinced
    its the feeling of stisfactory and trust
    it can be wrong to feel convinced
    but it changes you
    and other peopls life
    its a type of determination.
    it can give good and bad
    it helps give life a purpose

    By olivia URL on 09.23.2011

  35. Fred had a problem. No matter how much he wished, he could not believe a single word uttered out of another person’s mouth. He could not be convinced of anything.

    By Rachel Wright on 09.23.2011

  36. this is all about asking a person a favor to do something for you or for the society. We convince people to change, we convince society to do something else for or betterment.

    By liryc paolo dela cruz on 09.23.2011

  37. I am convinced I will always be like this
    I am convinced that you will never change
    I am convinced I am damaged goods
    I am convinced I will never be good enough
    I am convinced

    By Rachel URL on 09.23.2011

  38. they were all convinced that she was a lunatic. crazy little marie, they called her, loopy little marie. she was all right with it; she knew that she was–er–eccentric, to put it lightly. but marie was a genius too. she created things that no one else could see, she saw things that no one else could create, she was the god of her own world and every world beyond.

    and when she was sixteen and introduced to those happy little white pills that made her world all the better, well. who could blame her?

    By Leanne URL on 09.23.2011

  39. to be assured of something
    completely utterly knowing something with all of your soul

    By Theresa on 09.23.2011

  40. I’m convinced that I’m not as happy as I should be. I don’t know what to do about this but feel there’s something about my sense of self esteem that needs addressing.

    By Duncan on 09.23.2011