September 23rd, 2011 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “convinced”

  1. She was convinced that her child was barren because of her own sinfulness. She convinced the girl that she was bad and would never receive the blessings she prayed for on her knees over sixty years. Only death could bless them.

    By nannan URL on 09.23.2011

  2. She was convinced she hated him. Hell, she’d always hated him. He was a jerk, and a spoiled brat, and he was everything she hated. But then again, he had these eyes that just got to her like nothing else, and his voice made her heart flutter, and…no. She hated him. She was convinced about that.

    By Christine on 09.23.2011

  3. He had me convinced that I was more than what I saw in the mirror.
    Convinced that I was larger than myself.
    Convinced that we touched souls between wires and enjoyed the dance of the night’s music without worry.
    I’m not sure what I’m convincing myself of anymore.

    Where he starts and I begin.
    I like it.

    By Soren's URL on 09.23.2011

  4. convinced is to be drawn in or to

    By chapman on 09.23.2011

  5. I am thoroughly convinced that everything we do together is building up to something much bigger than ourselves. I can’t wait to get there.

    By B. Green URL on 09.23.2011

  6. I think convinced is like getting forced to do somthing. I got convinced once. i hated it.

    By Darren on 09.23.2011

  7. like you try to convince someone or try to get someone to do something or like you got someone to do something

    By audriana on 09.23.2011

  8. my brother and sister always try to convince me im adopted. xD I felt stupid because when i was little i believed them! >:D

    By Tracy on 09.23.2011

  9. i am convinced that i have very nice best friends i am so lucky! lolza!

    By emily on 09.23.2011

  10. change of mind to do something else that you didnt think of

    By kaitlyn on 09.23.2011

  11. i have lived a lie, i have convinced myself that this false dellusional reality was real…. how sad i should feel. i cannot even start to get a foreal heartfelt seal on my bleeding broken tormented soul

    By MoeVanGo URL on 09.23.2011

  12. the other thing that I notice was that he was lying to me. I couldn’t explain where this absolute conviction came from, but I knew it was true. The car handle slipped from my hand and I felt the pavement move out from under my feet. I hit the ground hard.

    By Nick on 09.23.2011

  13. Once convinced, convicts convicted.

    By Marianne URL on 09.23.2011

  14. This girl tried to convince me she was smarter than me. i was like girl please. when you have convinced me, i’ll know so.the girl was like but i have convinced you, so. i was like go somewhere girl and she just looked at me.

    By Dynasia URL on 09.23.2011

  15. Convinced, I stumbled upon this site Now I get a word I have no idea what to write about. I’m not convinced about the effectiveness of this site. as a matter of fact I’m only writing to see what happens after this. I’m not convinced it’s interesting. It’s more frustrating that I have to write about a word and not being sure what to say.

    By Juliya on 09.23.2011

  16. Absolut von sich selbst überzeugt trat der junge Mann mit dem langen schwarzen Haar die dunkle Gasse hinab, richtung Pub. Die Ketten, die er um die Handgelenke trug und ein Zeugnis seiner Vergangenheit waren, raschelten bei jedem Schritt unheimlich, fast so, als wolle ein Poltergeist aus einer Kindergeschichte die umherwandernden erschrecken. Doch dem war keinesfalls so. Der Informant war kein Geist, sondern aus Fleisch und Blut. Dennoch hatte er etwas mit dem Geist gemeinsam. Er war böse. Absolut böse. Und überzeugt von sich selbst und seinem Tun, was er in jeder Bewegung zeigte. Elegant und anmutig war er, strahlte eine Sicherheit aus, die man sonst nur von hochrangigen Angestellten der Marine kannte. Und dies, ganz gleich, ob es nun Tage war und ihn jeder sah, oder ob er, einem Geiste gleich, in der Nacht seines Weges ging.

    By laurant URL on 09.23.2011

  17. forgetting is somehting you cant forget. are you convinced yet you noob im guessing your sitll not convinced, well hurry up and get convinced, forget it. forgettign is hard to forget.

    By Joe Hancock on 09.23.2011

  18. She was convinced. He was a vampire secret agent. There was just no other explanation. But it didn’t matter to her; she would love him anyways — always. Despite his neck biting fetish, and his need to put his life at risk. He was her soulmate.

    By Andie Jewett URL on 09.23.2011

  19. Just when I was convinced I’d never see you again, you showed up out of nowhere in my dream. It felt too real to be something that happened when I was asleep. I was standing on the cusp of Lake Michigan and you came up behind me with your hand on my hip. “Why’d you go without telling me?” I asked. “Sorry,” was all you said. “Maybe you’ll understand another day.”

    By Cassie URL on 09.23.2011

  20. “Please.” begged the ragged girl on her knees. “Please,” she whispered and bowed her head.

    The tears almost had me convinced. “No.”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 09.23.2011

  21. The best way to write as abstract. For example, this word is convinced. I challenge you to write a piece on convinced that doesn’t use the word convinced in it. (Now, i understand this is a bit hypocritical becuase I just used convinced and in my previous piece on the subject as well, but I’m convinced you can do it.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 09.23.2011

  22. With all this shit, I’m convinced you don’t care. There’s no compromise, no change on your end, nothing. It’s always about what you want, what you need. What about my plans? What about OUR plans? None of it is enough for you.

    By Courtney URL on 09.23.2011

  23. Im not conviced that people know who they really are. I bealive that during the experiences and time spent in the world we get to know a little bit more about ourselves.

    By yesmarie on 09.23.2011

  24. I was convinced that I would be to Him what He was to me. Alas, I found after a time that there was no convincing to either of us. We were not what the other wanted nor needed in their lives, and time moved on to bring bigger and brighter things for us both. This convinced me that fate was a good thing.

    By ~exquisite on 09.23.2011

  25. I was convinced I had found my way, my path. Little did I know, I could not see for the overwhelming light. Sometimes, our eyes take time to adjust to the dark, and sometimes we can make sense of things that were too confusing in the day.

    By Catherine on 09.23.2011

  26. thoroughly, tactile, persuaded, politician, leader, follower, government, parents, rules, bending, breaking, much

    By Mia Claire URL on 09.23.2011

  27. I was convinced that the disease was not contagious. This was even after the rash started spreading up my back and onto my neck. However, I started seeing these strange shapes when I closed my eyes. The hallucinations worsened.

    By Makai URL on 09.23.2011

  28. you got someone on the track your on

    By anthony on 09.23.2011

  29. means to keep begging and begging for your mom to do something and try to persuade her for you to get that certain.

    By hunter on 09.23.2011

  30. convinced makes me think of someone who is really gulible. They belive everything. Even if its something really stupid.

    By Kole on 09.23.2011

  31. i dont know how to write cnvinced i am very convinced that someday i will be an astronaught i will be very proud of myself and very convinced i will got ot the moon. soooooooo i want to go to the moon very ba and if you are not convinced that i want to go to the moon maybe you should be and if you arent than well…. idk guess what chicken butt guess why chicken pie cuz i got the fries that will cross your eyes i got the burgers well i just got burgers.!

    By joe lewis 6th grade on 09.23.2011

  32. I am still not convinced that I am as powerful and as important as other people seem to think I am. I am scared and I don’t know what will help convince me that I can get over these fears. Fear = False Evidence Appearing as Reality.

    By Ben URL on 09.23.2011

  33. Someone who is very gulibe will be conviced a lot. Convinced the world is gonna end or something stupid like that.

    By Kole on 09.23.2011

  34. “Dave, you almost had me convinced that the Lord is real and that He’s coming back soon. Please go away and come back when it’s more convenient for me to repent.”

    By URL on 09.23.2011

  35. I am convinced thoroughly. It will happen. It has to.

    By Powers URL on 09.23.2011

  36. convincing the player is nothing more then altering the status quo, the game, the fame,none of it should be aimed, for. realize to specialize means nothing but to qualify.

    By gerald on 09.23.2011

  37. I’ve never been so sure of it as I am today. I, Benjamin Faust, am homosexual. I like men. Meeting Cassidy has assured me of this. Mana thinks I might be bisexual and homoromantic, whatever that means. I just know that I like boys, Cassidy specifically. I can’t tell him just yet though. Timing is key here for snagging such a choice ass.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.23.2011

  38. I was once convinced that I could dig a hole long enough to each into hell. I was intrigued with the thought of touching the devil’s face. in sunday school I was told he was mean and cruel and only wanted to hurt good people. I wanted to see if that was true. or maybe I just wanted to face death.

    By Chelsea on 09.23.2011

  39. someone is convincing me about something i didn’t believe
    changed my mind
    i’m impressed
    starts with a c
    they are persuasive

    By lacey on 09.23.2011

  40. He was convinced that she had fallen in love with someone else. Just looking at the changes she had made to her hair and wardrobe told him everything.

    Now what? He was too scared to confront her, because, what if it was true? He still loved her and didn’t want to lose her.

    She walked into the room smiling and humming to herself.

    “Hey baby,” she says, giving him a hug. “I missed you today.”

    He holds her a little longer, a little tighter, thinking, “Please don’t let this be the last time.”

    By Tanya B. URL on 09.23.2011