May 10th, 2011 | 534 Entries

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534 Entries for “console”

  1. When in the depths of despair, in the gloom of depression, I don’t want solutions. I just want to be consoled, held, understood. Solving things doesn’t take the pain away, it just makes me feel like I am draining others by creating complex problems that need attending to, rather than me bein the one that just needs to be emotionally grounded by a loved one whilst I get through the misery. It’s my journey and sometimes I just need someone to walk beside me for a while.

    By Dayle Morrison URL on 05.10.2011

  2. Take away the pain. Soak up the blood. Console all the lost, wasted memories. Same story different lines. He knew this would happen. Smile through the hurt, we’ll all make it through.

    By Katie URL on 05.10.2011

  3. When people console me I feel really akward. Wow, I do not know how to spell. But it is just strange, people crying or asking whats wrong. Deal with your own problems people, you got your and I got mine. If I need consolation then I’ll ask for it.

    By Dale on 05.10.2011

  4. he clutched the game controller like a bleeding heart. he’d never held a girl’s hand, but he knew that one day it would happen just like this–sweaty, palpitating, breath held in anticipation.

    By molly on 05.10.2011

  5. computer

    By jantiee on 05.10.2011

  6. I really wish that at this moment I had someone to console me. I feel so alone. My family doesn’t seem to realize that I’m not the person I was because of them. And that I really need them. But they are never there. I feel like i have no one to come to. So i keep it all inside. What I want the most is a hug. Something sweet to get me by. I just wish I had someone special really.

    By Whitney Despagne URL on 05.10.2011

  7. Today I signed a card that went around the office for a man who just lost his grandmother. I hope that somehow the combined messages were able to console him in some tiny way. I miss my grandmother as well.

    By deadponies URL on 05.10.2011

  8. i want to console a person. it brings satisfaction to be able to be there for someone. i am a great listener and provide valuable worthwhile advice. this word brings great joy to me because i am a consoler

    By Y.P. on 05.10.2011

  9. i used to think that i need to console people who had nothing. like the hobos on the street. but then i realized that their smiles were happy. they have stories i’d spend time to hear. i think it’s the people that live in the 20 story buildings are the ones i should console. they will never know what it’s like to be interesting.

    By rebeccacolette URL on 05.10.2011

  10. Her leg was pinned to the floor. No movement. The control console was too far away. Not enough time to reach it. No way to stop the speeding bullet train from hitting the oncoming stone wall.

    “Oh well,” She thought. “At least I’ll have 6 lives left.”

    By Patrick Prejusa URL on 05.10.2011

  11. The spaceship turned about controlled by the banks of blinking lights and screens. Steering her was more than an exercise in memorization. “You have to get a real handle on what everything does,” his shipmate would say. Doesn’t help him now. No matter how small the ship, parallel parking is still a bitch.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 05.10.2011

  12. She set the map on the console of her car and she laid her head back against the support. She screamed, then. One lonely, solitary scream. All by herself she let it out and she witnessed as a spectator the sound waves reverberate off of no ones ears. Silence consumed her.

    By Racheal on 05.10.2011

  13. My mother was dying. Honestly truly dying my arms. She knew she had nothing but maybe an hour to live. So she told me everything. Every thing she had never wanted to say she told me with her final breathes. I tried to console her with my words but in the end, they did nothing, her heart still stopped beating, she died despite my efforts.

    By Morgan Flick on 05.10.2011

  14. Hold me dear to your heart. Hold me next to your warmth.
    I feel the fire holding thy cool hand, smoking like the sunny light floating off the early morning dew that shines like silver. And the grass whispers calmly and gently, cradling me in its long arms.
    Hold me there.

    By devi URL on 05.10.2011

  15. Well, this is what you do when someone is having a really bad day and they need someone to stand beside them or stand up for them or sit with them. Really, they just need someone to flat out be there for them in their moment of grief and or sadness and or plain ol’ bad dayness. Um….there are a ton of ways to console people, half of which are very inappropriate. That is what i feel about this word.

    By James on 05.10.2011

  16. when i was upset as a child my mother used to hold me in her arms and console me. now i just get a lecture on whatever i’m upset over. if i’m heartbroken she no longer says to me “hush and be calm, tomorrow the sun will shine” but rather”you’re too young to love, go wash the dishes.”

    By Courtney Garrity on 05.10.2011

  17. i just want to be consoled. i mean really, thats not a lot to ask. i want someone to look at me and ask whats wrong. i mean really ask. not just say oh that sucks im sorry. i want them to ask me, make me tell them whats going on. and i want them to listen, really listen and understand. and give advice to. thats not to much to ask is it? all i want is to be consoled. thats all.

    By hailey URL on 05.10.2011

  18. he reached for her shoulders, slipping his arm around them.
    “It’s okay, we’re going to get through this”, she shuddered, a gasp escaping from her mouth, and he felt the heat of her breath damp through his shirt.

    By Brittany Steptoe on 05.10.2011

  19. to help a friend or to make someone feel better about something not so great that happened to them. also in the noun form, a console is a device used to possibly play a video game or other things. i like the friend one better. it shows a more human side to the world. console.

    By Nicole on 05.10.2011

  20. I wanted her to be better. I lied, but the truth had come out. I loved her. I never loved Annalise. I needed her to understand that fact and only that fact. My life is set up as such that my wants mean very little. I was to marry Annalise. I would love Samantha, but marry her sister. I am a slave to duty. Sam of all people should know. We sat and she cried. I had nothing to say, because I knew that she was realizing all that I had realized when out parents announced the union. I would share my bed with Anna. I would have children with Anna. I would be Anna’s. The plans that Sam and I had made since we were children were cemented as childhood fantasy. I had no words to console her.
    I let her cry. I had to get use to living a life that didn’t involve appeasing her. From this day forward her anguish would not be mine to share. I left her in the study alone. I would be king and she would not be in my life. These are the disadvantages of privilege.

    By Sincere on 05.10.2011

  21. Console, I am a console. the only thing I am used for it entertainment. People play me but I don’t play people. Can somebody please reset me? Can somebody please fucking unplug me before I go insane? I am a console, i am only good for entertaining others and I hate that. I hate that, I hate this, I hate electricity

    By Dominic Disarufino on 05.10.2011

  22. see, there i am. see me. help me. console me. im sorry. that’s not what I meant. all is well. unwell. something. at least im not thinking.. but i am… and always about such nonsense. i’m nonsense-you?

    By IR on 05.10.2011

  23. Computers are an amazing thing. Once for information, than for porn. I enjoy a good PS3 game, especially Metal Gear Solid 4. Hedghogs named frank rock! Who thought that it would be fantastic to see the stars at night, then travel to that perfect star.

    By Matt on 05.10.2011

  24. to help people when they’re feeling down. you’re there for someone when they are sad, or crying. to console someone is to love someone so much you can see them when they’re down and help pick them up regardless of whats going on in your life. to have someone console you feels great

    By Marie on 05.10.2011

  25. console. not saying aw man sorry..that sucks.. instead, saying im here for you and i want to help you, tell me what you are feeling. consoling someone is just showing that you care, not so hard.

    By NicoletheAnole URL on 05.10.2011

  26. jllb

    By Fiona McIntosh on 05.10.2011

  27. console me
    breathe me (like the song)
    take my tears.
    sometimes i feel INconsolable.
    like i’m the only one that does any consoling.
    like i’m the only one that can console myself.
    just me.
    sometimes only my tears can console me.
    or my journal.
    those nice empty pages, just waiting for me to unload.
    or sometimes i just sit there.
    and let the silence console me.

    By Taylor URL on 05.10.2011

  28. The word console is an onomatapea (sp!argh!). Anyways, it sounds like it envelops you, doesn’t it? Which is just what you do when you console someone. How nice! It unfortunately, also sounds like “dashboard.”

    By Shira on 05.10.2011

  29. There are so many ways she could have utilized the machine. It was created for simulation, as an escape… but instead it sat beneath a white laced doily gathering dust. It wasn’t his fault his grandmother was a hoarder.

    By Charlie on 05.10.2011

  30. He just wouldn’t put down the console. I pulled again on the hem of his shirt, just missing his arm; I tried again, desperate to get his attention. It was like an addiction, he had already been maneuvering the console and its buttons for a good six hours, and I doubt he even knew life was still going on.

    By Emily Ostin on 05.10.2011

  31. Best memories of my life. Remember when it was just me and the console, and Mario and Aladdin and those bike games. I knew I was a loner, but I had the times of my life playing to that stupid console! What conclusion is there to make of this?

    By Camille M URL on 05.10.2011

  32. Console, a machine, a device. Something that runs but doesn’t think. That’s me, flying through the days motions. Running but not thinking. I’m tired of this. Somebody take the hint, and unplug me. Or reset me. I want to start over. I want to think. I want to be something else. Please?

    By Dominic Disarufino URL on 05.10.2011

  33. hold
    feel better
    stop tearing
    stop crying
    emontionally unstable
    make right

    By Annie URL on 05.10.2011

  34. to console with your mother means to make things alright and to make her happy, you are making your relationship rekindle. to console with a country is to bring about peace with one another. to console with a friend is to become reunited once again.

    By Sierra Burnett on 05.10.2011

  35. She sat there, shoulders hunched over, shaking uncontrollably, crying into her hands. She had no shoulder to cry on, no arms to fall into, no one to tell her everything would be okay. The only person who had been there for her in the past just left her, with no plausible explanation as to why. She had been left to drown in her own tears of misery, with the question “why?” running through her head over and over again.

    By Dana URL on 05.10.2011

  36. She was so alone and you just let her sit there, as you yelled at her.
    Is that all she deserved?
    To be told how disgusting she is and how she is doing nothing.
    She already knows she is worthless and shit.
    “What do you want from me?” you yell.
    All she wanted was your arms around her, telling her she can do this.

    By JP URL on 05.10.2011

  37. console me
    fear me
    despise me
    love me
    if you could be anywhere
    be near me
    take me
    hold me
    let me go
    and find me again
    because when Im yours, i exist in a state like no other

    By Carey on 05.10.2011

  38. I was never great at consoling people until I met him. That night in the hospital with that broken solider all I wanted to do was to console him and tell him everything was going to be alright. Walking isn’t everything. As I walked to his bed on sat of it, I looked him in the eye and told him will be returning home soon. All he would have to do was close his eyes no so the tears would stop.

    By Chelsea Middleton on 05.10.2011

  39. Feel better, to help, something someone does to do everything in his or her power to just be there for someone when they’re needed most. Even if it’s just to talk to.

    By on 05.10.2011

  40. Her feet rested on the console, clad in loose high-top converse of a pale yellow hue. Dust whipped through her hair, sandblasting everything from her mind, exactly how she loved. Her two best friends sat in the front seats, one driving, one shotgun; and there was her, sprawled in the back. A hundred thousand miles an hour, a streak of light in the sandy savannah- trying to outpace the rotations of the world and fly through time.

    By JFox URL on 05.10.2011