March 5th, 2018 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “conflict”

  1. its a necessity. with out conflict, there would be no connections with people. if someone’s relationship is all perfect. It is not a very deep relationship. Rather shallow, in fact. On muct use conflict to strengthen relationships.

    By That Scarlet One on 03.06.2018

  2. I wouldn’t go back, but it hirts to move forward. I think back to that time. There wasn’t any harm meant There was nothing but hope, there was longing. It felt like a page had turned. Life seemed exciting with my future boyfriend, future husband, soon-to-be-ex husband. I look at things now and wonder how we erred against those younger versions of ourselves. We only wanted what was best, for the future and certainly for ourselves .
    The first night we met he walked me home. He was a cyclist, I was a walker. I lived down Broadway, west of the city. He lived east, near Burnaby. We’d met at a cafe on the Drive and it was a 5 kilometre walk to my apartment. He pushed his bike as he walked alongside me and his bike lock, fastened through the strap of his messenger bag, banged against his back. Thud, thud, thud. Small impacts that over the course of the walk created enough rub to cause a wound on his lower back that he only noticed later. An ugly contusion with a rubbed-raw, red open spot. I’m not sure if he felt it or noticed it as it was happening. It was so gradual. He pointed out the time capsule in the shape of a rocketship by the new Cambie street Skytrain station. We both liked about each other that we could walk and walk, without complaining. I am exhausted now thinking back to that day. The hope that would build, the happiness would come. The plans and the efforts. I wonder what we did wrong. I know I did wrong, somewhere. I go over everything, grief in my throat as I recall good times and bad. The slanted sunlight of that autumn, the sunny Christmas that came, the bikes and clutter, the way I’d see him Fridays when we both were off, how the weekend automatically became important, and I’d look forward to his face all week.

    By Danielle1 URL on 03.06.2018

  3. could be between people, person vs environment, and stuff like that. it is not the best feeling but without it there wouldnt be balance with peace and the restful feeling afterwards.

    By Kateryna on 03.06.2018

  4. Conflict a word as big as the problem itself. In a term its small but the trouble it withholds are huge. Companies torn down because of the same. Enmity clashes between employees.

    By nicole on 03.06.2018

  5. Sometimes we look out and think that the conflict with others is the biggest issue in life, when actually it is the conflict within the self that brings us the greatest amount of pain in life.

    When we wear masks, when we divide ourselves up into packages to serve up to the world we choose conflict over wholeness and peace.

    By Alex Clark URL on 03.06.2018

  6. A conflict between two parties during the election campaign is significant for a plural political system. Every party wants to persuade the voters of them to be able to reign in the next period.

    By Christoph on 03.07.2018

  7. So the doors were like mirrors,
    when I slammed my fists against their surface.
    So little rays came from the sun,
    when our irises split, with shrapnel and debris.

    It was nothing but conflict,
    like raging war within the gut.
    You were nothing but the spirit
    of the eyes being open while shut.

    By Marissa URL on 03.07.2018

  8. quarrel

    By Rashesh Patel on 03.07.2018

  9. I hope I don’t get in conflicts in the batch of the training. I need to be confidente and have people that like me around. Conflicts are not good, speacially in the work environment. The best thing is having a good relationship with all members

    By Bruna Almeida on 03.07.2018

  10. The siblings fought over the toy. this conflict has gone on for to long said the mother.

    By autumn on 03.07.2018