August 30th, 2013 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “cone”

  1. sometimes, i get really emotional when i see someone drop their ice cream cone.
    god forbid i drop mine.

    By sarah marie URL on 08.30.2013

  2. Wrapping up a newspaper, she stuck it with clear tape to the tip of her widow’s peak, through her fluttering mess of fringe.
    “Unicorns are such vile, untameable things, aren’t they?”
    “I’ve never heard someone call a unicorn vile.”
    “Oh, I never said I didn’t like them. It just seems to me we’re a lot alike.” She smiled at me, with a happiness in her eyes that took in the mountains and the grass and river streaking by below us on our little hill. “I’ve never been one you could even talk to without my impudence bubbling up.”
    I smiled back at her, the breeze as soft on my cheek as the kind wonder of her words.

    By Saudade on 08.30.2013

  3. Lite-brites.
    Construction paper.
    Blue plastic cones with picks.

    By Intuition on 08.30.2013

  4. “It’s a icecream!” A little child screamt to it’s mom who was right beside him. Indeed, it was an icecream in a cone. Two scoops, one chocolate and one strawberry.

    By Max on 08.30.2013

  5. like an ice cream cone? I’ve always been on the fence about ice cream cones. I like them, but they are messy. I don’t like messy things. Even if they are delicious, like ice cream.

    By Susan Lemon on 08.30.2013

  6. She simply stood, staring. The cone of ice cream was clutched so tightly in her hand it threatened to break, but she didn’t care. She watched with ever-growing anger as the sight of his familiar form wrapped its arms around a girl who was most definitely not her.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.30.2013

  7. Delicious dripping ice cream on a hot, hot day. Sugar cone, hiding underneath the mound of sweetness. Always delicious on the tongue. Chocolate, coffee, mint.

    By David on 08.30.2013

  8. I think of ice cream, the cone heads, but I think of the times mom and dad would take me for ice cream and I’d eat the bottom of the cone and eat it as I was getting messy. I like cones instead of cups because it’s more fun to eat everything and then have a crunch at the end.

    By Meg on 08.30.2013

  9. While I wait for it
    I smell the scent
    in the air
    Feel the fragrance
    On my skin
    Savor the waiting
    As I watch it get ready
    For the fall
    That little pine cone
    Which I will use
    To feed the birds
    One and all

    By Christina Boyd on 08.30.2013

  10. While I wait for it. I smell the scent in the air. I feel the fragrance on my skin. Savor the waiting. As I watch it get ready for the fall. That little pine cone which I will use to feed the birds one and all.

    By Christina on 08.30.2013

  11. Ohio’s state flower, comes in orange, orange, and orange. Millions come out in spring, many don’t make it through the summer as people drive over them in frustration.

    By Don Fulmer URL on 08.30.2013

  12. For some reason, the traffic cone in the middle of the road caught his eye. Bright orange and reflective, it was a distraction from the greyness of the dreary Autumn day, and the blood splattered all over the pavement.

    By Beth on 08.30.2013

  13. She always bit a hole at the bottom of her cone first thing, she couldn’t help it. And then she would try to suck the ice cream out as hard as she could.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.30.2013

  14. The bright orange cone reflected the little amount of light that filtered between the clouds oppressing the tiny town. It lay on its side in the middle of a road, dusty and essentially useless. There was no traffic here any more.

    By Aconitumferox on 08.30.2013

  15. I picked up the ice cream cone and threatened, “if you do that one more time…”.

    I wasn’t kidding. I was tired of him constantly sneaking up behind me and trying to tickle me. I was a very nervous child and having someone always going for my ribs drove me nuts. I also made me very jumpy, thus the threat with the ice cream cone.

    By wairwair on 08.30.2013

  16. cone, como aquele cone de gelado que me imaginei a trincar num final de tarde precioso. Estava acompanhada por ti, com quem tinha estado no dia antes e estaria no dia seguinte. Aquela fase das paixões em que os amantes não se conseguem separar, nem mesmo para comerem um cone de gelado acompanhados só e apenas pelas suas belas almas e pelos seus esbeltos físicos.

    By Marta on 08.30.2013

  17. It was a hot summer day, we were walking hand in hand, the sun glaring down on us. We loved it, the sun, the warmth, each other.
    Suddenly she stopped me, pulling me towards a cart on the side of the road, ‘Please Brian,’ she said, ‘just one cone for me?’ She asked with a cute pout.
    Sighing, I couldn’t help but agree and bought both of us an ice cream cone.

    By Brian O'Connor on 08.30.2013

  18. The orange cone is sitting on the street. It looks like a triangular sun in a night sky. It shines in the light.

    By Persnicketinllings URL on 08.30.2013

  19. A cone is placed in the road to mark where you can’t drive. I once stole one when I was a student. It was dirty. I also stole a plastic spoon and got caught. It was embarrassing and strange because it only cost 50c in the end and was atually free.
    I wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t given in in the end.

    By Mutated Pear on 08.30.2013

  20. Hard to eat ice-cream without a cone. Hard for Maxwell Smart to talk to his chief without the cone of silence. Can’t think of any other meaning for cone.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 08.30.2013

  21. “How it got it’s name, I don’t really know. I really must investigate” I thought

    By KittyAnnGrace on 08.30.2013

  22. “How it got it’s name, I don’t really know.” I thought as I watched the chipmunks scamper to and fro, piling seeds from within the cone. Fallen from a high pine tree, it trusted the critters to plant afresh.

    By KittyAnnGrace on 08.30.2013

  23. he had a cone for a head. not a traffic cone, glaring orange and alerting others of safety hazards. not an ice cream cone, created for enjoyment. in fact, his cone-shaped head was barely visible. he often went unnoticed by others entirely. and yet all his life, he felt like the freak that everybody stared at.

    By firelight on 08.30.2013

  24. The cone was empty and I thought of the addition of another scoop of ice cream. That would be the best way to end this dinner. I had thought of other desserts but the idea of ice cream was tempting.

    By Kathy on 08.30.2013

  25. Emila ran across the beach screaming “Momma Momma” there is the ice cream man! I want an ice cream cone she yelled with excitement. Lilly her mom just seemed to ignore the request when a flash of a twist cone from another individual walked past her. She caved in! Emila got her ice cream and she was excited!

    By BriannaNicole URL on 08.30.2013

  26. Cone – ice cream, of course. A big double scoop of chocolate would be my favorite. Even without the nuts and bits of fudge and tiny marshmallows. Just the plain old delicious, fabulous, fantastic, flavor-of-the-Gods chocolate. Is there anything better? I have read that vanilla is the world’s favorite. I simply cannot understand how that could possibly be. Vanilla is so … so, well, so ordinary. It’s sometimes too sweet and cloying. But chocolate? Ah… the variety. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate. Chocolate with nuts of all kinds, but especially with pecans, is absolutely divine. Chocolate with any other additions is acceptable. With the exception of peanut butter. I’ll eat it with peanut butter if there’s no other chocolate around. But I’d prefer pecans. And maybe tiny chunks of chocolate brownie. Hmm. Delicioso!

    By Betty P on 08.30.2013

  27. it is a math figure, it can be used to stop cars, it can be used to hold Icecream. OOOOOh ice cream, the powers of a cone are endless and infinite.

    By Evan on 08.30.2013

  28. I like cones, cones inspire me to think of the way life works. It makes me think of working towards goals to the point of acomplishment. It is something I want to do with writing a novel and play. Working towards it like a cone.

    By Imanni URL on 08.30.2013

  29. As she modeled for herself in the mirror, Ivory wondered whether or not she could bring back the dunce cap as fashionably ironic. It would make the perfect prom statement.

    By Nicole on 08.30.2013

  30. “Gimme an ice cream cone!”


    “Gimme an ice cream cone!”



    “For the last time, no, because you are being undeniably rude!” barked Joel’s mother as she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the window.

    “Oh! Uh…please?”

    “Too little, too late, young man!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.30.2013

  31. I was disheveled about how amazing this little cone of light was. It irradiated from the center of the being made of pulsating forms of radiation. But despite how strange this being was, it was the cone of light that perplexed me more. Was it the soul of this creature? Was it the eyes or some other kind of sensing organ? I didn’t know; it wracked my brain with such mystery that it absorbed me in a way that nothing ever has before. My life will now be consumed by that strange cone of lights. Will anything ever mean anything after this encounter with the being? Will I be stuck here left with nothing left to discuss but this cone? I do not know, but I fear that’s all I’ll have left now.

    By Adrian Carter on 08.30.2013

  32. Ice cream cones filled with hard ice cream are the best… sugar, well waffle actually although I am always too cheap to buy those. I guess it is almost time to bid farewell to summer which is bittersweet. I will miss summer nights, ice cream and fires, the front porch in the morni

    By Lindsay on 08.30.2013

  33. The top of the building was shaped like a cone, which made it impossible for the helicopter to land there. They would have to jump…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.30.2013

  34. I hated high school geometry… finding the area of all that stuff… cones, rectangles, parabalas…. or whatever the hell they are called. Seriously, I have never, EVER needed that stuff except while playing pool in college, a game I am sadly miserable at…. statistics was much more appealing than geometry.

    By Mrs.B on 08.30.2013

  35. I try to understand what a cone is. Does it have a point. Or is it shaped like an ice cream cone, filled with that icy cream taste filling my thoughts at this moment. This is just like functions, which I just learned in class today. One input (cone) cannot have two outputs. So therefore the meaning of cone is a relationship, not function. Life works like that sometimes.

    By Imanni on 08.30.2013

  36. pretty words from a pretty mouth
    do not equal wisdom

    but twist words
    and burn the rhythms off your tongue.
    feed off of poetry;
    it’s good for you

    the lines on my palm
    speak of plotholes and misery
    but some degree of self-fulfillment
    ( shouldn’t have tipped the reader but
    we all need to eat )

    i will not die on a misty mountain
    or fall from twenty stories onto noontime traffic,
    but i definitely won’t melt into the tub and drown in the stars—
    my veins are too thick to be battered

    By F URL on 08.30.2013

  37. There was something about the cone that made people stare. It wasn’t really a big deal, it was just a regular traffic cone. No one ever could take their eyes off of it, though scientists often speculated for years. Perhaps the silver sheen of its blinders, perhaps its astonishing hue that sent deep fears of danger into someone’s heart. It was impossible to say for sure. All anyone was able to say, if anyone was able to say anything, was that the traffic cones were dangerous. Seriously.

    By HH on 08.30.2013

  38. She loved the icecream that came in the waffle cones. They were so crunchy and if the icrecream went all the way to the bottom of the cone it was heaven for her. She loved it when it was drizzled with berry pure.

    By Pauline URL on 08.30.2013

  39. The cone shaped bra intimidated all the men. They were, of course, curious about what the bra could be hiding. Though on the flip side they were terrified that the woman would put out their eye if they asked or tried to peek. One man swore he saw a poisoned needle coming from it. They all agreed it was scary shit.

    By FairyNiamh on 08.30.2013

  40. I’m feeling my age, because the first thing to come to mind was the ‘cone of silence’ from the old Get Smart show. It’s astounding how much things have changed since then. I wonder what Smart would think of things today, him and his shoe phone.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 08.30.2013