August 12th, 2012 | 261 Entries

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261 Entries for “concept”

  1. it is very interesting to try to hide things from you all the time as i approach your house.

    By Jose on 08.12.2012

  2. The concept – an immensely powerful thing that allows anything which could not otherwise logically exist to become real in the mind. And yet for all that, the concept itself exists only as a concept – you can never go pick one up in the woods. It exists solely to redeem those of its own kind.

    By CuriousOnlookers on 08.12.2012

  3. Understanding concepts can be an easy or difficult process, depending on the person, and the concept trying to be understood. For example, if you are a stingy conservative, you will most likely have a tough time understanding liberal concepts.

    By Emilia URL on 08.12.2012

  4. What is the concept of life? It certainly isn’t random. Freewill is the corner stone so there is random choices to be made at every turning point. It is the big idea and yet the one we give the tiniest amount of thought to as we go through our days. Interesting, isn’t it?

    By paulie aragon on 08.12.2012

  5. I drifted through the mist and fog. I wonder what it must be like for all the other characters that got stories.

    It’s cold, here in this place. Maybe one day I’ll be saved. The chances of that are small though. No one really comes back to get you from here. Only a couple were eventually given their own stories. Their own worlds. A purpose. An adventure.

    A life.

    Sadly, not everyone of us gets those.

    A forgotten concept is never so lucky.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 08.12.2012

  6. So I have this concept that if dinosaurs still existed we wouldn’t have to worry about as many wars. I mean, if we’re mad at someone we can just sent them our dinosaurs and be done. Once the dinosaurs fight it out, there’s nothing to worry about. We just need the best and strongest and smartest dinosaurs. Mwahaha

    By Erika URL on 08.12.2012

  7. Nicolas never told his mother what he’d done, nor his father, nor his 20-something brother. He only told me. He said they wouldn’t “get the concept, man.” So there I was, staring at the body, wondering if I had to keep my mouth shut as well.

    By Mason URL on 08.12.2012

  8. A concept in any aspect can make everything clear. a concept related to human life or animals is relevant. a concept is actually very important to understand any topic. esp during schools, offices, etc. life doesnt function without a concept

    By Niharika Gulati URL on 08.12.2012

  9. The idea was melting in his mind

    By gsk URL on 08.12.2012

  10. Ideas come at me all the time but I never what to do with them. Concepts fly around in my head but they’re so vague and ethereal that they never stay put long enough for me to give them shape and form. My head is full of wisps of smoke and trails of dust. Glitter and diamonds and everything sparkling, I can see it but it’s out of my reach.

    By Moira on 08.12.2012

  11. The concept was so odd, that I had to laugh. Poor people who married for love? It was absurd! Why would they think that they had any right to that? Only the rich married for love. Only I could marry for love. Any my parents, and their parents before them. Love was only in your blood, not your feelings.

    By Kristina on 08.12.2012

  12. a concept. something that can be both life changing and dangerous. can be accepted

    By Sara on 08.12.2012

  13. You don’t need to understand the concept; you don’t need to understand me. I’m happy and free and flying. i’m leaving you all behind. you’re not even trying to teather me to the ground any more; I’m swooping and twisting and twirling and now you’re just a speck in the distance. I lost the strings and the weights holding me down, and I grew back my wings. Alone, this time. I didn’t need anyone’s help.

    By Kim on 08.12.2012

  14. There are a lot of concepts out there you have to grasp in your life. You go all through shcool being told about concept after concept you have to know in order to advance to the next level. But we never hear about the concept of happiness.

    By Courtnet on 08.12.2012

  15. Umm.. You see, you do this by putting your shoe in the lake and maybe a fish will go into it. Then you can have soup. “What an interesting concept.”
    “Thank you, Stew. You go first.”
    He took off his shoe, revealing smelly feet and yellow toenail.s
    “Ugh! Put it back on!” He cried, almost fainting.
    But before he could a frog leapt from the water and knocked it out of his hand.

    By ameliademore on 08.12.2012

  16. A formation of clay and water–not concrete until the little hands of others grasp it as firmly as you do. a conception, a beginning.

    By sabrina URL on 08.12.2012

  17. a concept is an idea in ti begining . before it is perfected , thought over and tried and tested , we are all concepts of people we want to be, but in a way we are perfect already

    By will on 08.12.2012

  18. The concept of a concept is the general idea about something, an explanation for an aspect of reality that puts it into relatable terms. As such, a concept is crucial for higher understanding of the universe and our lives, as it is through concepts that we can grasp what we have not experienced ourselves.

    By Michael on 08.12.2012

  19. Concept is a funny thing. It helps our minds revolve around a single thought or idea, it makes us question the meaning behind everything we do. A concept can be a beginning.

    By Emma on 08.12.2012

  20. when will he undrstand the concept of marrisge?

    By Sarah on 08.12.2012

  21. The air was freezing but sweat swam down my face, pounding chest and back. My thudding strides maintained pace with the guy in front,104, but he was slowing. I considered deviating from my plan and making an early break, but it was too big a risk. If I went now I didn’t know if I could run at the quickened pace long enough for a decent place. Ha, listen to me! 10 weeks ago I never would’ve even dreamed of being so competitive. The entire concept was just not one that mattered to me. But today, running across this frozen field, it mattered. It mattered because I had put so much into this one thing. More than I’d ever put into anything. The first thing that actually mattered because I’d tried hard to succeed.

    By rhyme79 on 08.12.2012

  22. It was an easy concept. All I had to do was jump over the fence, run towards the large mansion, do what I did best and grab the large painting in the chamber next to the dining room. However, right now I could feel perspiration gathering around my palms. Could I really do this? I gulped in, closing my eyes shut and comforting myself—I could do this, yes I’ve done missions much more dangerous and riskier in my life. But, then why was I afraid?

    Because, I loved him and I knew that painting belonged to his late mother, and it was much more valuable to him than anything else in his possession.

    By Aisha Momand on 08.12.2012

  23. The concept is what it means. But Jill, imagine this, a world of our concepts, our meanings. We hold the powe in our very hands to recreate this world of randomness and make new to the confusing concepts everyone curretly struggles to understand.

    By Sophie on 08.12.2012

  24. The concept of doing nothing is so entirely boggling to some people’s heads that it makes it so impossible to just do it. However, I do believe that doing nothing can actually help one to accomplish so much in a single day. When you do nothing, you end up wanting to do something so you end up doing it!

    By Ann Claire Cea on 08.12.2012

  25. Concept is a word. Its like, um something. I dont know whaqt Im douing. Look I cant eevevfn sperll.

    Lololololololummm. This isnt working. What does thiss meeaaaann. aaaahhh. Concept. Concept. Concept. Concept. Concept. Concept.

    By EvaLou on 08.12.2012

  26. You have to build upon your self-concept. Find what defines you on your own. Outside influences can help or harm, but you decide who you want to be. You are your own sculptor.

    By Ashi URL on 08.12.2012

  27. conceptualize catastrophe inside of any given current. electricity integrity shamelessly critique cataclysms quickly carnage cries for chaos contextually congruent coexisting corporation cooperating cohesively currently cornucopia of collision, creating cooling calm

    By courtland on 08.12.2012

  28. The concept of love is fake. It is something that exists only in our minds, only in our hearts. It is beautiful, it makes you feel like crying. It is fake. It is generations of us feeling something because we are supposed to feel it.

    By Meghan on 08.12.2012

  29. ideas. projects. turning a life inside out. making a life right. creating a whole social system. Separating the world by a simple concept taken too seriously. A concept could be beautiful, but it could also destroy. Destroy a family, a town, a race.

    By Kayla on 08.12.2012

  30. Bonnie Parker removed her glasses when she spotted the nice looking gentleman downstairs. It was the natural thing to do, she thought. Later, she found it odd when he suggested she should wear them before they strode into the bank.

    By penny dreadful on 08.12.2012

  31. The first thing that comes to mind is photography… I wish I had the ability to design elaborate and super cute set/shoot concepts and transform them into amazing photographs,

    By Veronica URL on 08.12.2012

  32. The conceptual imagery you are presenting, Stu, is beyond her comprehension. She’s mentally 12 and cannot understand why the earth goes around the sun, let along something as intricate as why we’re getting a divorce. She’ll get over it, like I’m over you.

    By Amanda on 08.12.2012

  33. I could not wrap my mind around it. This concept of living, of LIFE was beyond me. He tried to explain it, oh yes he did. In hours and hours of long talks. He had changed and I hadn’t. His life had changed, his way of thinking had. Changed in a way I would have never believed possible – in a way I, in fact, didn’t believe even now that I saw it.

    By Diana Mooncrown on 08.12.2012

  34. Concepts are weird. Concept is also a weird word. I’m not really sure what I should be writing about, the concept of concepts or just concepts themselves? Should I be writing specifically about concepts and how they work and shape our world today? Like scientific concepts or something, but I really couldn’t tell you what they are right now. I’m kind of pressured into writing this, so yeah. The Concept of Passion is a dude’s username on Gaia.

    By Kitn on 08.12.2012

  35. “What do you mean there’s a typo on the invitations?”
    “Well, it says I’m invited to your CONCEPTION instead of your Reception”.

    By April on 08.12.2012

  36. “What do you mean there’s a typo on the invitation?”
    “Well, it says I’m invited to the CONCEPTION instead of the RECEPTION.”

    By April on 08.12.2012

  37. To learn a specific concept, one must truly apply that concept to their daily lives. The concept of nirvana is defined as the liberation of suffering. To reach nirvana, I must become one with the earth and cleanse my soul to gain spirituality.

    By Bekah on 08.12.2012

  38. “So, this is the concept, right. We head over on the subway and get out at 15th and then walk across to the diner, right. Then do the final check to make sure he’s in there, and then we storm in right?”

    By Amimee URL on 08.12.2012

  39. What a concept! We planned the prank down to the smallest detail and now the time had come to put it into effect. Mrs. J was at her desk and as Mike placed the jar to the floor behind the door the little white mouse slid out and looked around with confusion.

    By Cim on 08.12.2012

  40. The idea of concepts are amazing, really. We all have ideas flowing through our brains second by second. The only step we often miss is putting these ideas, concepts, to use.

    By Rachel K on 08.12.2012