November 23rd, 2014 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “complicated”

  1. She knew that saying “It’s complicated,” was possibly the most cliché thing possible. But really, it was complicated. Their relationship reminded her of a web, tangled lies and bloody remains of prey entrapped forever.

    By Key on 11.23.2014

  2. Everything was just so complicated these days. No one told him what they wanted–they just expected him to know, to already guess how they’d feel and how he should counteract. It was exhausting, and he simply wasn’t sure he could keep up with it anymore. Then again, he didn’t want to just give up either.

    By Tegan URL on 11.23.2014

  3. Puzzles are usually very complicated. Almost everyone gets frustrated when things get complicated.

    By Nora on 11.23.2014

  4. Things got really complicated after that movie. No one wanted to hang out with her, even her best friend. They were always awkward, but no one ever thought it would last this long. Usually it only lasted a few hours, sometimes days.

    By Nora on 11.23.2014

  5. Whenever Ikkaku looked at Yumichika, his heart just fucked him up. The first day they’d met was the first time he’d felt it, that weirdo somersault and the desire to harm something to make up for how soft he felt. He’d said hello to Yumichika that day, and had then pushed him down in the mud. They’d gotten into a fight, and Ikkaku could honestly say they’d ‘hit’ it off.

    It was moments like these, when his sword was against Yumichika’s, when blood was flying, when their faces were tensed up and angry, that Ikkaku would think back on that time and acknowledge that little tremor in his heart. It was times like these when they were cursing and grinning like wolves, that he could accept what he felt.

    But now, watching Yumichika with that blade through his chest, Ikkaku didn’t feel ready to let this out. No. He couldn’t accept this. Things would be too damn complicated if he died now. Yumichika couldn’t leave when he still had words on his lips.

    By Emma on 11.23.2014

  6. the puzzle loomed in front of them. they stared between each other, held gazes with anxious eyes, frowned and flinched. it was huge, meters taller than all of them put together, a cube of wooden blocks cut into tetris pieces and mushed together. their task was to take it apart and put it back together again. if only they could figure out how to move the damn thing.

    By Aura on 11.23.2014

  7. “Its complicated I know, but if you spend enough time I am sure you’ll eventually get the hang of it. And who knows maybe you’ll even end up liking it!”

    “I seriously doubt that.”

    “Oh come on, you have stop that negativity and put on a good attitude. Please you need to have some confidence in yourself.”

    By Keenan on 11.23.2014

  8. “It’ll never work,”
    Kyra started at the sound, cursing herself as the back of her hand knocked into a bottle of ink, only her quick reflexes keeping it from ruining their hard laid plans. “It will work,”
    “No, it won’t,” Denali said, from her elbow this time. “It’s too complicated. If even one thing goes wrong, it won’t matter how ready everyone else is; the plan’s already ruined. You’ll all be caught, you’ll be executed,” she glanced at the assembled men before returning her eyes to Kyra, “And you…well, they’ll make an example of you.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.23.2014

  9. very difficult

    By miriam on 11.23.2014

  10. I’ve complicated my situation without ever expecting such consequences. The tricky part is fixing the mistakes that took years to create. In the shadow of this life is a counter life for which curiosity will always have a longing.

    By Brian on 11.23.2014

  11. It’s all very complicated. From your toes to your mind and back. How could one be expected to know what

    By Elizabeth on 11.23.2014

  12. It’s twisted
    and windy
    Like that swirly straw you love so much

    But I got caught up
    around the third bend
    Like that soda you said you still tasted

    I never moved an inch
    and you never said a word
    But I guess it’s called complicated

    By Sarah on 11.23.2014

  13. it’s not a white paper
    nor a line, drawn straight, painstakingly with a fine point pen
    it’s not a red square,
    loud and conscious against the whitewashed background;
    it’s a collection of
    phone calls and letters,
    the hungering stares turned to soured glares
    the blushed fingers, latticed,
    now kept far apart,
    nails digging into palms
    fingers wrapped into lone fists

    but also

    By M on 11.23.2014

  14. they say that love is a complicated thing. I don’t understand why it is but i understand that it is. I knew it from a young age. now i’m living it. I don’t know what to think about my “type” or sexuality. #sophomoreyear. ugh.

    By P. O. Parsons on 11.23.2014

  15. He awoke to realise he is not where he has been waking up for the past four years.
    It was dark. Eerie tingles ran down his back.
    His emotions were complicated; confusing at best. He did not know what to do or what to think.
    Or what happened to the last four years.

    By Ryan Emery on 11.23.2014

  16. What a word for my first go at this. COMPLICATED…why is love so complicated? Why does it HAVE to be a struggle of logic vs emotion, where is the harmony? or does the harmony never exist? or the random moments of bliss maybe that’s what they come from…the harmony.

    By b on 11.23.2014

  17. Everything was so complicated. Lydia couldn’t help how she felt about Peter, or her lack of feelings for Thomas, even though she had felt strongly enough to marry him years ago. But now? Now it had all changed. Now Blackwood Manor had returned to her life, and destroyed every semblance of civilization that Margery had instilled in her.

    By Paige on 11.23.2014

  18. “Complicated? Don’t talk to me about complicated,” she whispered, pushed him up against the cereal shelves and kissed his cheek. “Don’t talk to your wife about it either.”

    By Andrea on 11.23.2014

  19. i am a girl boy girl boy birl goy
    it’s a little weird to talk
    let’s just sit and pick flowers
    if i blink with my left eye
    you are there
    with my right you sink into the grass
    or it rises into you
    i’m sorry, that was unpleasant.

    By Kairn on 11.23.2014

  20. Complicated is like the college education system; it’s really complicated to get into then it becomes even more complicated to try to pay for it. The content that people learn about like mechanical engineering is complicated but those are the professors who jumped through this hoop to understand the sheepish way in which universities manufacture the future employees. This complication is a mainly a financial complication created to make sure that all taxes and debts will be paid to keep our country “paid”. America’s different mediums of greed is the sole definition of complicated.

    By Choxie on 11.23.2014

  21. What a word. I can only imagine this is a word we can all relate to, at least, in some capacity. It certainly is getting a little complicated, but I think that’s alright with me.

    I mean, life would be too boring if it were too simple.

    Of course, I say that now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

    Tomorrow… yeah, tomorrow’s going to be complicated.

    Well, it’ll be as complicated as I make it, I suppose.

    And, I should make it complicated, because I really need to.

    By Iceman on 11.23.2014

  22. “Why won’t you tell me anything?”

    “It’s complicated, okay?”

    Emma threw her hands up in exasperation as Lindsay rubbed the reddening skin between her eyebrows. At this rate, I wasn’t expecting either of them breach their erected brick walls. Emma wanted to know who Lindsay was dating, and Lindsay was trying desperately to dissuade Emma from asking for details.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.23.2014

  23. she had to make her life complicated. paint the walls a riot of neons and blacks instead of a pastel pink. isn’t a life uncomplicated, without drama, boring? she would think. her heart would reply, you think peace and contentment is boring?’

    By Anu on 11.23.2014

  24. complicated is like the cat playing with a ball of wool. and we all know that she wants to tear it apart. but it doesn’t work that easily. sorry for you, cat. darling, why do you always use this analogy? Do you want our relationship to fall apart?

    By Gerlinde Schweizer on 11.24.2014

  25. “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” I said that. Avril Lavigne said it first so if you’re going to quote us you should probably credit her. But I just want you to know that I said it also.

    By Emily on 11.24.2014

  26. “Ugh, why is dancing so hard?” I muttered to myself. Sasha heard me and pivoted on her foot.
    “Silly.” she grinned. “You’re overthinking it. Just let your mind flow with the music and your body flow to the beat.”

    By jasmine carpenter on 11.24.2014

  27. Complications are in everyone’s day to day life. A quote I love is: “Every plan is a prayer to Father Time”- at least, I think that’s how it went. I’m too tired to think; life is filled with complications.

    By A Tree Hugger on 11.24.2014

  28. confused can’t find what i actually want say or write event thou my head is going fast like the traffic

    By Amanda on 11.24.2014

  29. “Do you love me?” she whispered. John feigned sleep as she stroked his scalp to cull him awake. His efforts to mimic snoring were failing. His mouth had gone dry and his heart seemed intent on pounding its way out of his chest. With a firm press of her breasts, she insisted that he answer. There was no way out of this.

    By Soft URL on 11.24.2014

  30. This distance is such a troublsome issue. Somehow yet uncomplicated. Complication is the stretching to come to a conclusion, yet oft times is the simple solution that is the truest. Best not to second guess, best to take one step at a time, in faith, and continue, without getting hung up on the complications that thoughts create.

    By Lace_and_Metal on 11.24.2014

  31. it’s what we feel
    what seems so real
    yet we know
    we’d never understand
    its like we zoned-out for a moment
    that made it much more complicated

    By Ria Raph on 11.24.2014

  32. The man scrambled his hands desperately trying to untie the knot tying his boat to the dock.

    “Why do they make these things so complicated!?” he wailed.

    In the background, a pack of raptors raced towards him.

    By betaveros on 11.24.2014

  33. Dave sat in his lawyer’s office, slowly twirling a ballpoint pen. There had been about two minutes of silence since he dropped the bombshell news of his wife’s death. His lawyer, Ken, drew a deep breath, and sighed. “This might actually make it more complicated,” he finally spoke. “since we will have to refile most of the paperwork, and almost all the evidence becomes hearsay. Technically speaking, your children have been adopted, probably illegally, by your in-laws. Our strongest claim to getting that reversed was your wife’s misconduct, but we can no longer prosecute that. You in laws will obviously claim ignorance, and that they were told that you approved the adoption. It will be harder to get a court to find against them under these conditions.” Dave looked at him, incredulously. “Are you saying that I’ve lost? – That I’ve lost my children!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.24.2014

  34. She thought things were complicated, but when she closed her eyes,… all became crystal clear. And she knew what she had to do and she wasn’t confused anymore.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.24.2014

  35. Their relationship was such a complicated thing. He was with other girls, and she was aswell. Love twisted their minds, leaving them both heartbroken in the end.

    By mathilde on 11.24.2014

  36. My heart is complicated. One moment it is furious and raring to go, to tear someone apart, and the next it is falling back, struck by guilt and pain and remorse.

    It should not be this way. I should be in control.

    By Mia on 11.24.2014

  37. It’s complicated is so cliche. Whenever is something not complicated in all honesty? Nothing that of which I have experienced was ever simple or splayed in splotches of overt black and white. It’s always complicated and always will be. It’s more fun that way anyhow.

    By Jonnea on 11.24.2014

  38. My life is pretty complicated now. I have a lot of options to choose from regarding the direction of my future. Either I find a proper 9-5 job or I start my own business. But I have no experience in doing business. How do I start? I don’t know. Other than my future, I am concerned about my failing health too. Nothing seems to be going right. I need a miracle from God.

    By Daphne on 11.24.2014

  39. A scene from a teen angst anthem. At that age I knew I was somewhere between they younger years of my naiveté and the frightening abyss of everything after.

    By asavas on 11.24.2014

  40. Things have become much more complicated lately. Overwhelming expectations from parents, the lack of support, and the thought of your hopes and dreams tucked in the back of your head. How did it all come to this? how did we get here? Nobody really knows now do they? I guess its basically a right of passage for students nowadays. I just wish it didn’t have to be this complicated.

    By aliyya on 11.24.2014